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11 Signs You’re An Overly Enthusiastic Traveller


Mikelle Leow •  Jan 10, 2017


From experiencing pre-travel jitters, to succumbing to the need for heavily decorated passports, to making advanced plans for our next 10 trips, we’ve been bitten by the travel bug and we love it. But how do you know if its bite has spread to your entire bloodstream? Here are some symptoms you’ve been afflicted!
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1. You pack enough to survive a zombie attack
Credit: @vans1021 on Instagram You’ve packed in a GoPro to record the arrival of the zombies, a selfie stick to fit every face (and brain) into your photos, and three extra pairs of pants one size small for the post-apocalypse, when there’s no food left and you lose ten pounds. It may seem ridiculous to your friends, but when the zombies do attack, who has the last laugh?
Credit: GIPHY On the other hand, packing light has its perks. You’ll have more space to buy stuff, and getting around will be a breezier experience. And if you see a zombie, you’ll be able to run away quicker!
2. You pride in being first… at the airline gates
Credit: @itsonly10sec on Instagram You’re always so early at flight gates, you may very well be a plainclothes flight attendant… which isn’t a real job, so relax, because it’s your off-day! That said, you’re also so excited for vacation, you’ll start lining up at the exit the moment the plane touches down.
Credit: GIPHY While doing so may hopefully get you faster to your accommodation, chances are you’ll be waiting at the luggage conveyor belt with everyone else. So sit back, and admire the view of the seat in front of you while you still can! [P.S. Stopping over at Changi Airport with hours to spare? Here are 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do At Changi Aiport!]
3. Your itinerary looks like it was stolen from a museum
Credit: @imfeelingcraftytoday on Instagram You know you’ve worked really, really hard on your travel plan sheet when your travel buddy describes it as “vibrant and lifelike, with organic brushstrokes”. But that just means you’ve devoted a lot of attention in learning about the destination and its landmarks, which your friends will greatly appreciate! Just don’t be a hard stickler for strict itinerary timelines, because when it comes to travel, going off plan should be part of the plan!
4. You have to delete photos you took during the trip to make way for more
Credit: @leefco on Instagram The entire screen on your camera roll consists of photos of the aeroplane wing. You see a KFC at the airport? Click. There’s a sign with funny spelling? Snap. You want to take in every precious second of your trip, but don’t have the phone memory space for it. If you’re snapping flowers at every angle, try stopping to smell them instead! 5. You forget to stop for breaks
Credit: virtualwayfarer on Flickr People call you a lean mean travellin’ machine, because when on holiday, you actually function like a machine - on the move all day without tiring down. Amidst the intense bird-watching, consecutive mountain climbing, and gorilla arm wrestling, you’ll only remember to stop when everywhere is closed, or when you shop till you really drop.
Credit: GIPHY Holidays are meant for unwinding, and you shouldn’t be feeling more tired when you get home than before you set off. Remember to lay back to restore those quick feet!
6. The only thing restricting you from tour guide status is the lack of a license
Credit: GIPHY You’ve read all sorts of travel guides deemed necessary to help you get prepared for your next trip… or your next five trips. Your friends appoint you as their unofficial tour guide, because you know all the best attractions and restaurants and leave no stone unturned! The differences between you and an actual tour guide, though, are that you don’t have a flag and you don’t get paid in tips.
7. You bring enough cash to feed an extra family
Credit: GIPHY …and their cats. You might even have enough to buy their cats. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or visiting a country for the first time, carrying too much money is a common but inno-cent mistake. It’s better to over-change than under-change, as it can cost you if you get ripped off from changing money on the streets, plus certain parts of the world aren’t connected to a global ATM network yet. If you end up bringing too much cash, set a daily budget and hide the rest in someplace secure, like your hotel safe.
8. But you’ll have no trouble spending it all in the end, because souvenirs
Credit: linda_uruchurtu on Flickr You spend your remaining dollars on a baseball cap for your grandaunt’s ex-neighbour’s second cousin, of whom you share precious memories with because she once said you had a very pleasant smile. But that doesn’t mean you won’t pamper yourself with trinkets and knick-knacks! Your refrigerator has more fridge magnets than there’s food in it, you have more keychains than you’ll ever have keys, and you own enough souvenir t-shirts to sew curtains that’ll remind your neighbours of just how much of a traveller you are!
9. You’re starving, but won’t settle for a burger
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A plate of stinky tofu[/caption] Credit: h760127 on Flickr Your taste buds are so accustomed to pungent stinky tofu chunks, that you turn your nose up (literally!) at “safe” foods, even when you’re famished. The overpowering stench has fried your sense of smell for nearby foods off entirely, so you’re in search for a breath of fresh air (nose pun intended) and ignoring the closest burger or pizza joint!
Credit: GIPHY While the above is expected of travel foodies, letting your hunger grow into hanger (hungry anger) can leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s not a terrible idea to make a stop at the Golden Arches once in awhile!
10. Your email inbox is packed with travel deals
Credit: GIPHY You keep a closely-knit circle of pen pals consisting of travel companies and travel blogs. It’s hard to resist this sort of peer pressure, simply because they understand you the most! And they end up saving you dollars to set aside more for your other trips, so they’re not exactly the worst friends!
11. Every trip with you is an adventure, and your friends wouldn’t change a thing about you!
Credit: @szhang97 on Instagram You’d rather spend your money on travelling than material things, making you an all-or-nothing travel buddy! Your eyes also light up when you’re on holiday, which can cheer up any friend who’s let travel hiccups such as the weather or zombies get to them.
Credit: GIPHY With places to go dominating your bucket list, you’re a wonderfully curious tour guide, cameraman, and food-taster packed in one. There’s no better friend to travel with than you!