10 Weird But Ingenious Travel Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed


Noor Atiqah Gafar •  Sep 08, 2016

When you’re out on the road or stuck in a cramped plane cabin, you’re always at the disadvantage of not having access to certain amenities you used to take for granted back home. Plushy pillows? Nope. Air-conditioning? You wish!

But some creative, inventive souls out there have decided to take matters into their own hands. Have your first world problems solved with these 10 weird but totally awesome travel gadgets ;)

Credit: giphy

1. Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich what now? Yup, you read that right. The people behind Studio Banana Things have banded together to create a portable power-napping device so that you can catch some z’s on the go.


Credit: Studio Banana Things


Credit: Stimulant

Much like its’ enormous, fluffy namesake, the Ostrich Pillow makes for a comfortable makeshift pillow against any surface. But why would anyone want to intentionally resemble an ostrich, I suppose we’ll never know?

Where to buy: http://studiobananathings.com/

Price: USD99

2. Toothpaste Tablets

Imagine getting off an 8 hour flight and leaving with a (literal) bad taste in your mouth.  I mean, sure, some planes do provide small tubes of toothpaste but is that really enough to beat the stink?


Credit: The Awesomer

These toothpaste tablets are perfect for those long flights, an absolute lifesaver to be honest.  Just pop some in your mouth, chew a little and you’re good to go! The thought of chewing your toothpaste is a little bizarre, but hey, it’s a great alternative?


Credit: dudeiwantthat

Where to buy: You can purchase it on the Archtek website.

Price: From USD2.99 onwards

3. Mini Travel Iron

What’s this? An iron for ants? Believe it or not, this is a fully functional iron! Just you know, miniature. Designed with worldwide dual voltage, this convenient tool even comes with a storage pouch.


Credit: overstock


Credit: coolstuffdude

Though it might take you a much longer time to iron several pieces of clothing, the iron comes in handy for small creases here and there. Not the most practical gadget in the world, but you have to admit, it’s pretty darn cute ?

Where to buy: Travel Smart on Amazon

Price: USD14

4. The Head Hammock

Ever had that awkward moment when you’ve accidentally nodded off and your head ends up on the shoulder of an unsuspecting (and bewildered) stranger? Yup… Not your greatest moment.


Credit: Kickstarter

Have no fear, designer Paula Blankenship has your back! Dubbed ‘the ultimate travel sleep solution’, the nod travel pillow is your ticket out of any more awkward sleeping encounters. Sleep soundly with your chin nestled against the tiny, secure hammock.

P.S. The fabric is also water repellent so your nap will be drool free?

Where to get: Preorder on Kickstarter

Price: From USD25

5. Nomad Suitcase

Even as you’re enjoying your well-deserved holiday, (sometimes) the workaholic in you is yearning for your office table back home. Here’s where the Nomad Suitcase comes in! Bibi Lab has created a wheeled suitcase with an attached desk and foldable chair for maximum productivity.


Credit: Bibi Lab


Credit: ezshopex

The attached table and chair is actually super versatile! Have yourself a little picnic, a flat surface for painting or turn it into a vanity table.  Maybe the next time you’re stuck at the airport for a layover, you’ll make better use of your time?

Where to get: Bibi Lab

Price: USD290

6. Backpack Drink Dispenser

If you ever wanted to be a human camel (hey we don’t judge!), here’s your chance! Get yourself this handy backpack drink dispenser and keep everyone around you hydrated.



Credit: homewetbar

The lightweight nylon bag even has a mesh bag for holding extra cups. You’ll never have to hold a drink in your hand again!

Where to get:Home Wet Bar

Price: USD40

7. Air Conditioned Outdoor Jacket

For those who desperately need to be kept cool at all times (we know we do), you might want to invest in this air conditioned outdoor jacket by Kuchofuku. The jacket has miniature air-conditioning systems at the sides that will circulate the cold air throughout your whole upper body.


Credit: Japan Trend Shop

Even if you happen to start perspiring, the 100% polyethylene fabric will keep you dry. The jacket also has multiple pockets for you to store your valuables!


Credit: Japan Trend Shop

The tiny fans are powered by AA batteries so you can easily change it once the batteries have depleted. A pretty ingenious creation, that’s for sure!

Where to get: Japan Trend Shop

Price: USD220

8. Bra Bag

This weird gadget would definitely benefit female travelers everywhere! Given the (not so subtle) design, you probably have an idea of the purpose of this bag.


Credit: My Bra Bag

Available in 8 stylish designs, the bra bag is a handy compartment for up to 6 of your delicates. Carrying this bag might attract some unwanted stares but at least the designs are cute!

Where to get:Linda The Bra Lady

Price: From USD34

9. Inflatable Bubble Tent

If you’ve ever been told that you’re always stuck in your own little bubble, this next gadget needs no introduction. Made from durable, high-quality materials, this inflatable bubble tent is an excellent travel accessory for camping enthusiasts!


Credit: travelaway

The tent comes complete with portable wardrobes, sofas and even roll-out beds! It’s also roomy enough to accommodate a family and comes with a free repair kit, glue, and blower.


Credit: rythmefm

The transparent aspect of it might deter most and it’s pretty pricey, so we advise to buy it only if you’re willing to splurge :P

Where to get:Bubble Tents on Amazon

Price: USD1500

10. Wearable Mosquito Suit

We’ve saved the weirdest one for last. Another interesting creating by Bibi Lab, this unusual polyester meshing suit is apparently super effective against mosquitos!



Credit: japantrendshop

The full body suit is super lightweight and easy to wear! Plus, you can easily tighten any loose parts of the suit with fasteners.

Though there’s a very high chance that you’ll be on the receiving end of dubious stares by strangers and friends alike, at the very least, you’ll be insect bite free?

Where to get: Japan Trend Shop

Price: USD116

It’s safe to say that these 10 gadgets may not be for everyone but don’t knock it till you try it! Now, we have a question for you! What’s the weirdest travel gadget you’ve ever used? Let us know in the comments below?