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12 Muslimah Instagrammers You Need To Know For Modest Fashion Inspirations


Cheng Sim •  Jun 02, 2018


The style is an extension of our personality, and it’s a beautiful thing to see women explore it in their own unique way. But when it comes to modest fashion, we sometimes don't even know where to start. Well wonder no more, because there are so many Muslimah Instagrammers out there that'll leave you inspired for days. ?
Credit: giphy Depending on your style choices, there are many ways to explore the versatility of Muslimah wear. From chic streetwear to stylish layering, here are 12 style-savvy Instagrammers that'll get you on the right track to looking modestly fab ?
Streetwear 1. Asma (@asma_you)
There’s more to streetwear than just laid-back hoodies and statement tees. Raised in Kansas City, Asma recreates the city’s innovative street style in the most modest way. Her penchant for monochrome apparels is crystal clear, but sometimes, she surprises us with denim and bold military print. ?
Credit: @asma_you on Instagram Asma seeks comfort in the form of laced-up sneakers which she wears often. With confidence as her accessory, her style definitely exemplifies the boldness that streetwear is often applauded for.
Credit: @asma_you on Instagram
2. Soraya Ulfa Faisal (@sorayaulfa15)
Straight from the heart of Indonesia, Soraya Ulfa Faisal is an Instagrammer who constantly pushes the boundaries of local streetwear. Staying true to her love for the laid-back silhouette, Soraya is always brave to experiment unexpected prints and dark palettes together - and it works! ?
Credit: @sorayaulfa15 on Instagram Most of the time, Soraya prefers to go hands-free by slinging a modern waist bag. Other days, she compartmentalises her belongings using her trusty handbag. Her choice of shoes? Well, Soraya always puts her best foot forward with all-white sneakers to complement her interesting layering.
Credit: @sorayaulfa15 on Instagram
Casual Chic 3. Adira Salahudi (@adirasalahudi)
Casual chic is the style that matters most for Malaysian Instagrammer Adira Salahudi. Effortlessly weekend ready, Adira’s preference for neutral and pastel clothing shines through her gorgeous snapshots. ?
Credit: @adirasalahudi on Instagram Her personal interpretation of casual chic includes a multi-tiered ruffled skirt, billowing head shawl, and weekend denim. Most days, Adira braves the spotlight with a pair of tinted sunnies or retro shades. ?
Credit: @adirasalahudi on Instagram
4. Alexandra Golovkova (@golovkova.s)
A Londoner through and through, Alexandra Golovkova enjoys exploring the city pavements in her best casual chic outfit. Versatility is the key to selecting her ensemble of the day, which explains the running theme of neutrals, denim and floral prints. ?
Credit: @golovkova.s on Instagram Living in a destination known for its changing seasons, you can learn a trick or two in creating the perfect autumn look ? Yes, pocketed trench coats and sunnies are necessary for your next fall holiday. Once in a while, Alexandra also throws on a faux fur coat to elevate the glam in her usual casual.
Credit: @golovkova.s on Instagram
5. Tasnim Shah (@tasnimshah_)
For more casual chic inspirations, here comes Tasnim Shah. For this Malaysian Instagrammer, she plays her everyday looks by incorporating easy-going and relaxed silhouette into her outfits. If you’re planning a summer break in Kuala Lumpur, Tasnim can help you master the stylish summer get-up. ?
Credit: @tasnimshah_ on Instagram Simplicity is the central theme of her style inspirations. Matching statement tees with long-sleeve buttoned downs are one of the many casual pairings you can emulate. If you enjoy adding washed denim and comfortable sneakers into your look, Tasnim can bring you to the next level.
Credit: @tasnimshah_ on Instagram
Sweet 6. Sinta Sri Antan (@sin_sr)
Based in Indonesia, Sinta Sri Antan never shies away from embracing sweetness in her wardrobe selections. A quick browse on her Instagram feed will give you a hint about her liking for pastel-themed clothing. Matching her grace, she occasionally pulls off floral and botanical prints on casual days too. ?
