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12 Charming Accommodations In Tokyo For Every Type Of Traveller


Becky Ilham •  Nov 02, 2016


We're not going to lie – traveling in Tokyo, especially with the yen appreciating against most currencies these days, is expensive. Accommodation, the most important part of your trip, could easily take up half of your budget if you’re not careful.
Credit: Giphy Still, we understand that for some of us, comfort and a little luxury, are necessary. After all, what’s a vacation without some much-deserved pampering, right?
Credit: Giphy So here are our picks for accommodations in Tokyo – for every single one of you! P.S. Planning a trip to Tokyo? Remember to download the HHWT Travel Planner App available on both Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS! ?
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Budget Traveler

1. Tokyo Backpackers
Credit: nr.arnina on Instagram Located in the Minami-senju area, north of Asakusa, a bed in Tokyo Backpackers’s dormitory costs only JPY 2,200 per night! Apart from the vicinity to central Tokyo, there is a female-only floor available, and long-term travelers are entitled to weekly and monthly discounts. There are 4-person and 6-person private rooms too if you need more privacy. Address: 111-0021 Avance Minami-Senju Guest Hotels, 2-2-2 Dai-Nippon Causeway, Taito-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 8-minute walk from Ueno Station Website:http://tokyo-backpackers.com/en/Rate: $ Map:
2. Yadoya Guesthouse for Backpackers
Credit: Yadoya Guest House for Backpackers Yadoya is located just one station away from Shinjuku, the busiest train station in the world, in the suburb of Nakano.  A bed in Yadoya’s dormitory can cost as low as JPY 2,300 per night! For ladies, we would recommend the female-only dorm. There are also plenty of private room options available – starting from JPY 2,400 per person per night (double tatami room). Address: 2-18-6 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 6-minute walk from Nakano Station Website:http://www.cheap-hostel-tokyo.com/eRate: $ Map:

Solo Traveler

1. Kai’s Hostel
Credit: Y. Deguchi We’re a bit biased as we’ve stayed here and love it to bits. Kai’s is located in Akasaka, the central-most area in Tokyo. Apart from the location, we love Kai’s for its design – it's a renovated ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant) and still retains its old world charms! A bed in Kai’s dormitory is JPY 4,600 with breakfast included. A female-only dormitory is available, as well as (limited) private rooms but Kai’s mostly caters those who travel solo. Address: 6-13-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 5-minute walk from Akasaka Station Website:http://www.cheap-hostel-tokyo.com/eRate: $$ Map:
2. Kangaroo Hotel
Credit: _sato__n on Instagram Solo travelers, if staying in a dormitory is not your thing, fret not as Kangaroo offers private rooms only! It even has options for both western (bed) and Japanese (tatami) styled rooms at JPY 3,600 per night. Also known for its sleek modern architecture and interior decor, it’s nearby Asakusa and is fairly near to central Tokyo. Address: 1 Chome-21-11 Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 9-minute walk from Minami-senju Station Website:http://kangaroohotel.jp/Rate: $$ Map:


1. Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan & Hostel
Credit: Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan & Hotel Not only does Khaosan World Asakusa have large private rooms suitable for families, it also offers specially renovated, kid-friendly accommodations. The deluxe 2-bed family room costs JPY 10,800 per night, and is perfect for parents to wind down, with sufficient space for the little ones to play around. There's also a kids zone in the hostel’s common area. Address: 3-15-1 NishiAsakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 2-minute walk from Asakusa Tsukuba Express Station Website:http://khaosan-tokyo.com/en/worldRate: $ Map:
2. K’s House
Credit: K’s House K’s House is only 10 minutes away from Asakusa, but its location in the relatively less hectic area of Kuramae makes it a perfect choice for families. A family of three is able to fit into the triple room (JPY 3,300 – 3,700 per person per night), but we recommend the family room for more space (JPY 12,600 per night for 3) and extra comfort. Address: 20-10, Kuramae, 3-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 2-minute walk from Kuramae Station Website:http://kshouse.jp/tokyo-e/Rate: $ Map:


