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Klang Valley’s Best-Kept Secrets: 12 Halal Eateries You Probably Never Knew About


Nasreen Nasir •  Mar 30, 2018


Klang Valley's restaurant scene is booming exponentially thanks to its urban sprawl and neighbourhood density. But even so, the area still houses some of the most underrated restaurants that may have escaped your notice.

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Be it a warung or a hipster cafe, here are our top picks for the city's best, but lesser-known eateries that you can visit on your next gastronomic adventure!

[Update (27 Feb 2019): Based on a tip from a reader and after double-checking ourselves, we regret to inform that El Maíz (the first eatery on this list) is a non-halal establishment and have crossed it out accordingly]

*DISCLAIMER: Do note that although some of these restaurants are NOT halal-certified, we have checked that they use halal suppliers for their ingredients/meat and have marked them accordingly.

1. El Maíz 
Credit: El Maíz on FacebookEver wanted to try Venezuelan cuisine but never got a chance to? Well, you don't have to travel too far this time. A trip to Jalan Puncak is enough to let you sink your teeth into the wonders of the unique and delicious Venezuelan dishes. As a matter of fact, El Maíz is actually the first of its kind in Klang Valley! ?
Credit: El Maíz on FacebookOwned by Venezuelan expats Fabiana Zambrano and husband, El Maíz aims to promote home-cooked Venezuelan food that is free from pork and alcohol. Dine to your heart's content on scrumptious Arepa Pabellon and Cachapas. It’s the ideal place to visit for a tasty lunchtime meal or dinner which will definitely satisfy those hunger pangs!#HHWT Tip: This eatery also serves alcoholic beverages, so do dine at your own discretion.
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced)Public transportation nearby: Monorail Raja ChulanAddress: Lot A-G-1 Menara AmpleWest @Menara 6, No 6 Jalan Puncak, Kuala Lumpur.Contact Number: 03-2022 1733Operating Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pmFacebook | Instagram
2. Aku Cafe & Gallery
Credit: @jasmine.chin on Instagram Who would have thought that a KL backstreet could be an ideal place for a café? Nestled in the busy area of Jalan Panggung, it's easy to overlook this establishment. Even though this café is as unassuming as they come, it's already been well-received by locals looking for the perfect coffee and desserts!
Credit: @mimiezr on Instagram When in doubt, go back to basics and quench your thirst with its rich and aromatic Mandheling ice drip, made using a siphon coffee maker. Or you can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a bite of the creamy salted egg yolk cheesecake. #HHWT Tip: Bookworms and art enthusiasts will be filled to the brim as you’ll find a collection of books and beautiful paintings around this cafe! So if you’re not up for food and drinks, you can always go for the books or feast your eyes on contemporary art ?
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced) Public transportation nearby: Pasar Seni LRT and MRT station Address: No.8, 1st Floor, Jalan Panggong, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. Contact Number: 03-2857 6887 Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 10:00am - 10:00pm. Closed on Mondays. Facebook | Instagram
3. Restoran Norazlina Chong
If you’re still in a quest to find the best halal roast duck around Klang Valley, you can now heave a sigh of relief as there is actually a restaurant in the heart of Klang Valley that serves halal roast duck! ?
Credit: @liliawijaya28 on Instagram This low-key restaurant was established in 2016 by a Muslim revert and has well-executed Chinese cuisine from roast duck to Xi'an noodles and Yunnan satays, but the best thing here is the mouth-watering roast duck with egg noodles. Be prepared to be blown away by the crispiness of the skin that will leave you wanting more! ?
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced) Public transportation nearby: None Address30 Jalan Megan Setapak, 1 Taman Megan Setapak, Kuala LumpurContact Number: 019-211 3433 Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 5:00pm - 10:00pm. Closed on Sundays. Facebook | Instagram
4. Kak Mah Selera Timur
Credit: @borzack on Instagram An underrated food gem, Kak Mah Selera Timur sits almost on the corner of Medan Selera Kampung Pandan, just metres away from the city centre. For traditional Kelantanese cuisine, this is THE place to be!
Credit: @thehumblebaker on Instagram Apart from the usual fares of Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang, Kak Mah Selera Timur offers an incredible array of side dishes to complement your palate, like the sweet and savoury daging kicap (yum!) or gulai ikan. End your meal with the famous pulut pagi kacang merah ?
Price Range: $ (inexpensive) Public transportation nearby: None Address: Medan Selera Kampung Pandan, Taman Sri Angsana Hilir, 68000 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. Contact Number: N/A Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 8:00am - 10.00pm. Closed on Mondays.
5. Burger & Sushi
Credit: @burgerxsushi on Instagram A bit on the upscale side, if you enjoy two different cuisines at the same time, look no further and head straight to Burger & Sushi! This hidden away KL gem is the only place where you can go crazy over Japanese fare while still trying so satiate your cravings for burgers ?
Credit: @burgerxsushi on Instagram Sushi platters can also be custom-made upon request, so if you're planning a birthday party soon and you're not looking to buy a cake, you know where to go! ? For a hearty meal, we recommend the Chicken Katsu Burger or the Unagi Chilli Roll ?Definitely worth sacrificing your diet for a while ? #HHWT Tip: This eatery also serves alcoholic beverages, so do dine at your own discretion.
Price Range: $$$ (expensive) Public transportation nearby: None AddressLot 06, Ground Floor G-Village, Jalan 1/76, Off Jalan Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur.Contact Number:03-9226 9788 Operating Hours: Mondays - Tuesdays, 10:30am - 10:30pm. Facebook | Instagram
6. Nasi Beringin Bangsar
Credit: @feridehikmetatak on Instagram Instead of heading to the mainstream area of Bangsar, how about a short trip to the quieter side? Like Menara Mutiara Bangsar where you'll find your next best eatery - Nasi Beringin! Did you know that this small stall has been operating for 30 years now ?That's pretty impressive!
