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11 Essential Tips To Avoid Overpacking For A Trip


Shahida •  Feb 06, 2017


Have you ever found yourself dragging your extremely heavy travel bag around a foreign city and cursing yourself for it? There’s no need to burden yourself (pun intended) with things you probably won’t even use! Love yourself a little more and pack smart! Believe it or not, you can actually survive in the absence most things you think you can’t live without.
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1. Check the weather
Always study the weather before your trip so you know exactly what to pack! You will definitely need a raincoat if there’s a high chance of rain. Keep in mind that cold weather doesn’t mean more clothes. We recommend HEATTECH clothings which don’t take up much space but still can keep you warm.
Credit: giphy[If you're going for a winter holiday, check out our 6 Apparel Tips To Keep Ultra Warm On Your Winter Holiday.]
2. Make a checklist
It’s always a good idea to list down what you need to bring for the trip before simply throwing things into your carrier. Brought your iPod but left your earphones? We’ve been there, and we don’t want you to go through the same nightmare. A checklist allows you to pack more systematically and eliminate stress. Make sure to stick to the list, though! Not sure where to begin? Let Travel’s Checklist guide you!
3. Plan your outfits and activities
Always bring clothes that are suitable for the activities you’re planning to do. It’s not a bad thing to want to look pretty, but you don’t exactly want to be in a summer dress if you’re planning to go paragliding, do you? If you have outdoor activities in mind, you might want to go for more comfortable outfits like trainers. Think practical.
Credit: giphy#HHWT Tip: Mix and match is the best way to get the most out of the few outfits you can fit into your luggage.
4. Start small
Studies show that you are more likely to overpack when your suitcase is oversized. Pick a small, or if you must, medium size luggage so there’s just enough room for the things you need. Besides, it’s easier to move about when you have a smaller bag. Always remember: large luggage = heavy luggage.   #HHWT Tip: Some airlines charge fees when you check in your baggage, so by travelling light, you can save both your wallet and your back. [Not sure which kind of travel bag for you? Read our Luggage Vs Backpack: Which One Is For You article to decide on one!]
5. Multi-purpose is the key
Did you know that you can use shampoo as dish washing liquid and laundry detergent? Credit card can also function as knife, bottle opener and screwdriver? Knowing many travel hacks can save you a great deal of time, money, and of course, space. Here are some multi-purpose items that you can consider packing for your trip: Sarong
  • Turn it into a mat when you hit the beach or have a picnic
  • Hang it as a curtain for privacy and extra security
  • Use it as a blanket to keep yourself warm
Dental floss
  • Double up the length of floss and string it across the room or bathroom to hang your wet socks and undies
  • Ripped the only jacket you brought? Just use the floss as a thread!
Rain poncho
  • Bag liner – to keep your wet clothes separated from the rest of your stuff
  • Tarpaulin – when you need to sit on a wet bench or damp grass
We understand that ladies always want to look their best. Still, there’s no need to bring along a bunch of makeup when travel-friendly all-in-one makeup palettes exist!
6. Make use of organizers
Ever heard of this incredible invention called packing cubes?
Credit: giphy Keep small things like toiletries, undergarments, and chargers separately in these cubes so you can find them easily without getting headaches. More importantly, the inside of your luggage will look neater!
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7. Pack the right shoes
Shoes are extremely important! Your choice of shoes will make or break your trip, really. It’s wise to bring three sets: comfortable shoes (or/and sandals, if you prefer) for walking, and perhaps a lovely pair of heels so you can walk into that nice restaurant with more confidence.
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8. Sharing is caring
If you’re not travelling on your own, make use of your travel buddy to coordinate your stuff. There’s no need to individually bring three sets of toiletries when you can share. If you’re uncomfortable with sharing personal items, however, maybe you can swap jackets, especially winter coats which take up a lot of space, or accessories so that you can still go for different looks even with limited choices!
9. Forget “just in case” items
“Should I bring an extra pair of jeans in case the other one gets dirty?” “What if I need this hoodie?” “I might need this sun hat, who knows?” The answer is: NO, you don’t need any of these. Leave your “just in case” items behind. If you ever need it, just buy it there. Most hotels prepare body soap and shampoo, as well as clean towels. If your trip is longer than a week, you can always do laundry!
10. Don’t pack too many electronics
Some of you might still need to work even during your vacation, but instead of bringing your laptop, why not just use the hotel facilities or go to a cyber cafe? Packing too many electronics not only adds more weight, but you also will constantly worry about their safety and get distracted from enjoying your vacation.
11. Avoid last minute packing!
The worst way to pack for a trip is to do it last minute. That’s how impulsive packing happens, and you start adding unnecessary things. Give yourself time to come up with a checklist and gather the right items before you start arranging everything into your travel bag.
Credit: giphy If you find that there’s still space in your luggage, don’t try to fill it up. Save some room for your shopping adventures and souvenirs. Here’s to lighter bags, no (extra) baggage fees and stress-free travel! :)