10 Reasons To Try Singapore’s First Halal Kaiten Sushi Restaurant – Hei Sushi


Have Halal Will Travel •  Aug 27, 2015


1. Kaiten Sushi (回転寿司)


Kaiten means to rotate in Japanese so as the name suggests, Kaiten sushi refers to sushi going around on a conveyor belt. We love the concept because you can grab whatever catches your eye and enjoy it immediately! If you’re not sure how much each dish costs, check the colour of the plate.


#HHWT tip: If you don’t see what you want on the conveyor belt, just order your dish using the iPad at your table!

2. Halal ramen (ラーメン)


Need we say more? It’s reallydifficult to find halal ramen in Singapore so we were looking forward to trying this dish! You’ll be able to choose from three different types of soup bases – chicken, curry and kimchi. We had the Zarigani Ramen (crayfish in Japanese) with a kimchi-based broth. The crayfish was tender, super fresh and the dish was really flavorful. The broth had just the right amount of spice and the kimchi flavor was not too overpowering!

3. Aburi sushi (炙り寿司) with tobimayo sauce


You know what’s better than sushi? Aburi sushi of course! Aburi means seared in Japanese and aburi sushi is made by searing the topside of the meat with a blowtorch. We tried the Shake Tobimayo – seared salmon topped with tobimayo sauce (flying fish roe sauce + mayonaise). The salmon was seared to the right degree and the sauce complemented the dish perfectly. Definitely one of our favourite dishes at Hei Sushi!


P.S. If you have a friend who doesn’t seem to fancy sushi, we think this may just change his/her mind! ;P

4. Comfort makimonos (巻物)


Hei Sushi’s specialty makimono is one of those comfort dishes that really hits the spot. If you're looking to indulge in fusion cuisine, don’t miss out on the specialty and premium makimono series. With artistic creations such as the Spider Maki (soft shell crab and lettuce wrapped in obba leaf) and Sunshine Maki (breaded prawn sushi layered with mango), you’ll definitely be back for more!

Hei Shake (breaded prawn sushi rice roll layered with salmon slices, flying fish roe and cheese sauce)

5. Sashimi (刺身) Airflown from Japan


Because who can say no to sashimi, right? :P Especially salmon sashimi!

6. Neta (ネタ) - Fried sushi rolls!


Okay, we admit that this is probably not the healthiest version of sushi but we were pleasantly surprised by this dish. We tried the Cheesy Beef Neta and who would have thought that cheese complements fried sushi so well! The beef was very well-marinated and really tender too.

#HHWT Tip: This is one dish that you HAVE to eat when it’s hot!

7. Fusion and creative dishes


We always thought that Hei Sushi only specializes in Japanese cuisine so we were delighted to find many fusion dishes as well as special chef’s creations on the menu. We tried the Mussels Batayaki and the sauce complemented the mussels really well – slightly salty and sinfully buttery. Yum.

8. Parfaits (パフェ)


Japanese parfaits are on every Japanese food lover’s list so we had to end our meal with the Ichigo and Matcha parfait. We’re torn between the two because the Ichigo parfait was very light but we’re also die-hard matcha fans :D Looks like we’ll just get two to share the next time we’re back!

P.S. Hei Sushi uses Häagen-Dazs ice-cream in their parfaits! :)

9. Variety of drinks

Pink Lady (the perfect drink if you have a sweet tooth) and Ice Berry Rose (really refreshing)

Whether you’re looking for a thirst quencher or a dessert in a drink, Hei Sushi will leave you spoilt for choice!

10. Perfect place for a gathering


Hei Sushi is the perfect place for a family meal or a gathering with friends when your Japanese food craving strikes. We're not exaggerating when we say that the menu is really extensive. Health-conscious? Craving for a flavorful bowl of ramen? A meat-lover? Or Japanese cuisine that kids will appreciate? Not to worry because we’re sure you’ll be able to find something for everyone at Hei Sushi!

P.S. Special kids meals are available and they’re really adorable too!

Have you visited Hei Sushi? Let us know what’s your favourite dish in the comments below!

*Our meal was sponsored by Hei Sushi but our opinions are entirely our own, as always :)

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