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11 Malaysians Share Their Favourite Travel Memories With Their Mothers


Nasreen Nasir •  May 12, 2018


Travelling with friends can be fun but nothing really compares to it when you travel with your mother. ❤️ If you’re a frequent traveller, chances are, you might’ve done it before, and that’s great because travelling with your mother presents a wonderful chance to explore the world together! It’s the perfect time to really understand each other and work as a team. ?‍?Credit: Giphy In conjunction with Mother’s Day that’s happening tomorrow, here’s what 11 Malaysians have to say about their travel memories with their mothers.
1. Abidah Khalilur Rahman
"Out of my many wonderful travelling experiences with my Mom, my favourite one would be the time she visited me in Dubai, after I had just migrated to Dubai to join my husband. I was especially excited to bring my Mom to the many vibrant & exotic Arabic markets, called Souks, around the city. We share the same taste & appreciation towards eclectic handcrafted souvenirs, arts & sculptures, and just about anything creative. ? My parents left for home, but not before leaving me with their blessings for a wonderful life in Dubai & memories of us exploring the city together that will always mean the most to me. ❤️"
2. Iskandar Tajuden
That one time when we travelled to Australia, I was such in a bad mood. ? My mother, ever so patient and loving, decided to take me swimming and I had a blast! ? She always knows what to do to make sure I have a good trip and I’m grateful to have such an amazing mother! ❤️
3. Diyana Anwar
My favourite travel memory with my mum is when she visited me in Adelaide for my graduation. Why is it my favourite - my mother isn't into travelling because she has to care for my sister but for her to travel to Adelaide for my graduation is something I would remember for the rest of my life. ? During her stay in Adelaide, I brought her to few of my favourite places and we had such a good time together - just the two of us. To be honest, I never get to spend that much time with my mum but when I do, I always treasure it. ❤️
4. Luqman Mansur
My favourite travel memory is when we made the visit to the Niagara Falls in Canada. 

Yes. the waterfalls was memorable and all, but what stuck to me the most is my mother’s efforts to keep us comfortable and in check, especially food wise. She cooked up a large portion of Daging Bawang Goreng for everyone, and our tummies were always full during the journey. ? I can recall the adventure being quite blissful but I obviously was oblivious to how hard it was taking care of two small children (plus whilst being pregnant with one! ?) on vacations. Needless to say the trip to Canada was mostly problem free (as is most of our trips overseas). 

It may not be that dramatic, but looking back on what happened, our mother certainly did a lot so us children didn’t have to worry about anything, and we can focus on just enjoying the trip. I can say it was a success to her. Definitely something I learned from my mother. She may not say much, but her actions show her 100% devotion to us. 

I aim to go back to the States and Canada one day, and this photo is one of many that serves as a reminder to that. ❤️
5. Maryam Zainol
It was 2016 when we were in the UK for my Masters graduation. ? This trip was special because I finally fulfilled my childhood dream, and my mom (who made it possible) was there to witness and celebrate this milestone with me. Spending quality time away from home and visiting my favourite haunts in London was a rare opportunity for us to really get to know each other as individuals and adults. ❤️ It turns out that this trip was more about improving our bond and relationship (over chips and kebabs) than it was about sightseeing. And it was priceless. My mom has always been my source of strength, peace and clarity (which makes her my ideal travel mate), and I only hope that someday I'll be just like her. ?
6. Nazirin Khairuddin
I've been travelling with my mom so many times even when I was a child & I had good memories with her. If I can pick one out, the best one would be when we traveled to Europe in 2015. From Manchester to Spain & Paris, we got to see the landmark buildings together through warm & cold weather! ?? The best part of it is the trip was a graduation gift from her. ?❤️
7. Najihah Malek
During our trip to Universal Studios in California, I was 5 years old and you know how 5 year olds behave. ? I wasn’t allowed to get on most of the rides there like the roller coaster and my mother had to keep an eye on me while my siblings had fun. My mother had noticed the sad look on my face and decided to bring me to the children’s attractions and I had an amazing time with her! ?‍? The fact that she had to sacrifice her love for adventurous rides to spend time with me just shows how amazing of a mother she is and I’m eternally grateful for that. ❤️
8. Warith Nasir
Performing Umrah in Makkah is already special in its own spiritual way. But having a mother who was born and raised in the Holy City elevated the experience in Makkah in a whole different light. Mama’s family humble self-built brick house sat on a rocky mountain just shy of 1km away from Masjidil Haram before it was torn down in the early 2000’s to make way for the new city development. Usually when we travelled elsewhere with family, my father would take the lead. But in Makkah, mama knows every inch of the city! ?? I remember I have always been very proud and in awe looking at how Mama spoke Arabic effortlessly to get around the city or to bargain at the market. Seeing her getting around her beloved ‘kampung’ was always the best traveling experience in my life. ❤️
9. Nasreen Nasir
I remember back in 1997 when we travelled to London, it was during the Asian Financial Crisis so our currency wasn't very strong. Back then, I was a big fan of Teletubbies and luckily enough, our hotel aired the show and every morning, I would sit in front of the TV throughout the show. My mother, having seen how obsessed I was with the show, decided to bring me out and buy some Teletubbies merchandises, including a £40 VHS tape! Of course I was the happiest kid in the world, not until I found out a few years later that my mother spent almost £100 just for the merchandises. ? Knowing the fact that she would do anything to put a smile on my face is enough to show that I have the greatest mother in the world. ❤️
10. Syahmi Redza
I was 9 years old when my family and I went to Disneyland, California for holiday. I was having the time of my life! Not until I had to accompany my mother to the Haunted Mansion ride. ? The experience was surreal but of course, 9-year old me was terrified! So I cried and stuck to her like glue. My mother remained calm and enjoyed the dark ride though. God knows how many people were annoyed at me for behaving like a cranky baby. Instead of scolding me, my mother was rather amused to see me cry. ? Though the experience at the Haunted Mansion was scary, it’s definitely something that my mother and I cherish for the rest of our lives. We even talk about it now and have a good laugh! ?
11. Mazhar Badri
I don’t remember much but my mom told me that one of her favourite travel memories was when she took me to Turkey with my father. My mother told me that I was such a well-behaved baby that my father’s friends would take turns to help my parents take care of me during the trip. Even though I can't recall much, but seeing her face light up as she tells the story just makes it my favourite memory as well. ❤️
So, what's your favourite travel memory with your mother? ? Share with us in the comments below. And to all mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day from HHWT! ?