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10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do At Changi Airport


Nisha Abu Bakar •  Oct 21, 2016


ExpatLiving More than just immigration checkpoints and tarmac runways, Changi Airport is THE biggest iconic landmark in Singapore. But did you know that the airport itself boasts lots of fun activities for you and your family? We have some super cool activities for you to check out whether you are stopping over, dropping off or simply looking to spend the day!
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1. Fancy a free movie while waiting for your flight?
SleepingInAirports An all-you-can-see movie extravaganza specially for the movie buffs available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Movies of different genres are available and they are free-of-charge! Location: (1) Terminal 2 - within Departure Transit Lounge on level 3. (2) Terminal 3 - within Departure Transit Lounge North on level 3. Opening hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fee: FOC
2. A refreshing swim awaits you at the Rooftop Swimming Pool!
Changi Airport How about a nice dip in a rooftop pool in this hot, sunny weather? Situated on the top of Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel, a long soak in the pool will ease all your travelling aches with its Jacuzzi facilities. Have a drink at the poolside bar while waiting for your connecting flight or use the shower facilities at your convenience. Location:  Access Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel through the Departure Transit Lounge at level 3, Transit Area. Opening hours: 6 am to 12 midnight. Fee: $17 for public while guests at the hotel have free access.
3. Exercise creativity at the Interactive Art stations!
Changi Airport Art enthusiasts! Create your own personalized artwork at the Art Rubbing Station available at all 3 terminals. Crayons are provided at your disposal and once done, take home your personalized masterpiece as a keepsake! Location: (1) Terminal 1 - Head to the Viewing Mall on level 3 located at the Public Area. (2) Terminal 2 -  Located next to the Orchid Garden on level 2 within the Departure Transit Lounge South in the Transit Area. (3) Terminal 3 - (a) Situated next to the fountain area on level B2 at the Public Area.(b) Also available within the Departure Transit Lounge on level 2 in the Transit Area. Fee: FOC
4. Halal dining for that rumble in your tummy!
There are plenty of halal food options available in all 3 terminals. The Western, Chinese, Indian, Thai and South African menus will leave you spoilt for choice. Some of the fast food options include, Burger King, MacDonald’s, 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken and café style dining like Central Thai, Fish & Co, Gurney Drive and Heavenly Wang that will tantalise your taste buds! Location: Spread across all 3 Terminals. Click here for halal dining directory! Opening Hours: Most of these eateries open 24 hours daily!
5. Store memories at The Social Tree!
The Social Tree Create lasting memories at The Social Tree! Serving as a large and tall memory bank, this state of the art capsule promises to store your photo and video memories taken at Changi Airport. You may retrieve and re-live them on your next visit. The touch-screen photo booths allow you to upload photos and videos and share them on your social media! Location: You can find this tree at the Central Piazza, right after the immigration counters in the Transit Area at Terminal 1. Operating Hours: Tree will be shut down daily from 1am to 5am for maintenance.
6. Prayer Facilities to ensure you never miss a prayer time.
Changi Airport Prayer room facilities available at all three terminals ensure a peaceful prayer experience. Location: (1) Terminal 1 -  level 3 at the Transit area behind Peach Garden Noodle House. Just follow the flow signs! (2) Terminal 2 -  Within the Transit Area at the Departure Transit Lounge North near Gate E on level 2. (3) Terminal 3 -  Within the Transit Area at the Departure Transit Lounge South, on Level 2, behind Mont Blanc. Opening hours: Open 24 hours daily.
7. Gardens Galore!
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Fancy a stroll through a nature trail while waiting for your flight? Home to at least 6 gardens, travelers get to feast their eyes on nature’s beauty and greenery. The Cactus Garden is simply a sight to behold with more than 100 species of cacti and arid plants from different parts of the world! Location: Terminal 1 - within the Departure Transit Lounge on level 3 in the Transit Area. Fee: FOC
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Enter the world of the Enchanted Garden that is truly a sight to behold. Motion sensors and LED lighting trigger beautiful sounds of nature and blooming flowers. All this under a blanket of sparkling lights amidst a variety of flowers and soft ferns. An immersive experience for the senses for sure! Location: Situated in Terminal 2 within the Departure Transit Lounge on level 2 in the Transit Area. Fee: FOC
Wikimedia Home to about 1,000 tropical butterflies from different seasons of the year, this garden is not to be missed for butterfly lovers. Get inside some of the individual enclosures and witness first-hand the breeding and feeding of the butterflies in close proximity! Location: Terminal 3 - within the Departure Transit Lounge on levels 2 & 3 in the Transit Area. Fee: FOC
8. Free-to-use rest areas during your stopovers
Changi Airport In between flights and need a quick shut eye? Or how about some peace and quiet as you unwind before your next flight? Scattered over a few locations, this snooze lounge delivers comfort and ease like no other. Just lay back on the loungers and close your eyes for some much needed rest! Locations: (1) Terminal 1 - The Snooze Lounge in the Transit Area located on level 3, Transit East. (2) Terminal 2 - Sanctuary Lounge in the Transit North Pier opp E5 in the Transit Area and the Oasis Lounge in the Transit North Pier, opp E11 in the Transit Area. (3) Terminal 3 - Snooze Lounge at the Transit North Mezzanine, near Singapore Food Street in the Transit Area. Operating Hours: 24 hours daily.
9. All hands on the Entertainment Deck for some gaming fun!
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The entertainment deck will leave you thoroughly entertained as you wait for your connecting flight. Gamers would be thrilled as the deck comes packed with an Xbox Kinect room, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles.  The MTV booth lets you watch all your favourite music videos on a 50-inch plasma television with quality sound fed directly to your seat! Location: Within the Departure Transit Lounge, next to the Sunflower Garden on level 3 in the Transit Area. Fee: FOC
10. Have some family fun at the Slide @ T3!
Slide @ T3 Plenty of fun for families with kids as you whiz down Singapore’s tallest slide standing tall at 12 meters! You get to redeem a free ride at Terminal 3, level 1 information counter with every $10 spent in a single receipt. Note: participants have to be at least 1.3 meters tall up to a maximum height of 2 meters to qualify for this ride. Location: Arrival Hall on level 1 within the Public Area. Opening Hours: 12 noon to 10.30pm daily. With so many hidden treasures within its premises, it’s no wonder Changi Airport has been voted the world’s best airport four years in a row! Do note that in order to access facilities in the transit areas you are going to need your boarding passes.  So remember to check these places out the next time you are there!