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10 Unbelievable Ways You Can (Almost!) Travel The World For Free


Nur Adawiyati  •  Dec 01, 2017


Everyone loves travelling. But we all know saving up is no easy task, right? Booking for flights, accommodations, transport, food and even miscellaneous costs can add up to huge amounts 💸 Thanks to budget travel junkies around the world, now they’ve come up with various ways for you to travel for free (well almost!) while immersing yourself in the local community.

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Disclaimer: These programs aren’t entirely free. They do provide free accommodation and food. Some will require you to pay for your own flight, transport and even a small registration fee. Fret not, despite the small payment, you'll be able to save much more as compared to the conventional way of travelling.

1. Workaway, New Zealand

New Zealand, the idyllic country situated at the end of the world. If you’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand but have no idea where to go, sign yourself up with Workaway! You’ll be volunteering with various families who require your help. From baby-sitting to helping out around their quaint backpacker hostels, there won’t be a shortage of things to do!

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 You may choose various hosts, situated throughout the North and South Island. Both consist of drastic yet spectacular landscapes; The never-ending lush green valleys and beautiful emerald beaches or snow-capped mountains in the freezing cold - which do you fancy? 😉 

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A major difference for contemplating between New Zealand and Australia would definitely be for the Maori cultures! Maori culture and language are integrated throughout New Zealand, even on the roads. If you're interested in learning more about Maoris, head to New Zealand!

To find out for more info, click here!

Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will cost about USD$ 32.

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2. Workaway, Australia

Similarly, Australia too has their own Workaway Program. Imagine working your way through the Tasmanian Outback, surrounded by kangaroos and wallabies 😍

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Various people visit Australia to learn how to live sustainably. Learning how to grow your own food and surviving off it is such a rewarding experience!   Hosts will have various jobs/activities for volunteers to do. From helping out in horse farms to assisting families in their home renovations, you might just break out from your comfort zone and try something new this holiday! 

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For more information on this workaway, click here!

Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will cost about USD$ 32.

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3. WWOOF, Turkey

Turkey, a country filled with rich culture and history. What better way to immerse yourself in the local scene than living and working with the locals! With WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), individuals are expected to work about 4 hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation from hosts.

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Not only will you be involved in the community, local knowledge will be imparted on you during your stay! What better way to experience Turkey than living and working like the locals do 😉 Only a small registration fee of 30 Euros is required to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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For more information on this workaway, click here!

 Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will cost about 30 euros. 

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You can also volunteer at WWOOF in other countries like Australia, France and Greece!

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4. WWOOF, France

If you’ve always wanted to backpack around Europe but haven't managed to save enough for accommodations and food, this is it! WWOOF is the way to go. WWOOF France teaches wwoofers around the globe on how to live socially sustainable lives. The hosts will provide hands-on learning techniques and individuals may discover the various benefits of living in an organic farm.

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There are over 1000 hosts available, and even more unique experiences waiting for you - from working on organic goat/sheep farms to making your own treehouse using local resources! Your accommodation varies from living in the hosts' spare bedroom or in your own yurt. How cool is that? 😍

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For more information, click here!

Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will cost about 25 euros.

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5. WWOOF, Greece

Greece is the exotic country travellers love to explore! Other than the organic farming experience, WWOOF Greece also aims to promote intercultural exchanges and promote the hospitality and voluntary work in rural areas.

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While in Greece, hosts will provide an alternative for city dwellers (like us) to get in touch with nature and revive the traditional farming methods, like how our forefathers used to farm back in the heyday….but in Greece 😅 Individuals will learn how to prepare food such as cheese, olives and pickles. Imagine being able to eat the food you’ve grown and prepared; sign me up!

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For more information, click here!

Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will cost about 15 euros

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6. HelpX, Canada

 Canada, the land of the Maple Leaf. …HelpX, short for Help Exchange, is exactly what it’s name suggests. In exchange for your help, hosts will return you the favour and provide you with accommodation and food. 

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Hosts will require you to assist with various activities such as tutoring their child, working in their family-run café, working in their organic gardens and even working in their backpacker hostels!

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There’s something for everyone in HelpX. For more information, click here!

Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will cost about 20 euros.

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7. HelpX, Ireland

Just like Canada, HelpX is also found throughout Europe! In Ireland particularly, they have a bigger number of hosts that are looking for volunteers who are willing to work with them. Hosts vary from needing help in renovation of their backpacker hostels to house/farm-sitting! Talk about trying new things 😊

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Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will cost about 20 euros.

8. Sea Sanctuaries, Indonesia

 Sea Sanctuaries is a company in Indonesia that promotes biodiversity conservation. They encourage volunteers/tourists in Bali to participate in their diving expeditions in Raja Ampat. Volunteers will be able to experience living in their remote paradise. Volunteers will be helping to conserve by diving and collating marine life data and community projects. 

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In the mean time, it’s not all work and no play. Volunteers will be able to spend time to explore the island, hike through the jungle and visit secluded lakes and kayak around Secret Bay.

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For more information, click here!

Disclaimer: Fees for this program will start from US$1600.

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9. CouchSurfing, Copenhagen

CouchSurfing's another free way to get around the city. CouchSurfing enables travellers to stay with locals wherever they are. Another plus is that it holds weekly CouchSurfing events in cities which enables all couch surfers to meet! There’s no better feeling than meeting someone for the first time and it feels like you’ve known them forever.

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 And what better way to start CouchSurfing than in Denmark. Copenhagen was originally a Viking village and it has quickly evolved to be one of the trendiest cities in Europe. Anyone who visits Copenhagen must drop by the harbour and explore this city by the sea. Fret not if you worry about language barrier, everyone here speaks good English! Another good point is most Danes (Germanic tribe) get around with a bicycle. You wont have to worry about ridiculously high cab fares or even buses that bring you no where. Get your Google Maps on, grab a bike and start cycling! 

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For more information, click here!

Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will be charged separately.

10. CouchSurfing, Madrid

Like Copenhagen, Madrid too has over 71 000 hosts! All you’ll have to do if you want to experience this cheaper way of travelling is to sign up with CouchSurfing.  Not only do they host weekly events, there’s also a daily language exchange program, enabling you to widen your social circle by learning a language or two!

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 The weather in Madrid is nice and sunny all year round, so why not visit Madrid! They're known for amazing architecture, food and night life. Visit the markets, try the local delicacies and simply have fun whilst you’re in Madrid! Go back in time and visit the palaces and learn a thing or two about their history. And most importantly, Madrid is affordable as compared to other European countries! It's a good place to explore for those on a budget. 

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For more information, click here!

Disclaimer: This program offers only free accommodation and food. Registration fees will be charged separately.

With all these new places to visit, it’s about time we get out of our comfort zones! Start staying with locals rather than hotels. Start eating self-grown produce rather than store-bought instant junk. Lastly… let’s start packing!