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10 Reasons Why Starting A Family Shouldn’t Stop You from Travelling


Sabrina •  Dec 28, 2015


So maybe you won’t be able to travel exactly like how you did before children came into the picture, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not just as great or even better!
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1. You're on the priority list
You get to move up the line while waiting to board the plane... No wait, you'll get priority in almost any line you're in! Not to mention special treatment from just about any place you walk into.
Credit: giphy All you need is to get your kid to flash their most adorable smile and you're good to go!
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2. It’s actually not that expensive to travel with babies
Take advantage of much cheaperflights before they turn 2 – they don’t need their own seats yet, and you would probably get an empty seat for your little bub anyway (especially when the flight isn’t full).
Credit: giphy You also don’t need to spend any extra money on hotels, entrance fees or restaurants yet! Take advantage of it while you still can ? P.S. Need more tips for travelling with your kids? We've got you covered right here.
3. Babies are easily entertained and can sleep anywhere!
You don’t actually need to start bringing them to Disneyland just yet (although we don’t blame you if you’d want to!) because they don’t really care anyway as long as you’re there with them. Plus you can still actually enjoy a dinner out…all you need is a stroller and you’re good to go!
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4. Travelling with your kids makes you appreciate things better
Slowing down isn’t always a bad thing, you get to appreciate the new experiences that you get together as a family! Take it from us, those precious moments you’ll have bonding on your trip is worth it.
Think of all the cute photos you’ll have to look back on, and all the funny stories you’ll have to tell (We're thinking of all the funny but embarrassing photos our parents took of us that we want to hide from the world?)
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5. You get to see the world in a whole new way
Children see the world differently, and being able to observe how they see the world through their curious eyes will get you excited too!
It's almost as if you'll get to experience things for the first time all over again ?
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6. Your kids get to learn out of the classroom
Travelling teaches your kids new things and helps them gain new experiences that they never would have been able to learn anywhere else.
There’s nothing like teaching your kids to practice the sunnah of travelling when you’re doing it first-hand!
7. It helps your children out in the future
You can get them the best education at a top notch school or give them everything that they need to do great, but having experienced what life is like on the other side of the world, or seeing how people live in a place different from where they’re from, helps them gain more life experience than you’ll ever know.
Credit: giphy (We’re still thankful that our parents brought us on holidays growing up, or we might not even be here!)
8. Plenty of other people have done it
…and you can too! Sure it can be challenging to lug around all that extra stuff a kid needs, but trust us when we say that you can definitely do it, and enjoy it too!
Credit: giphy You just need to take it easy, and plan ahead (but don't forget to be flexible too!). Our travel and halal food guides should come in handy for this!
9. It will teach you a new thing or two, too!
You’ll definitely get different experiences travelling with your family rather than travelling solo or with your friends, and none are less awesome than the other!
Credit: giphy Sure it’ll be challenging, and your patience might be tested – but trust us, it’s just as possible to ride on a hot air balloon with a baby as it was when you were still single (we've done this before!).
10. You'll make priceless memories along the way
Someday your kids will be all grown up (and not want to hold your hands anymore...gasp!), and you'll miss the times when you were able to have them snuggle up to you ☺️
The fun moments you'll have on your holiday is worth all the trouble and more ?
Credit: giphy We hope that you’ll keep on packing those bags even when your kids come along ? If you're thinking of a trip to Hong Kong with your toddler, we've got you covered! There's so much to explore together as a family ?‍?‍?