Credit: @sin.sr on Instagram When her week winds down, she reaches out for denim and ruffles to welcome the weekend. If you share similar fashion moments with Sinta Sri Antan, you’ll know how perfect her style ensemble is for Sunday brunches and friendly hang-outs.
Credit: @sin.sr on Instagram
7. Leena (@withloveleena)
As a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Texas, Leena’s fascination for adorable pastel and print apparels runs deep. Layering is one of her biggest style strengths. If you don’t believe us, check out the way she matches her flow-y floral top with a soft-coloured shawl. ?
Credit: @withloveleena on Instagram Less is more, Leena prefers to stow her daily essentials into a small handbag. For days when she decides to give pastels a rest, she steps forward with tartan prints, tiered ruffles and basic tees.
Credit: @withloveleena on Instagram
Trendy 8. Maryam (@sincerelymaryam)
Somewhere in Texas, Maryam champions modesty in the most stylish way. With a quick glance on her Instagram, you can tell that she has a soft spot for dark blouses, neutral hijabs and laid-back denim.
Credit: @sincerelymaryam on Instagram Apart from finding ways to brighten up her monochrome pieces, Maryam can inspire you to incorporate trendy touches into your Muslimah wear. From the billowing hijab to the statement scarves, she is the Instagrammer to follow for modern style inspirations. ?
Credit: @sincerelymaryam on Instagram
9. Nur Fatiin (@nurfatiin)
With the Singapore cityscape to inspire her contemporary look, Nur Fatiin is an Instagrammer who never backs down from trying something new. Take the time to browse her grids and you’ll instantly agree how experimental she can be. ?
Credit: @nurfatiin on Instagram Emphasising comfort in every look, Nur Fatiin manages to pull off some surprising combinations such as long-sleeve casual sweater with mermaid-shaped skirt and leather jacket with wide denim. She also knows a clever way of dressing up relaxed silhouettes for the weekend.
Credit: @nurfatiin on Instagram
Vibrant 10. Tiq Zulkifli (@automatiqhigh)
The world is a happier place with colours, and Tiq Zulkifli knows it. When she prances around the streets of Singapore, she loves dressing up in bright and cheerful colours. Maxi skirts, printed kaftans and colourful shawl are some of the pieces she loves. ?
Credit: @automatiqhigh on Instagram Aside from her adoration for prints and patterns, Tiq is a fan of laid-back silhouettes that move amazingly in the wind. The handbag is her favourite style companion. From mid-sized bags to oversized carry-all, it’s amazing that she knows the perfect bag to match the rest of her ensemble.
Credit: @automatiqhigh on Instagram
11. Saara Zai (@perksofbeingsaara)
The main perks of being Saara Zai is the access to her vibrant wardrobe pieces. When she explores the best sights in the Netherlands, Saara dons her favourite prints to complement the country’s beautiful weather. Some days, you will spot her in a mustard suit. Other days, she demonstrates the wonders of a floral maxi dress. ?
Credit: @perksofbeingsaara on Instagram Prints should never clash but coexist harmoniously together. On her Instagram, she shows you how it’s done by pairing a leopard-printed top with weekend denim. Always a step ahead, Saara favours a bright handbag for a pop of colour.
Credit: @perksofbeingsaara on Instagram
12. Abby Asmaa (@abbyasmaa)
Colours are a few of Abby Asmaa’s favourite things. As a Malaysian Instagrammer who styles with a punch of confidence, she always embraces her day with a pair of cool shades to complement a sunny weekend. ☀️
Credit: @abbyasmaa on Instagram Beyond her penchant for stripes and stand-out blouses, Abby impresses with her talent in matching contrasting fabrics. She also favours the fluidity that any ruffles can bring and the steps that a pair of striking heels can deliver.
Credit: @abbyasmaa on Instagram If you’re looking for modest style inspirations, these Muslimah Instagrammers are the women to guide your wardrobe pairing. From streetwear to casual chic, feel free to combine the best of comfort and creativity in your ensemble. ?