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10 Delicious Halal Eateries In KL For Your Dinner Fix (Under RM30!)


Aishah •  Jun 09, 2017


A trip to Malaysia would not be complete without a full-course culinary experience of its delightful and flavourful cuisine that is a reflection of its famous cultural diversity. Though people often thought and flock to Penang or Ipoh in their quest to find good cheap Malaysian food, Malaysia's very own capital, Kuala Lumpur, does not fall short? But with such a wide array of tasty food to choose from, where does one even begin?
Credit: giphy Fear not our fellow travelers, for this is what we're here for! So without further ado, let's dig in?
1. Nasi Lemak Mak Wanjor
Nestled within the living heritage known as Kampung Baru, this is the place to go to for a delicious steaming hot plate of the national food - nasi lemak! A favourite hotspot amongst the locals, its nasi lemak has been deemed by many as arguably the best nasi lemak in town, a statement that's further backed up by its long history since its opening back in 1963.
Credit: @zetty_junita on Instagram Though many claim that the hallmark of a good nasi lemak lies in its sambal, a true nasi lemak connoisseur will tell you that it's a combination of all the different elements on the plate that elevates a good nasi lemak to a great one and this is what Mak Wanjor is famous for?  Its fluffy and fragrant steamed rice together with the spicy yet slightly sweet sambal, crispy and slightly salted anchovies, and a perfectly cooked boiled egg on the side will surely keep you coming back for more!
Credit:@hafizahazmy on Instagram Add side dishes (or gravy) to your nasi lemak such as beef rendang, fried chicken, begedil (potato ball), squid with sambal (sambal sotong), or cockles with sambal (sambal kerang).
Credit: @mynn_dawg on InstagramContact: +60 12-395 3884 Address: 8, Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Operating hours: 7 am - 1230 pm, 3 pm - 1 am, daily Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday) Price range: RM3 - RM30 per dish
2. Suraya Nasi Kukus Kampung Baru
Just a short walk from Nasi Lemak Mak Wanjor is Suraya Nasi Kukus, a place that is famous for its Malay-Thai-Kelantanese cuisine. You know you're in for a delicious dinner when it's packed with crowd even late at night at both of its close-vicinity establishments - Suraya Nasi Kukus and Suraya Seafood!
Credit: @nadia_aadnan on Instagram Its signature dish, as obvious by its name, is nasi kukus - steamed rice with grilled glazed honey chicken and pickled vegetables. However, we've been told that pretty much everything on the menu is sure to be good! Among popular picks are nasi kerabu, nasi minyak, kerabu maggi, and tom yam. Also, we heard their pulut mangga (mango sticky rice) is to die for.
Credit: @nrlazmeera_on Instagram#HWWT Tip: Parking can be a bit difficult to find in this bustling streets of food so save yourself the trouble by opting for Grabcar, Uber, or perhaps walking if you're from LRT Kampung Baru!
@uan_ron on InstagramAddress: 52, Jalan Raja Alang, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Operating hours: 24 hours daily Price range: RM5 - RM30 per dish
3. Satay Capitol 1951 - Warisan
Another local's favourite for a late night dinner, this seemingly quaint eatery has been serving up mouthwatering delicious satay for over 65 years. What makes them stand out from the rest is that their meat is heavily marinated with different herbs and spices that is sure to add both flavour and fragrant to your satay? Pick your choice between chicken satay or beef satay (or perhaps both!).
Credit:@halminoson Instagram As with any satay dish, it comes with a savoury and slightly sweet peanut sauce as a dipping for both your satay and the fresh vegetables side-dish. Order the nasi impit (compressed rice) as an add-on if you're in need of a little bit of carbs in your dinner?
Credit: @cikpit1964on InstagramAddress: No, 1, Jalan Haji Hashim, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Operating hours: 5 pm - 12 am daily Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday) Price range: RM 0.90 per stick Contact:  +60 17-223 3308 | Facebook
4. Valentine Roti
To claim oneself to serve the "Best Roti Canai" in town says a lot about their confidence in their food though it might not be without its basis. Their self-proclamation comes from their sought-after roti canai - paper thin, light, and super crispy. It's so good and addictive to the point it could be eaten on its own without the usual complementary curries!
Credit:@nyonyokecilon Instagram Want a bit of change from the usual traditional roti canai? Then have a try of their signature Valentine Roti, a roti canai with plentiful fillings of sardine, onions, mixed vegetables and chives that's sure to fill your tummy!
Credit: @tinmanstreatson Instagram Other options aside from roti canai are the many variants of chapati, naan, and nasi goreng. Complete your dinner with the customary hot cup of teh tarik mamak!Address: Stor No. 1, Jalan Semarak, 54000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Operating hours: 530 pm - 0145 am daily Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday) Price range: RM1.50 - RM10 per dish Contact: +60 14-966 1844
5. Mansion Tea Stall
Do not let their modest exterior fool you for this is the place to go to for one of the best hearty variant of roti canai in town known as roti canai banjir! Their roti canai banjir special is a hit among the locals for their generous portion - two roti canai drowned in thick mixture of dhal, curry and sambal with two half-boiled eggs on the top. You will surely have a fulfilling dinner with this one-of-a-kind delicacy?
Credit: @eric.lah on Instagram Want something on the light side? Then try their many selections of roti canai such as roti telur, roti bawang, roti planta and roti bom. You can also opt for their roti bakar telur tampal goyang - toasted bread with semi-half boiled egg. Don't forget to sprinkle in a bit of salt and soy sauce for an added flavour to your meal!
