10 Useful Travel Hacks For Your Dream Paris Disneyland Adventure


Elaine Tee •  Dec 07, 2016

If you're as huge of a Disney fan as we are, visiting all the different Disney parks in the world is definitely on top of your travel bucket list. Of course, that would mean that you'll have to visit the TWO Disney parks in Paris (and the only ones in the entire Europe)! Yep, you heard us right, Paris is home to two Disney parks - Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios! If you only have one full day to spare, get the park-hopper and conquer both parks in one day ;) To help you out on your visit, we've compiled a list of tips on how to make the most out of your Disney Euro adventure!

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1. Stay in a Disneyland Hotel for Those Magical Hours

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Newport Bay Club
Newport Bay Club

The best thing about staying in a Disney hotel is the extra time that you’ll get in the parks! Your stay comes with Extra Magic Hours that allows you to enter the Disney parks before it opens to the public! Depending on their schedule, you'll either get to enter Disneyland an hour before it opens or Walt Disney Studios, two hours earlier! During our visit, we got to enter Walt Disney Studios two hours earlier and it was a lifesaver as we had a flight to catch on the very same day!

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Our super spacious room at Newport Bay Club

2. Snag a Park Map and Programme Before Your Visit

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Park maps can be picked up at the park entrance!

If you're planning to catch the Disney parades and take photos with the characters, you should definitely get a copy of the park map and programme so that you can plan your day in advance. If you're staying at the Disney hotel, the receptionist will pass you these along with your magic hours pass during your check in.

3. Check Park Hours and Get Tickets Online

Always check the park calendar before heading down as park hours may vary! You can also purchase your tickets online (look out for packages with accommodation) so that you don't have to worry about queuing for the tickets when you visit!

4. Grab Your Fastpasses and Beat The Queue


Don’t want to spend your entire day waiting in lines? You’ll need to get your Fastpass* to zoom past the snaking long queues!

Here's the list of attractions you can get a Fastpass for in Disneyland:

Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril

Space Mountain® - Mission 2

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Big Thunder Mountain

Peter Pan's Flight

Star Tours

If you're visiting on a crowded day, head to Space Mountain once the park opens. Space Mountain is always a popular ride, no matter which Disney park you visit and the one in Paris is slightly different from those in the other parks. (Which probably means a longer queue) If you're lucky not to face a queue there, take the ride when the park opens and head to Peter Pan's Flight next to snag a Fastpass! It'll usually be swamped with families and younger children later in the day, so a Fastpass will definitely be handy. Another popular ride would probably be the Big Thunder Mountain, so try getting a Fastpass for that as well, once you're done with Peter Pan. Do note that Fastpasses CAN run out.


Walt Disney Studios:

Rock'n'Roller Coaster

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™

Flying Carpets over Agrabah

Ratatouille: The Adventure

For Walt Disney Studios, if you get extra magic hours, head directly to the two most popular rides in the park - Ratatouille and Crush's Coaster! These two rides can ONLY be found in Paris, so you can be sure that the queues will be really long in the later part of the day. If you didn't manage to get the magic hours, head straight to Ratatouille to pick up your first Fastpass of the day before going over to Crush's Coaster and then Tower of Terror. If the queue for the latter is too long by the time you reach there, make that your second Fastpass for the park.

*The Fastpass is a system that allows you to reduce the waiting time at certain attractions by giving you a specific time to enter the attraction. To get your Fastpass, go to the Fastpass ticketing machines near the entrance of the attraction and scan your Disneyland ticket under the reader. You’ll have to return to the attraction during the time period stated on the Fastpass ticket.

5. Get a Pocket Wifi and Download the Disneyland App

Want to easily check the queues for the attractions without running around the entire park like a mad person? We would definitely recommend renting a pocket wifi so that you can check the official Paris Disneyland mobile app!


For our trip, we got a pocket wifi device from Changi Recommends and it was really convenient

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Get your pocket wifi here, valid for travels till 31 Dec 2016! (Available in Singapore only)

6. Check Ride Wait Times


If you don't have a wifi connection, you can still check the wait times at the Main Street! Parade information is also stated on this handy info board. Unfortunately, this is only located at the front of the park, but it's still a pretty useful guide as to the wait times for all the rides in the park.

7. Shop at Disney Village After the Park Closes


Credit: David Jafra

The Disney parks in Paris close pretty early (around 7pm), so if you're a night owl, don't worry! You can still do your browsing and shopping for Disney merchandise at the Disney Village. If you're staying at the Disney hotel, it's only a short walk away from your hotel (depending on which accommodation you choose).

8. Don't Miss the Rides/Attractions Unique to Paris Disney Parks

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Gorgeous stained glass art in the Sleeping Beauty castle!

No two Disney parks are identical in the world. So of course, you won't want to miss out on the ride you can only find in Paris, would you? ;)

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Alice's Curious
Alice's Curious Labyrinth

For Paris Disneyland, don't miss the Sleeping Beauty Castle (which you can actually climb up and read the story of Sleeping Beauty!), Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – a hedge maze only found in Paris and Shanghai Disneyland, Phantom Manor with a French twist, Space Mountain® - Mission 2La Tanière du Dragon - the walk-in dragon lair under Sleeping Beauty's castle and Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival - a 4D film festival that feature 3 short films!

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Crush's Coaster

For Walt Disney Studios, you can't miss the ride inspired by the Pixar film set in Paris - Ratatouille. Be sure to take the fun spinning coaster - Crush's Coaster! The story for Tower of Terror is also different from the other cities, inspired by Twilight Zone. The queue for Ratatouille tends to snake, so head there once the park opens!

9. Grab a Spot 15 Minutes Before the Parade and Fireworks Start


Check the parade route on the park map and don't forget to head there early to get the best view! A Disney parade is definitely not to be missed ;)

10. Take the Magic Shuttle Straight to the Airport

Thanks to the Magic Shuttle service, it's also really convenient to travel to the airport from Paris Disneyland. It picks up/drop off straight from your Disney hotel, so no worries about lugging your luggage around. The Magic Shuttle is available for both Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. Ticket prices start from 16euros and you can either make the purchase when you're boarding the bus or book a ticket in advance on their website.

So there you go, everything you need to know to get you all prepped for your Euro Disney adventure :D Let us know if we've missed out on anything in the comments below ;)

Thanks to KLM and Air France for making our Paris Disney dreams come true <3