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10 Safety Apps Every Traveller Should Download


Cheng Sim •  Feb 06, 2017


Wherever we are in the world, we always turn to our smartphones to touch base with our loved ones back home. Exploring a new city may be a spellbinding experience, but we will never know when unfortunate events or emergency situations strike. Plus, worrying our family is the last thing we want to do.
Credit: giphy Before you head to the departure gate, install these safety mobile apps to let them know you’re safe wherever wanderlust takes you.
1. Whatsapp
Scenario: When you need to contact your loved ones to tell them you’re all right Solution: Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that lets you connect with family and friends anywhere around the world. With an active data connection, you can send voice and video calls as well as text messages and locations to anyone with the same app back home.
Credit: WhatsappPrice: Free Download here: iOS / Android
2. WeChat
Scenario: When you’re in China and Whatsapp isn’t working Solution: Whatsapp may be accessible in mainland China, but WeChat is a dominating chat app in this part of the world. If you’re planning to keep in touch with your Airbnb hosts, local tour guide, or relatives in China, bear in mind that they’re more likely to use WeChat.
Credit: WeChat BlogPrice: Free Download here: iOS / Android
3. Companion
Scenario: When you’re worried about walking alone late at night Solution: If a midnight stroll to the nearest convenience store makes you feel uneasy, you will feel safer with Companion. Start by selecting your destination and choose any family member or friends as your ‘companion’. Every now and then, a Smart Trigger will appear to check if you’re safe. When something bad happened or you didn’t set off your trigger, the app will immediately notify your ‘companions’ and the local police department.
Credit: CompanionPrice: Free Download here: iOS / Android
4. Uber
Scenario: When you missed the last train home and you’re forced to hail a cab Solution: What makes Uber a safer option than a regular taxi is the built-in Trip Tracker that follows your routes and expected arrival time. It also comes with a live map for your family member to monitor your ride. Prior to your trip, remember to set up your Family Profile before you fly off to your vacation.
Credit: Uber on Facebook#HHWT Tip: While Uber is expanding globally, the ride-hailing app is not available in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Check your Uber location in advance here.  
Credit: UberPrice: Free Download here: iOS / Android
5. Google Trusted Contacts
Scenario: When your phone battery runs out and you know your Mom will be worried Solution: Get your family members and close friends to install Google Trusted Contacts that lets them trace your whereabouts during an emergency situation. In a case where your phone is unreachable, your location will be auto-shared to your ‘trusted contacts’. It also informs them about your most recent location and phone battery status.
Credit: Google Trusted Contacts
Credit: giphy#HHWT Tip: Google Trusted Contacts is currently available on Android, and they will be releasing an iOS version soon! Price: Free Download here: iOS (coming soon!) / Android
6. Life360
Scenario: When the Brady Bunch kids go road tripping and their parents need a single platform to monitor everyone’s movement Solution: A combination of messaging platform and location tracker, Life360 is great for concerned parents with a group of wanderlust-induced kids. By adding family contacts into a group, parents can track their children’s movements on a live map and their kids can check-in at any destination to signify their current location. It also has an alert button that notifies group contacts about any emergency situations.
Credit: Life360 - Family Locator App on FacebookPrice: Free Download here: iOS / Android
7. Medical ID
Scenario: When an emergency situation occurs and you have serious medical conditions Solution: If you have serious medical conditions or allergies, Medical ID allows this information to be accessible from a locked screen. When an emergency situation occurs, the information will assist first responders and medical practitioners to identify your allergies, blood type, current medications, and emergency contacts.
Credit: Medical ID#HHWT Tip: Most iPhone models have a pre-installed Medical ID app on their smartphones. Price: Free Download here: iOS/ Android
8. bSafe
Scenario: When you need to save yourself from an uneasy situation Solution: Similar to most safety apps, bSafe comes with a GPS tracker where your loved ones can check on your movements. What we like most about this app is the fake call feature where you can initiate it to escape from any awkward or uneasy situation.
Credit: bSafe - Personal Safety AppPrice: Free Download here: iOS / Android
9. Safety Check Facebook
Scenario: When you survive a natural disaster and you need to tell your family you’re safe Solution: A built-in feature on Facebook, the Safety Check is proven to be useful in locations prone to natural disasters such as typhoon and earthquakes. If you’re close to a place with a major crisis, Facebook sends a pop-up to check if you’re safe and blasts this information to your Facebook timeline. Safety Check feature also shares a list of friends who might be affected by the major crisis near you.
Credit: Facebook NewsroomPrice: Free Download here: iOS / Android
10. Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker
Scenario: When your family wants to know if your flight landed safely Solution: The amazing thing about Flightradar24 is the ability to track any flights in real time. Simply type the flight code to find out if your loved ones have landed safely at the airport. You can also enjoy 3D flight experience from the pilot’s point of view and identify any aircraft in the sky by pointing upwards with a smartphone.
Credit: Flightradar24 on FacebookPrice: USD3.99 Download here: iOS / Android Exploring an unfamiliar city can be fun and exhilarating, but remember to stay safe wherever your day or night leads you. For your loved one’s ease of mind, download some safety apps so they will know your precise location and offer assistance when emergency hits.