Credit: @33eatman on Instagram Situated inside a food court, Nasi Beringin Bangsar isn't exactly a secret spot, but you never hear much about it for some reason. This famed eatery actually specialises in heaping plates of fragrant rice topped with fried chicken, flavourful spices and Malaysia's favourite thing - curry gravy.
Price Range: $ (inexpensive) Public transportation nearby: Abdullah Hukum LRT Station Address: Stall #20, Food Court @ Level 2, Menara Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Contact Number: 013-325 2552 Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 11:00am - 3:00pm.
7. Kak Mah Tomyam
Credit: Rudy Rygadgetshahalam on Facebook Ask anyone who's been to Kampung Baru, they know it's a foodie heaven, especially when it comes to finding the best traditional food in town. Kak Mah Tomyam has been holding court on a small Kampung Baru lane for a while now, and yet it hasn't been receiving the love it deserves. ❤️
Credit: @thisisjaja on Instagram Famed for its bubur campur or mixed porridge, this humble stall delivers its promise of home-cooked Thai dishes like fried fish, thai omelette, and stir-fried vegetables! Don't forget the tomyam, though. That's the best part ?
Price Range: $ (inexpensive) Public transportation nearby: Kampung Baru LRT Station Address: Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur. Contact Number: 03-2698 0736 Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 5:00pm - 4:00am.
8. Ah Mang Mee
For a taste of halal Hokkien Mee, head over to Medan Selera Jati where Ah Mang Mee is located. Owned by a Muslim revert Jamal Tan, the business has been operating for a while but its dim location keeps it away from the prying eyes of passersby ?
Hidden in the middle of a massive Petaling Jaya neighbourhood, this stall makes some of the finest halal Chinese comfort food in town. Slurp up a plate of the black hokkien mee with some chicken lard bits for that smokey taste and sambal belacan for a little zing! ?
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced) Public transportation nearby: None Address: Stall #8, Medan Selera Jati, Jalan 1/12 (Opposite Good Shepherd Lutheran Church) Section 1, Off Jalan Othman, PJ.
Contact Number: 016-397 6887
Operating Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays, 5:00pm - 10:00 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
9. Viet Cottage
Credit: Viet Cottage on Facebook It's pretty rare to find halal Vietnamese food in Malaysia. Well KL folks, there’s a new halal Vietnamese eatery for you to bring your whole family to! ?This minuscule spot is known for its incredibly strong, dark-roasted Vietnamese coffee and of course, pho!
Credit: Viet Cottage on Facebook  The flavourful pho noodles will surely make you fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine - pho sure! ?Those who want a lighter option, Viet Cottage is also known for its fresh spring rolls or Gỏi cuốn which are known to have lesser calories than any other Vietnamese dish.
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced) Public transportation nearby: PWTC LRT Station (Sentul Line) Address: Sunway Putra Mall, 100 Jalan Putra, Kuala LumpurContact Number: 014-994 8692 Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 10:00am - 10:00pm. Facebook | Instagram
10. House of Kambing
Credit: @anwarxaki on Instagram Sometimes, the city can be a little overwhelming so how about a trip to Serdang to enjoy some fresh and tender lamb meats. Located smack in the middle of Serdang, you'll find House of Kambing in a two-storey wooden building. The eatery may be far, but locals know they can count on it for a great weekend lunch with their family or friends.
Credit: @peenutt on Instagram Food isn't the only thing that attracts the visitors, there's also a farm opposite the restaurant with camels and goats! While waiting for your food to arrive, stroll around the cozy farm, hang out with cool animals and enjoy the fresh air that you don't always get in the city ?
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced) Public transportation nearby: None Address: Jalan MAEPS 4/1, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Contact Number: 014-977 3531 Operating Hours: Mondays to Thursdays, 11:00am - 9:00pm. Saturdays & Sundays, 11:00am - 9:00pm. Closed on Fridays. Facebook | Instagram
11. Cheese Banjir
Credit: @izyanbalqis25 on Instagram Malaysians are crazy for cheese, so it's about time that we have a restaurant that specialises in unique cheese dishes! From cheddar to parmesan and mozzarella, the menu at Cheese Banjir is filled with witty names like Chicken Chop Thor, Meatza and Grilled Lamb The Hulk! ?
Credit: @cheesebanjir on Instagram Wash down all the cheesy goodness with their signature beverages - Mango Kaw The Flash OR the Milo Kaw Cheese Durian, choose your fighter, folks! ?
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced) Public transportation nearby: None AddressLot G10, G-Village, Jalan 1/76, Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur.Contact Number: 018-203 6070 Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 12:00pm - 10:30pm. Saturdays to Sundays, 11:00am - 10:30pm. Facebook | Instagram
12. Croisserie
Credit: @pj_syd on Instagram You can never say no to desserts and pastries. Although Klang Valley is home to many delicious bakeries, Croisserie tops our list! From chouxalacream to canale and quiche, Croisserie is just that sort of place that has everything for everyone. ?
Credit: @jefflwj on Instagram Tucked away in Bukit Damansara, this artisan bakery exudes French charm and bursts with reliably delicious answers to cravings for sweet delicacies. Once you enter, it’s almost impossible to choose just one, with various treats on display ?
Price Range: $$ (moderately priced) Public transportation nearby: None AddressNo. 14, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.Contact Number: 03-2011 3727 Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 8:00pm - 8:00pm. Sundays, 8:00am - 6:00pm. Facebook | Instagram

That brings us to the end of this list - 12 eateries for you to find and indulge in a feast of amazing food and drink around Klang Valley. Get your tummies ready as there's nothing better in life than the pleasure of eating food ?