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10 Modest (And Stylish!) Swimwear Every Muslimah Has Been Looking For


Maryam •  Sep 24, 2017


So you've planned a beach vacay, and have practically everything on your itinerary mapped out and booked. But there's just one problem: you don't have a muslimah-friendly outfit that will allow you to swim and lounge at the beach comfortably ?  Fret no more ladies, because we've got you covered! ?
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1. Madamme BK- Paris, France
Designer Vanessa Lourenco started Madamme BK Paris in 2012, after realising a need for covered swimsuits for her entourage. Her fashion education at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne thus resulted in a luxurious collection of swimwear that not only promises coverage, but also highlights women's femininity in its fashion-forward designs.
Credit: @saris_hh on InstagramMadamme BK's Amélie Teal Burkini is a good reflection of how the Paris-based designer seamlessly blends classic Eastern and Western sensibilities to appeal to the elegant modern woman who seeks to maintain her privacy while going for a swim, or even lounging on the beach. Small thoughtful details on the Amélie Teal Burkinisuch as the ribbon bow on the tunic, and the matching teal headband on the accompanying headpiece that truly give the full-cover swimsuit a delicate, vintage vibe! ?
Credit: Madamme Bk on Facebook If you are looking for simpler designs, Madamme BK's Arabica Burkini will be a good choice! The two piece full-cover swimsuit comes with the headwear attached to the tunic, so you don't have to fish around for your swimming hijab everytime you head out for a swim ? The Arabica Burkini also comes with wider set pants for extra coverage! Website | Facebook | Instagram
2. Nasira Marbella- Marbella, Spain
Can't resist the timeless allure of black outfits when it comes to shopping your wardrobe? Nasira Marbella's Modest Swimsuit Amani is for you!
Credit: Nasira Marbella on Facebook The three piece swimsuit is all black- except for the hand-sewn appliqués that give it a touch of luxury. The gently-fitting tunic also features hidden laces at the sides which you can adjust to ensure your comfort and modesty while wearing it.
Credit: Nasira Marbella on Facebook If you prefer a pop of colour, rest assured that the cherry-red Modest Swimsuit Nava, amongst other designs at Nasira Marbella will make you the princess of the pool party! ? Website | Facebook | Instagram
3. LYRA Swimwear- UK
You may think you've seen it all when it comes to modest swimwear. But LYRA Swimwear's Sofia Swimsuit delivers a breath of fresh air, with its front zip and the tulip wrap skirt on its tunic!
Credit: LYRA Swimwear on Facebook The design team at LYRA are focused on creating unique modest swimwear that marries contemporary style and modesty.  LYRA respects the choices of its customer to determine the level of coverage they prefer, allowing customers to shop its swimwear as separate pieces, so you can create a swim outfit that fits your style and comfort!
Credit: @nurinab on Instagram Here's the Sofia Swimsuit in Olive! Website | Facebook | Instagram


4. Beaute Cache- USA
Beaute Cache was started in 2014 by sisters Sara and Sondos, who had struggled to find professional outfits that were suitable. To solve this problem, they decided to take matters into their own hands and began to design a fashion line that married modesty with sophistication.
Credit: @BeauteCache on Instagram Along the way, the pair of sisters also recognised a need for modest swimwear of high quality and developed their own burkinis! Ariel Burkini Swim Suit (above) is a three piece outfit in a cheery robin egg blue that's perfect for pool parties, and a day at the beach! The same design also comes in two other colours- the L'eau Burkini Swim Suit (below) is a pretty pearlish blue with a soft pink trim, while The Hepburn Burkini Swim Suit is- you guessed it!- black with a cream trim.
Credit: @BeauteCache on Instagram While it is based in USA, Beaute Cache ships both domestically and internationally with customers in 75 countries. Website | Facebook | Instagram
5. East Essence- USA
Perhaps you've been wondering: where can I get modest swimwear with interesting print designs? Well, perhaps East Essence's Print Burkini might just be the one for you!
Credit: Eastessence on Facebook  The Cement Print Flare Swimsuit Burkini is a three piece set that features a short collar and a pretty flare skirt with an eye-catching geometric print, while Leopard Print Half-Zip Swimwear Burkini is a three piece suit has a practical front zip, white piping details, and feminine ruching on the sides of the tunic ?
Credit: Eastessence on Facebook Both swimsuit burkinis come in sizes XS to 7XL. Website | Facebook | Instagram

Middle East

6. Veilkini- UAE
Got appetite for more prints? Check out the modest swimwear at Veilkini!
Credit: @veilkini_official on Instagram
Credit: @veilkini_official on InstagramWebsite | Facebook | Instagram
7. Adasea- Turkey
We absolutely adore the paisley print on this modest swimsuit in Adasea's Likrali Tesettur collection! Model 4054 comes in both blue and purple- so you and your girlfriend can get matching swimwear if you both fancy it ?
Credit: Modest Burkini Swimwear - GTA Canada on Facebook (via Adasea) Adasea also serves vintage nautical vibes in its Marine swimsuit collection. Model 0031 in Prussian Blue (below) features 3/4 sleeves on its tunic, slim fit pants and a matching headpiece, but there are models in the Marine collection with full long sleeves as well!
Credit: Tesettür Mayom on Facebook (via Adasea)Website | Instagram
8. Mayovera- Turkey
How about a swimsuit that lets you blend in with the sparkling ocean even before you jump in? Mayovera's Su Damlacikli Tesettur Mayo swimsuit has that very effect!
Credit: Mayovera on Facebook The four piece swimsuit consists of a long sleeved tunic with a semi turtle neck, tights, a headpiece and a wide visor that protects your eyes from harsh sunrays.
Credit: Lale Butik on Facebook If vibrant, graphic prints don't float your boat, you may just love Mayovera's Ombreli Tesettur Mayo swimsuit, and we won't blame you ? The soft transition from dusky pink to warm earth grey is soothing to the eye, and the gently loose fit provides enough coverage too! Website | Facebook | Instagram

Malaysia & Singapore

If you're based in Malaysia and Singapore, here's two swimwear brands that are closer to home! ?
9. Hawaii Beachwear- Malaysia
Founded in 2008 by a team with several years of experience based in the swimwear industry, Hawaii Beachwear is proudly Malaysian. The designs of its swimwear line is heavily inspired by vibrant scenes of the island Hawaii to bring a quality swimwear line that is fashionable, yet affordable for everyone!
Credit: fashionvalet The Summer Tropics Azalea Swim Top is designed with a streamlined fit, and comes with a headpiece attached to it so you can swim confidently and comfortably!
Credit: fashionvalet If you're looking for a full long sleeved swim top without an attached headpiece, why not go for the Full Bloom Sporty Azalea Swim Top? ? Website | Instagram
10. Emsportif - Singapore
Energetic & Modest Sportswear EMsportif produces modest and contemporary swimwear, that's functional and affordable!
Credit: @emsportif on Instagram
Credit: emsportif on FacebookWebsite | Facebook | Instagram Now that you know you can look just as chic on the beach and still remain understated and modest, you can get your beauty sleep in so you can look your best on vacation ?Pssst...in case you need more ideas on where to wear out your new modest swimsuit, check out these 8 secret islands in Southeast Asia!