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9 Amazing Halal Food Trucks In KL & Selangor That You Should Visit Next


Shahida •  Feb 26, 2018


[Updated 6 September 2020] Food trucks have been all the craze in KL in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why. The food is unique, service is fast, and most of all, it’s convenient. As a matter of fact, the rise of the food truck scene has given birth to a wide variety of styles and cuisines. If you’ve always wanted to try but don’t know where to begin and you want to find out which one is halal, we’ve listed a few for you! ?
1. La Famiglia
For those already familiar with food trucks, La Famiglia is definitely not an uncommon name. The Italian Mafia themed food truck that specialises in pasta has been on the road ever since the beginning of the food truck scene in Malaysia. Their signature dish, The Boss, is an extraordinary combination of carbonara and bolognese sauce, topped with grilled spicy chicken slices. None of the dishes from La Famiglia’s menu exceeds RM10, making them a great option if you’re craving for a hearty pasta meal under budget. Halal status: Muslim-ownedLocation: - Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights - TAPAK TTDI Opening hours: -  Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights: Mon-Sat; 11AM-2PM (closed on Sunday) - TAPAK TTDI: Mon-Sat; 7PM-11.30PM (closed on Sunday) Contact: +6011-128 11725 Website | Facebook | Instagram
2. Sundaydotruck
Who says you can’t get desserts from a truck? From baking for family-oriented occasions to a full-fledged business, siblings Lina and Faris started their desserts food truck in August 2016. Sundaydotruck serves homemade cakes and baked treats of all sorts. 9 different types of fresh cakes are available daily, including bestsellers Devil’s Food Chocolate, Ferrero Nutella Cheesecake and Nutella Red Velvet. If you’re craving for some desserts but you’re not in the area, fret not because they also do deliveries with a minimum order of two slices of cakes! Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Mon-Sat; 6PM-11PM (closed on Sunday) Location: Ampang Jaya, 68000 Selangor, Malaysia Contact: +60 11-1141 6674 Facebook | Instagram
3. Burger Giler Power
The name alone says it all. Burger Giler Power serves nothing but terrific burgers. Both their charcoal buns and patties are homemade, which guarantees the great quality and freshness. What makes the combination even better is their signature spicy garlic aioli sauce. Their Chilli Cheeseburger and Cajun Chicken Burger are crowd favourites. If you really can’t decide between beef or chicken, just go for The Chief that gives you both! Besides their burgers selection, they do have other things on their menu too. For those who prefer something non-messy or lighter, BGP have some great pasta meals and sides. Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: Fri-Sat; 6.30PM-10PM Address: 11, Jalan Bandar 3, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Contact: +6019-226 5457 Facebook | Instagram
4. Padangs On Wheels
Malaysians really love their nasi, and Padangs on Wheels completely understands that. This hard-to-miss bright yellow truck serves up among the best nasi padang in town. For those unfamiliar, nasi padang is steamed rice served with various choices of side dishes. Padangs on Wheels, owned by a team of husband and wife, offers a widespread of appetising Minang dishes for you to choose from. Don’t skip on their signature curried beef tendon and famous daging dendeng. All the dishes are actually cooked using from the wife’s mother’s own recipes, guaranteeing the authenticity! Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Tue-Sun; 9AM-5.30PM Address: Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Contact: +6019-325 2225 Facebook | Instagram
5. Babarittos™ by Afy & Baba
A young man with immense love for street food since his student days and a father who wanted his son to get into entrepreneurship - that’s how Babarittos began. This father-son business boasts of delectable Mexican street food. Their burritos are packed with flavourful meat, unlike typical ones that are also stuffed with rice and other ingredients. Buttermilk Chicken Burrito, with chicken pieces mixed in spicy and buttery sauce, is one of their most popular burritos. Not to be missed is their crunchy nachos, served with a generous amount of mayonnaise and cheese sauce. Don’t forget to ask for some bolognese sauce to add to the yum! What are calories? Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: - Dataran Wangsa: Open daily; 11AM-6PM - TAPAK KL: Open daily; 11AM-6PM Location(s): - Dataran Wangsa - TAPAK KL Contact: +6016-682 4877FacebookInstagram
6. Mustafa Jones Food Truck
Mustafa Jones has been around since even before the burger bakar fever began. Hailing all the way from Brooklyn, Mustafa Jones and his business (and life) partner, Molly Jones use southern American recipes for their burgers, a region that’s famous for their grilled food. Their homemade patties are so thick that each one takes about 20 minutes on grill to make sure that all the flavours can seep in. There’s been comparisons of Mustafa Jones to Tony Roma’s, but some actually claimed that MJ is a lot better, and of course, cheaper. Find it out yourself and head over to their truck right away. We recommend you go for their super juicy Beef Ribs Sandwich or the irresistible Tenderloin Steak Sandwich. ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Tue-Sat; 7.30AM-11PM Location: Dataran Food Truck, Wangsa Maju Contact: +6012-204 6486 FacebookInstagram
If you’re all about the authentic taste of Vietnamese street food, MY Gỏi Cuốn Food Truck is the place for you. Pronounced as “groi-kung”, gỏi cuốn simply means spring rolls, the dish this food truck is best known for. Made up of fresh prawns, rice vermicelli, vegetables and several other condiments, these ingredients are then wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper, and served with both their special sauces. Besides the signature spring rolls, other options like shrimp salad, fish cakes and mango salad are also available. For coffee enthusiasts, don’t forget to get your dose of cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese coffee) here! ☕️ Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Mon, Wed & Fri; 6PM-12AM Location: TAPAK KL, Jalan Ampang Contact: +6019-737 6328Facebook | Instagram
8. Cowboy's Food Truck 
If you're craving authentic western cowboy styled food, this is the food truck for you! Savour tasty beef tacos, BBQ cheeseburgers, chicken wings and more! All drenched in delicious BBQ sauce ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Tues-Sat; 7PM-11.30PM Address: Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, off, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 4, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur Contact: +6011-562 04093 FacebookInstagram
9. Mamamia Cafe Truck
Who knew you could find Chinese Muslim food at a food truck? Well, Mamamia Cafe truck serves just that! Savour a tasty plate of fried chicken wings with black pepper sauce, buttermilk chicken and salted egg squid. Each set comes with either fries of rice too. Or enjoy a yummy plate of wantan noodles for a super satisfying meal ? Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Mon-Sat; 11AM-1AM Location: They're usually situated at [email protected] Do check out their social media page for location updates. Contact: +6011-1168 5100 FacebookInstagram Did any of these food trucks catch your eyes? If you know more halal food trucks and want to recommend them to the HHWT community, do share them by leaving a comment below! ?