12 Awesome Muslim-Friendly Destinations You Have To Visit In 2017


Fatehah •  Jan 05, 2017

With conflicts breaking out around the world and anti-Muslim sentiment on the rise, some Muslims might be afraid to travel out of their own countries - for fear that they might face backlash from others or that they might even be hurt. We're here to assure you that while most of the world seems like a dangerous place, there are still many beautiful destinations that you can travel to!

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We've specially handpicked these 12 Muslim-friendly destinations to inspire our beloved readers to travel ? Though these places have a non-Muslim majority, we're sure that you would still feel safe traveling there while enjoying the abundance of options there are for Muslim travelers.

1. Bosnia

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Rich in history and culture, Bosnia is located in Southeastern Europe and promises spectacular beauty for all to enjoy. It was once marred in tensions between different groups but the recent reopening of Bosnia's historic mosque, Ferhadija Mosque, offers hope to both the local Muslims as well as Muslim tourists. There's never been a better time for Muslims to visit!

Halal food is not an issue, as Bosnia is a food heaven! Most of the time, their meat is baked in an old school oven - filled with either wood or charcoal, giving your food that smoky delicious flavour ? But food is not the only thing you'll grow attached to in this country. Its untainted scenery, cheap accommodations, friendly and warm people will stay with you even after the end of your trip.

If you need any more convincing, head over here!

2. Taiwan

Taiwan may be a small island located near China, and many a times we only hear of its conflict with China so much so that we do not realise all the beauty that this place has to offer. It has not one but two halal certification boards - offering you an array of delectable food! But more than just a home for lip-smacking delights, you can also look forward to an amazing shopping experience at Taiwan's night markets, or to be at one with nature at its many captivating national parks.

Taiwan is definitely an eclectic mix of both the modern and traditional, with piercing skyscrapers co-existing on the same island as religious temples, against the backdrop of mountains.

Check out more things to do in Taiwan here and more food options here!

3. Kazan, Russia

For a city which has a majority Christian population, one might not expect mosques to be one of the main attractions of the city. But it is! The Kul-Sharif Mosque, a must-visit in Kazan, was completed in 2005 after 10 years of construction. Though entry to the mosque is free, visitors must pay 3 Rubles for plastic slip-covers for their shoes to ensure that the floors are kept clean. That's the extent to which they preserve the pristine cleanliness of the mosque! The mosque also houses the Museum of Islam on its ground floor and its exhibits include photos of prayers being held outdoors in the 1990s before the mosque was built.

The amazing architecture Kazan holds does not stop at the mosque. In fact, it extends throughout the city. Take a stroll down Bauman Street, and prepare to be amazed not just by the stunning architecture of the buildings but also the range of street performers from folk dancers to a fire-show!

Kazan is definitely the place for you to visit this year ?

4. Singapore

Ah, Singapore. How could it not be in the list? There are mosques almost in every corner of the country, prayer spaces in shopping malls and many schools, along with a large variety of halal food. It's a paradise for all Muslims!

But Singapore has much more to offer. It's attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore and Gardens by the Bay are must-visits while in the country. To explore the cultural side of the city, be sure to check out places such as Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street.

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If you're now itching for a trip to Singapore, we've got you covered!

5. Hong Kong

A few days or a week are just enough to get you to explore the bustling city of Hong Kong. Whether you’re a first-timer or going into your second trip, the city of lights will welcome you with its ever-growing number of skyscrapers and modern wonders around you at every turn. Immerse yourself in the dynamic cultural landscape of the east and the west that will make you fall in love with the vibrant city ?

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If you're intrigued but afraid that this might be over your budget, you'd be relieved to know that this city offers plenty of options for the budget traveler and those seeking for luxury during their travels.

In case you think shopping's the only thing to do in Hong Kong, this will convince you otherwise!

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is no stranger to travel awards! With its beautiful scenery, entertainment options and delectable food available, it bagged recent awards such as the Best City in the World and  Condé Nast’s highly acclaimed Reader’s Choice Awards. You have to visit this place to realize that it deserves every title it's received, and more ?

Attractions include Table Mountain and the famous Boulders beach - home to many penguins (?), a must see for every visitor to the Cape.

If you really need more reasons to go, this should do the trick!

7. Spain

Immerse yourself in Islamic history - yes, Islamic history - in Spain ☺️ Many of its cities are inspired by Islamic architecture, evident on the walls of Alhambra and the Cordoba Mosque. Apart from its physical beauty, Spain was a center of knowledge and innovation. Many of the surgical tools that are used today were created by a cutting-edge surgeon named Abul Qasim Khalad ibn al-Abbas al-Zaharawi, or more famously known as al-Zahrawi!

Apart from stunning architecture, you'll be left dazzled at the nature surrounding this beautiful town.

And when you're in Spain, eat like the Spanish do - especially when there's plenty of halal options around!

8. Bangkok, Thailand

In case you've never heard of Bangkok, this will come in handy for you. This cityis the land of amazing deals, and unique shopping places such as the famous Maeklong Railway Market. But not everything's on land! Be sure to pay a visit to at least one of Bangkok's five floating markets - it'll definitely be an experience to remember ☺️

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There's so much to eat and buy here that you'd be swamped with options. But Bangkok also offers experiences that money cannot buy! Go temple hopping or check out the famous Airplane Graveyard (that's right - Iceland's not the only place with such a sight ?).

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Just when you thought Bangkok could not get any cheaper, here's a list of FREE things you can do there! And in case of all this information is too much for you, we've condensed it into an itinerary, just for you ☺️

9. South Korea

This is one of our favourite travel destinations because it has the right balance of sightseeing, yummy food and of course, shopping! Not to mention, South Korea is one of the two floral meccas in East Asia. Nature is your best friend as it makes the perfect backdrop for your amazing photos ? Check out the best spots in Korea to see its cherry blossoms.

And Korea does not only shine in fall - it's also stunning during the winter, and other seasons ☺️

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If you're on a tight budget, you'd be happy to know that you can still experience the best of the city with these 8 free things to do in Korea! And if you like trying out the unconventional, this will help you ?

10. Japan

Recently, Japan started catering to and embracing Muslim tourists - making it theultimate place for all manga/anime enthusiasts to congregate and share fan theories! It also means...plenty of food options for Muslims ?  The country also offers so much beauty that we compiled 15 places in Japan so surreal that you'd think they came straight out of a fairytale!

One of Japan's main attractions is Mt Fuji and though this picture might seem to suffice, it's a sight that you simply have to see for yourself.

To enjoy a truly authentic Japanese experience, try these ☺️

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11. London, UK

With many prayer spaces around London, and a myriad of halal food, how could this not be in our list? ? Though this city is widely known to be expensive, you'd be glad to know that there are ways to explore London without breaking your bank!

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And considering how London is huge, it's understandable that you would be at a loss about where to start exploring. Fret not! We've done the research, planning and thinking for you - all in this comprehensive guide ?

With so much to do and see, you'd be dreading to leave London!

12. Australia

From the UK, embark on another adventure in Australia. It's easy and fast to get there from the UK, especially now that Qantas released non-stop return flights from UK to Australia ☺️ This continent is packed with natural splendour and glorious beaches that are just a stone’s throw away from cosmopolitan cities!

It'll be a shame if you visit Australia without fully enjoying its beautiful nature. Experience the best of Australia's nature through these 8 exciting outdoor adventures for all thrill-seekers!

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Do you now realize why Australia is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in the world? ?

We hope you're inspired by these destinations! If your New Year resolution was to travel, you should probably use this list to start planning now ☺️