11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Macau In 2017


Nasreen Nasir  •  Jan 06, 2017


This highly developed peninsula is more than just a former Portuguese colony, Macau is a city of blended cultures, served as a port of rich and diverse local culture and heritage that embrace both Chinese and Portuguese roots. If you’re a new explorer, it’s about time to consider Macau as your next travel destination. Credit: Giphy
1. Try Macau’s famous sweet Yuanyang tea
Before all else, warm yourself up with their famous yuanyang tea. Equivalent to our very own ‘kopi cham’, this tea is made of a mixture of three parts of coffee and seven parts of milk tea. The name yuanyang, which refers to mandarin ducks, becomes an official symbol of love in Chinese culture.
2. Be amazed by the distinctive interior of The Venetian Macau
Step back in time and visit this Venice-themed palatial resort hotel. Besides being the largest single structure hotel building in Asia, there is so much more to this monument to leisure. The colourful squares will just make your eyes pop! You can also shop at over 350 retail stores at the Grand Canal Shoppes while admiring the hotel resort that accentuates the luxury and timeless elegance of Italian architecture. Take  a peaceful gondola ride down the canals of Venice while you’re there and enjoy a sweet serenade by the gondoliers.
3. Dine at the Michelin-starred Golden Peacock Restaurant
Credit:Bryan on Flickr Once you’re done admiring the artistry of the Venetian Macau, drop by Golden Peacock Restaurant and dine at the Michelin-starred eatery. Credit: Bryan on Flickr Not only it offers an extensive buffet, but it is also a Halal-certified restaurant so it’s definitely not an excuse for Musliam travellers not to go. Experience the flamboyant dishes and rich flavours the chef can offer. Disclaimer: This restaurant serves alcohol, so dine at your discretion.
4. Find the iconic landmark - The Ruins of St Paul’s
Credit: Mario Opal on Flickr The Ruins of St. Paul is the most iconic treasure of Macau. The towering facade and stairway are the only remaining features of the 17th century church. Strong and aesthetically preserved, this magnificent landmark manifests an exemplar of Macau’s history. Credit: Jennifer Morrow on Flickr Walk to the other side of the ruins to get a closer look of the remains. You can also head down to its mini museum where you learn and understand the history of the place.
5. Get the best of both worlds at the Senado Square
Credit: Dennis Wong on FlickrSenado Square is known for its glittering cobblestone walks. Just a few blocks away from many other tourist attractions, the site is pretty much the heart of the cultural district of Macau. Tourists can getthe best of both worlds as one can experience the beauty of modern local lifestyles surrounded by the old buildings. Credit: Global Reactions on Flickr Senado Square has been a commercial area for many decades, where tourists can visit numerous shops, restaurants and souvenir stores. Grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks or have some ice-cream at the Haagen Dazs kiosk.
6. Get a bite of Macau’s favourite Tofu Fa
Credit: @leafstyle on Instagram Don’t let this interior decor of this shop stop you from entering - it may as well be the home to Macau’s best Tofu Fa. It definitely exudes that sense of nostalgia as this shop was built in the 1950s. Credit: @leafstyle on Instagram The menu is simple; soft tofu and soy milk, sweetened or unsweetened flavours. This famous dessert can be seen anywhere around the city centre, but Muslim foodies are recommended to visit this tiny gem as it is vegan-friendly.
7. Be on top of the world at the Macau Tower
Credit: Toby Oxborrow on Flickr Take a break from the old Macau and explore the urbanity of the country. Start with the tenth highest tower in the world, Macau Tower where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the peninsula. Credit: Deming131 on FlickrIf you’re up for some adventure, you can optthe world’s highest bungee jump where it will take you on a free fall at a speed of up to 200km/h.
8. Step back in time and find yourself at the historic Fortaleza Do Monte
Credit: Arist Sioxing on Flickr Fortaleza Do Monte, or famously known as Mount Fort sits beautifully on the east of St. Paul. The fort was built in the 1600s to protect the properties of the Jesuits from pirates in Macau. Credit: Rachael Moore on Flickr There is so much more behind the story of the ancient fort. The cannons which they used to defeat the Dutch can still be seen there today.
9. Catch the annual cultural parade around the city centre
Credit: Mariana Inacio on Flickr One can agree that in order to enhance your travel experience, cultural immersion is the best way to go. When you’re in a foreign country, you need to have authentic experiences, by making connections with the locals and get cultural insights. Macau is no different. Credit: Mariana Inacio on Flickr Catch the annual “Parade through Macau, Latin City” that occurs every December 20th. This cultural event not only highlights Macao’s handover to China, but it also features performances in which all talents perform colourful performances in the multicultural atmosphere.
10. Visit Macau’s very own version of Fisherman’s Wharf
Credit: Xi Quinho Silva on FlickrUnlike the one in San Francisco, Macau’svery own Fisherman’s Wharf is the first entertainment complex in the country where visitors can stay at its hotel, enjoy shopping, restaurant hopping, and visit its mini theme park. Much like other attractions in Macau, this site mixes Western and Chinese cultures, old and urban together. Credit: Love Chan on Flickr Look out for the 40-meter-high man-made volcano and Greek architecture around the area. If you’re not up for shopping and theme park, you can always walk around and enjoy the view. While you’re there, dine at Taste of India, a Halal-certified restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine.
11. Explore Macau’s oldest temple at A-Ma Temple
Credit: Cecília Mendonça on Flickr Macau is rich with heritage, and now that you’ve seen the Western side of the peninsula, you should also embrace the East side as well. Jumpstart your trip to the oldest temple in Macau in the southeast side of the peninsula, A-Ma Temple. Credit: Henrik Berger Jørgensen on FlickrThe temple is a perfect destination for silence and a magnificent sight. Comprises of six main parts, the temple boasts of classic Chinese architectural features, with stone lions guarding the ancient attraction. From the culture and adventure to the food and attractions in Macau, the stark uniquenesscan clearly be seen through the community’s peaceful coexistence, and with that, Macau crystallizes the uniformity of the East and West. Travel to Macau and experience the highlights of the city of dreams!Credit: giphy