1. Book and Bed Tokyo
Credit: DAAN Magazine Why not seek something out of the ordinary while in Tokyo? After all, you’re on vacation! Whether you’re a book lover or not, to fall asleep amongst books is a novelty of its own. In Japan, you can! At Book and Bed Tokyo, conveniently located in Ikebukuro, a compact-sized bed either behind the bookshelves or in the bunk area costs JPY 3,500. Now you can read yourself to sleep! ? Address: 1-17-7, Lumiere buillding 7th floor, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo, Japan How to get there: It’s 1-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station Website:http://bookandbedtokyo.com/en/tokyo/index.htmlRate: $$ Map:
2. First Cabin
Credit: daniel.ke on Instagram Conceptualised as an upmarket, more spacious capsule hotel, First Cabin offers two options: First Class Cabin (JPY 5,100 per night) and Business Class Cabin (JPY 4,100 per night). Although each cabin cannot be locked, female-only cabins are on different levels from the opposite gender. Guests are also required to use headphones when watching TV or listening to music. First Cabin conveniently has a few branches in Tokyo, with popular tourist areas Tsukiji and Akibahara included! #HHWT Tip: For Muslim travelers, we recommend the First Class Cabin for floor space to perform prayers. Address: 101-0025 3-38, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 4-minute walk from Akihabara Station Website:http://www.first-cabin.jp.e.jr.hp.transer.com/locationlist/akihabara.htmlRate: $$ Map:

Like a Local

1. Sawanoya
Credit: timeouttokyo on Instagram A family-run traditional Japanese inn (ryokan), Sawanoya, which is located right in the heart of old downtown Tokyo in Yanaka, is the best place to experience a Japanese-styled stay like a local! Its tatami room starts at JPY 5,400 per night per person; you’ll not only sleep on a futon, but you would also get the chance to wear a yukata and enjoy the Japanese-style public bath. Address: 2-3-11,Yanaka,Taito-Ku,Tokyo How to get there: It’s 7-minute walk from Nezu Station Website:http://www.sawanoya.com/Rate: $$ Map:
2. Guesthouse toco.
Credit: maxhopes on Instagram Located in a 90 years old traditional Japanese house, Guesthouse toco., with its charming garden and wooden interior, provides an oasis to weary travelers. A bed in its dormitory starts from JPY 2,800 per night, and there are private rooms too. Toco. is very near to the cultural hub of Ueno, but you might having trouble tearing yourself away from this cozy place! Address: 10-0004 2-13-21, Shitaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 4-minute walk from Iriya Station Website:https://backpackersjapan.co.jp/toco/english.htmlRate: $ Map:


1. Aman Tokyo
Credit: Aman Tokyo Aman Tokyo, a high-end accommodation located in Otemachi, draws inspiration from traditional Japanese houses in the design of its rooms and suites. All rooms and suites offer generous views of Tokyo's skyline, including the panorama of the Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo Skytree and Mt Fuji, sealing its status as an exclusive place to stay while in town. Address: The Otemachi Tower, 1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 8-minute walk from Tokyo Station Website:https://www.aman.com/resorts/aman-tokyo/rooms-suitesRate: $$$$ Map:
2. Hotel Okura
Credit: Hotel Okura An icon of Tokyo, Hotel Okura has been hosting guests - dignitaries included, for more than 50 years. Located in the diplomatic neighbourhood of Akasaka, it offers exceptional rooms and suites adorned with traditional shoji (paper) screen motives and amenities promising a space to call home away from home. Address: 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo How to get there: It’s 10-minute walk from Kamiyacho Station Website:http://www.hotelokura.co.jp/tokyo/enRate: $$$$ Map: We hope this little compilation eases your worries about where to stay in Tokyo. If we didn’t get you covered, let us know how you like to travel, and we’ll try our best to include your preference in our next article. Go travel, have a great time and be safe! P.S. Planning a trip to Tokyo? Remember to download the HHWT Travel Planner App available on both Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS! ?