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10 Awesome Souvenirs To Bring Home From Tokyo (For Just 100 Yen!)


Nasreen Nasir •  Aug 16, 2018


When you think of shopping in Tokyo, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the high-end fashion stores in its numerous trend-setting districts. But if you look beyond them, you may actually enjoy a good deal of shopping at the ¥100 stores.
Credit: Jpellgen on Flickr Yes, it's a store where goods are sold for ¥100! Think Daiso or Can Do, these stores might just blow your mind with its line of miscellaneous goods. ? Credit: Giphy If you imagine cheap and tacky items, think again! Here are our pick of 10 popular Japanese souvenirs you should buy at the ¥100 store. ?
1. Tenugui (Japanese towel)
Credit: @kitaya.tenugui on InstagramTenugui is a type of traditional Japanese towel that comes in a variety of patterns. ? Unlike the typical terrycloth towels, tenugui has a smooth texture that can be used in various ways other than just drying your hands or body.
Credit: Tania & Artur on Flickr Due to its stylistic variations, tenugui makes a perfect souvenir for tourists to bring home. Available throughout Tokyo, it is inexpensive and you may find it at any ¥100 store.
2. Sensu (Japanese fan)
Credit: @muratawalife on Instagram A sensu, or Japanese fan is one of the most authentic souvenirs you can get from Tokyo. Invented between the 6th and 9th centuries, a sensu is traditionally made of washi paper and wooden narrow strips.
Credit: @kamiyacraft on Instagram It is not only budget-friendly, it is also handy and can be carried in your bag at all times. ??
3. Character goods
Credit: Jpellgen on Flickr When you're in Japan, it's only natural to find a massive amount of character goods there. Tokyo, as we know it, takes pride in producing character-themed merchandise or products and you shouldn’t hesitate to get one yourself ?
Credit: Jpellgen on Flickr Think of the likes of Doraemon, Hello Kitty or even Rilakumma. It's the perfect souvenir for pop culture enthusiasts.
4. Smartphone cases
Credit: Colin and Sarah Northway on Flickr Let's be honest - we're all smartphone users, and every smartphone needs a beautiful case ? If you don't have any, we admire that boldness (gulp). But seriously though, Tokyo is the haven for smartphone cases!
Credit: @ahh_so_kawaii on Instagram You can find all sorts of designs and shapes for various models and even if you don't have any case on, it will make you want to buy one (at least). And they have cute designs for screen protectors too! ¥100 for a smartphone case? Count us in! ?
5. Japanese chopsticks
Credit: Lee LeFever on Flickr Chopsticks are a necessity for Japanese cuisine, and they're also great as souvenirs. One might ask why, and the answer is simple. Chopsticks are practical and they're not just the ordinary chopsticks that you see at your local sushi store. ?
Credit: Niharb on Flickr These chopsticks are handcrafted with elements that would remind you of the Japanese history and culture. A great idea to begin a chopstick collection, no? ?
6. Coasters
Credit: Sake Puppets on Flickr Who knew a set of coasters would be perfect as souvenirs or gifts? If you're looking to improve your dining experience, bring back a taste of Tokyo with decorative handmade coasters that will definitely add a touch of Eastern luxury to your table.
7. Fridge magnets
Credit: Vernette Ng on Instagram Tokyo is truly limitless, where you can find all the unique trinkets in all shapes and sizes. But, if you're looking for something that won't take too much space in your bag, it would be a fridge magnet!
Credit: Wendy on Flickr Collecting fridge magnets from your travels is often essential. Though small, it is a great way to remind us of the places that we travelled to. ❤️
8. Tea cups
Credit: Christian Kaden on Flickr If you get yourself a set of coasters, why not buy a set of Japanese tea cups as well? In Japanese culture, tea plays an important role, as serving a cup of tea is a matter of politeness and a symbol of togetherness and respect to visitors. ?
Credit: Chezbeate on Pixabay Because of that, the Japanese people do pottery with style. Not only do these tea cups teach us a thing or two about the tea ceremony etiquette in Tokyo, but they make for good souvenirs as well. ?
9. Sushi mold
Credit: @gudangajaib on Instagram Can't get enough of the sushi in Tokyo? What if we tell you that you can now make your own sushi in your own home? Yes, that’s true! Besides the handcrafted souvenirs you can find in the ¥100, you can also find a row of kitchenware goods too! ?   With this sushi mold, you can have your own food party at home with your loved ones and just enjoy a variety of homemade sushi.
10. Gamaguchi (Clasped Purse)
Credit: Shi_emi on Instagram In Tokyo, gamaguchi, or purses with clasps are a huge deal. Focusing on its beauty and usability, clasped purses come in a wide variety of designs ranging from traditional Japanese patterns to dots and animals. ❤️✨
Credit: Sou Sou San Francisco on Instagram The demand for gamaguchi is very high amongst young people as it’s convenient for their everyday needs. This gives you more reasons why you should hop on the bandwagon and get one too. ? Fun fact about the gamaguchi: when it's open, it resembles a toad. Hence, the name gamaguchi which loosely translates as "toad mouth". ?   Credit: Giphy Tokyo offers everything you can think of as souvenirs at a cheaper price. You name it - tableware, stationeries, kitchen goods, character merchandises and much more. ? The ¥100 stores are mushrooming everywhere and have continued to attract many customers - locals and tourists alike! Now that you know what to bring home, be sure not to miss a visit to these 'hyaku-en' stores and hunt for treasures that are worth buying! ?