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10 Treats That Can Only Be Found In Singapore's Ramadan Bazaars


Elaine •  Jun 16, 2016


We’re almost in the third week of Ramadan and you’ve probably seen countless of bazaar articles covering everything from rainbow bagels to ramly burgers :P So to change things up a little, we’ve decided to focus on the food items/desserts that can’t be found anywhere else but at these bazaars (Geylang Serai/Haig Road, Tampines and Woodlands bazaars!). All the more to try them at the bazaar (and perhaps feel a bit better about the long queues) right? :P
Credit: Giphy P.S. Have you read our series of articles for Ramadan? ;)
 1. Soft Serve on Cotton Candy – Stall #20
Why settle for normal soft serve when you can get soft serve with… cotton candy?! We’re sure you’ve watched the viral video of a café serving ice cream nestled in cotton candy and topped with all kinds of sinful sweet treats. Well, this sweet treat can now be found in Singapore at the Geylang Serai bazaar (Booth #20)to be exact. They've also launched a special flavour for Ramadan - Hokkaido milk sea salt and dark chocolate gula melaka.
cotton candy soft serve ice cream momolato-haig-road-geylang-serai-bazaar-ramadan-iftar-halal-ramadhan-2016
Credit: @elpluswr Note: We’ve checked with @momolatosg, they’re currently obtaining halal product certification. Their ice cream and popsicles are made using only fresh fruits, coconut water, and other halal certified ingredients (milk, sugar, cream, coconut cream, etc). As always, we advise you to purchase at your own discretion. #HHWT Tip: You can also find them at Haig Road (Stall #11). Price: $6
 2. Cotton Candy Soda – Stall #5
Nope, you just can’t fight the cotton candy craze. We can’t deny that it makes desserts look a whole lot more attractive too :P
cotton candy cloud soda geylang serai bazaar ramadan iftar halal ramadhan 2016 tampines
Credit: ladyironchef But if you’re not keen on the ice cream, perhaps go for the soda instead? You can get these colourful cloud sodas at Back Alley Bites (they sell churros too!) and they come in three different flavours - grape, blueberry or cherry. #HHWT Tip: You can also find them at Haig Road, Stall #9 and Tampines Bazaar, Stall #12 Price: $3
 3. Watermelon Volcano – Stall #122 - #123
Remember the famous ice cream rolls at the Geylang Serai bazaar? Well, Happy Rollies is back! This time, they upped their game with a treat that looks super tempting and extremely refreshing - watermelon volcano!
watermelon volcano geylang serai bazaar ramadan iftar halal ramadhan 2016
After walking around in the bazaar, this refreshing watermelon slushie treat is definitely the perfect dessert/drink to cool you down. #HHWT Tip: We recommend opting for the medium as it's enough for around 3pax. You can also find them at Stall #31 and #32 Price: $6.90 for medium, $12.90 for large
4. Macaron Ice Cream – Store #16
We love macarons. We love ice cream as well. And you can get the best of both worlds with the macaron ice cream!
ice cream macaron geylang serai bazaar ramadan iftar halal ramadhan 2016
Credit: @raimification This super sweet treat created by Barakah Fe is pretty much a ice cream sandwiched between a macaron and topped with brightly coloured cornflakes. If you're looking for a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, we say, this is definitely your go-to treat. #HHWT Tip: You can find them at the Eunos and Woodlands bazaar as well! Price: $4
5. Halal Shihlin Chicken – Tampines Bazaar
We’re not quite sure where else you can get halal Shihlin chicken in Singapore but we do know that you can get it at the Tampines bazaar! The XXL fried chicken also comes with your choice of seasoning - hot and spicy, onion and garlic, cheese. If you ask us, hot and spicy is definitely the way to go ;)
halal shihlin chicken xxl fried bazaar ramadan iftar halal ramadhan 2016 tampines
Credit: @thehalalfoodhunter#HHWT Tip: The stall in Tampines bazaar also sells giant fried squid and almost always has a long queue, so do be prepared to wait a bit for your food! Price: $5
6. Thai Pancake – Tampines Bazaar
Last year, we had a craze over popular desserts in Thailand such as coconut ice cream (still good!) and of course, ice cream rolls. Well this year, you’re looking at the next big thing to be imported from Thailand – Thai pancakes!
It tastes pretty similar to roti prata but definitely on the sweeter side with condensed milk and your choice of sauce (we opted for banana with nutella over here). So if you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely perfect for you. Remember to eat it when it's piping hot! Price: $5 (+$1 for cheese)
7. Cake Donut Balls - Tampines Bazaar
Why settle for normal donuts when you can get your hands on cake donut balls?! Crispy on the outside, soft and spongey on the inside. You can even choose from four different toppings - ferrero chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry with cheesecake crumbs and gula melaka with coconut shavings! Price: $4
 8. XXL Drinks - Pretty much at all bazaars
Just walk around the Ramadan bazaar and you'll be greeted with stalls selling humongously oversized drinks. And nope, we're not just talking about Overdose but also XXL milkshakes and fruity syrup drinks.
togok drink geylang serai bazaar ramadan iftar halal ramadhan 2016 tampines
Credit: @togokbyzb We tried the Rasa Dew from Togok (located near the stage at Tampines bazaar) and would definitely recommend sharing amongst 2-3 friends, as the drink is reaaaally huuuge. It's also pretty sweet so if you're not a fan of sweet drinks, we say choose the coffee or just go for plain water. Price: $5
9. Double Fried Russets
Okay, they ARE fries, but not just any normal fries! Double fried with a layer of russet potato skin and topped with amazingly creamy sauces. Yep, sign us up please!
Credit: @thekatoshka These double fried russets come with your choice of sauce - salted yolk, bbq, sour ranch and special cheese. We would try everything if we could. Price: $4.90
10. S'mores Dip
We wouldn't really say this is something hugely innovative, but it does taste sinfully good and the simplicity of it just holds a certain appeal.
Credit: @shuyingong Another yummy dessert by Happy Rollies, the s'mores dip comes with toasted marshmallows served on top of hot melted chocolate and biscuits for your to eat it with. You also get a choice of either chocolate, white chocolate or oreos. Price: $2.50
BONUS: Rainbow Bagels
Technically these rainbow delights aren’t a Ramadan bazaar exclusive as you can find them on WORD café’s menu, but we decided that we just couldn’t leave them out of our article :P
Credit: @rachhmok This colourful bagel Price: $8 We hope we've helped you narrow down the treats and desserts to try at the ramadan bazaars in Singapore this year and if you think we've missed out on any, do let us know in the comments below or hashtag #hhwt/#havehalalwilltravel on your Instagram post and let us know what you recommend!