Credit: @tokeykambingon Instagram#HWWT Tip: Here's a picture of their menu for your perusal! Address: No. 2, Ground Floor, Selangor Mansion, Jalan Masjid India, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Operating hours: 24 hours daily Price range: RM 1.50 - RM 10 per dish
6. Ah Cheng Laksa
In need of a place to dine after you shop to your heart's content in one of the many shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur? Then Ah Cheng Laksa might be your answer, with outlets and kiosks at more than 15 shopping malls in KL and Selangor alone!
Credit: @lewyee81 on Instagram Its number one specialty and our own personal recommendation is the Northern Asam Laksa, rice noodle in a bowl of spicy-sour fish and tamarind-based soup garnished with mint, sweet red onion, and fresh cucumber for an added crunchiness?
Credit: @afiqhalid on Instagram They also serve other Malaysian dishes such curry laksa (laksa with coconut-based curry soup), pan mee, nasi lemak with rendang chicken or fried chicken, and herbal chicken soup. Check out this link for a full list of their outlets! Price range: RM 2 - RM 20 per dish Operating hours: 10 am - 10 pm daily Contact: +6012-304 6200| Website | Facebook
7. Restoran Dapur Sarawak
If you're a fan of laksa then Restoran Dapur Sarawak is just the place for you! Here, you can get another variant of laksa originated from the East Malaysia known as laksa Sarawak! What makes it different from other laksa variants is the use of sambal belacan (spicy paste) with a bit of coconut milk in its broth. Because of this, it has a more balanced flavour of spiciness with a just a hint of sourness without being overly rich and creamy!
Credit: @icint4 on InstagramMee kolok is another crowd's favourite and from what we've heard, they serve among the best mee kolok there is here in West Malaysia! Add a little bit of sambal kicap (spicy soy sauce) and lime in your dish for that extra kick!
Credit: @az_zakryon InstagramOperating hours: 10 am - 1030 pm daily Price range: RM 4 - RM 15 per dish Contact: +60 14-8837211 / +60 12-8866301 / +60 16-6105858 | Facebook Address: No. 19 Jln Sarikei Off Jln Pahang, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8. Gobang Maju Patin Tempoyak
Craving for some classic delectable Malay dishes? Then head on over to Gobang Maju Patin Tempoyak for a scrumptious Malay dinner that's sure to leave your tastebuds tingling!
Credit: @daussideron Instagram Their ikan patin masak tempoyak (catfish cooked with fermented durian) is a must try dish here and with a price so cheap (RM13 for a head, RM 15 for a body / a tail), it is practically a steal! What sets their ikan patin apart is the use of younger durian to produce a much sweeter tempoyak that goes so well with the delicate clean taste of the fish.
Credit: @tricomaccoon Instagram The heavenly aromas of grilled fish will surely greet you as you step into the restaurant for they also serve a selection of ikan bakar. Their special is pais ikan patin tempoyak bakar - grilled banana-wrapped catfish with fermented durian. #HWWT Tip: Reservation is recommended if you're planning to go during peak hours. Address: 19, Jln Seri Rejang 1, Taman Sri Rampai, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Operating hours: 1130 am - 10 pm daily Price range: RM5 - RM 20 per dish Contact: +603-4144 1705 | Facebook
9. Mee Tarik Warisan Asli
Owned and ran by Chinese Muslims, this establishment has been gaining popularity among food lovers for their authentic dishes native to the mainland China.
Credit: @flo8rie on Instagram As the name suggests, their signature dishes are the many variants of hand-pulled noodles that they freshly made every day in front of your very own eyes! Among popular picks are mee soup with braised beef, scallion noodle, lamen soup witch sliced beef, and fried lamen with beef.
Credit: @hanasui89 on Instgram They also offer a selection of rice dishes, chicken dishes and side dishes. End your meal with a cup of their special China Ba Bao Tea, a refreshing drink made from a healthy concoction of red date, lychee, wolfberry, longan, apricot, and chrysanthemum. KLCC KLCC Food Stall No 02, Rasa Food Arena, Level 4 Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur KL Sentral Lot 55170, Level 1, Stesen KL Sentral, 50470, Kuala Lumpur Sungai Besi No 51 Jalan Tasik Utama 3, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur Operating hours: 11 am - 10 pm daily Price range: RM 7 - RM 15 per dish Contact: +60 3-9055 4557| Facebook |Website
10. Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB)
A nice place to just hang out and relax with your friends after a full-day of exploring, this establishment has been gaining popularity among meat lovers for its succulent handcrafted juicy burger.
Credit: edlynchee on Instagram Their passion for making good burgers comes through from their 3 ways selections to prepare the patties - grilled, crust seared, and fried. This, combine with their many assortment of burgers to choose from, are just the perfect spot to satiate your meat craving! Their fries are also a must-try?
Credit: @kgb.killer.gourmet.burgers on Instagram*Disclaimer: They’re in the process of applying for JAKIM’s halal certification and have assured that they only use halal ingredients as stated from their Website and Facebook page. Do dine at your own discretion. Bangsar 23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60 3-2201 1220 Mid Valley 232-B LG, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +603 2110 3962 TTDI 107, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60 3-7733 2284 Jalan Tun Razak E-G-07, Electric Boulevard TREC Lot 434, Jalan Tun Razak, Seksyen 90, 50400 Kuala Lumpur +603 2110 3962 Price range: RM 8 - RM 20 per dish Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram So there you have it, these are the 10 halal dinner places in KL that you can go for which are under RM30! As always, good food is meant to be shared so if you do have any recommendations, share it with us in the comments below?