Magical Destinations For Your Winter

10 Magical Destinations For Your Winter Wonderland Trip


Baiti H. Hamdan •  Aug 19, 2016

Winter is not known as a travel season because most of the time it gets too cold to do anything but being an off-peak season, winter has its appeal. From cheaper accommodation and flight tickets, it’s the best time for you to ski! ⛷ Hot chocolates just taste better in the weather and having snowflakes falling on top of your nose would be like a scene from your favourite Christmas movie. Check out these amazing winter wonderlands we’ve listed for you. ❄️

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1. Japan

Credit: David Hsu on Flickr What would Japan be without Mount Fuji? Unthinkable, I would say. The snow on Mount Fuji is like the country’s national landmark. ? Big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka experience shorter winters but go deep into the mountain areas and you have a snow playground awaiting you for skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.
Credit: David McKelvey on Flickr A winter event in the calendar that should not be missed is the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido (that usually takes place in February!), a festival that started as far back as 1950. Today, more than 2 million people all over the world come to the snow festival as the ice and snow sculptures on display become a major wintertime spectacle. [Check out these 7 exciting things you should do in Japan during winter!] Don’t forget Kinkaku-ji, or the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto. That gold temple in the middle of the white snow is a sight to see.

Credit: The Beauty Of Japan on Facebook

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2. Korea

4 - Korea
The winter-themed TV drama Winter Sonata launched the K-fever in Malaysia by transporting us via celluloid to a snow-filled Korea. Nami Island is the place to go if you want to relive Winter Sonata in the flesh! ? [We've got 5 reasons why you NEED to visit Seoul during winter]
5 - Nami Island Korea
Credit: Nestor Lacle on Flickr While you can have kimchi all year round in Korea, gimjang kimchi is exclusively made during winter and prepared in large quantities to last the season. And speaking of food, wouldn’t it be awesome to have the Korean hot pot during winter to keep you warm? Check out our list of halal places to go to in Korea! ?
Gyeongbok Palace in the powdery snow
Gyeongbok Palace in the powdery snow [inlinewidget id=32362]

3. New Zealand

The best time to see the Southern Lights is during the winter months!
The best time to see the Southern Lights is during the winter months! There are two ski fields to go to in New Zealand – Queenstown and Wanaka. You can try heli-skiing, sledging, snowboarding or cross country skiing. The thing about New Zealand is, people flock the country mostly during summer and spring but somehow or rather, there is less crowd during winter so you get to enjoy the beautiful country in your own quiet time. And guess what? The best time to see the Southern Lights is during the winter months! ?
NZ Winter
Credit: Simon Williams on Flickr Because of its location in the Southern hemisphere, New Zealand’s winter is in the middle of the year between June and August, which is the opposite timing to European countries. Now is the best time to visit if you want to see a white New Zealand! ?? [If you need some persuading, here are 10 reasons to drop everything and visit New Zealand right now!]
The lake and mountain vista is spectacular!
The lake and mountain vista is spectacular!Credit: Kathrin & Stefan Marks on Flickr [inlinewidget id=31911]

4. Niagara Falls, Canada

9 - Niagara Falls
During winter, the majestic waterfall has glistening icicles framing it. It is said that a trip to the Niagara Falls during winter is completely different than any other season. Just look at the photos, it’s a sight unlike any other! ? Another unique factor to Niagara is the location. The waterfall also serves as a border between the United States of America and Canada. ????
10 - Niagara Falls 2
Niagara Falls plays host to New Year’s Eve celebration each year. Thousands of people would congregate near the falls for a free outdoor celebration. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because a winter in Niagara is one of the best winter wonderland experiences you can have! ?

5. Iceland

Credit: schwa021 on Flickr Some things can only be seen during winter. In Iceland, which is covered by more than 10% of glaciers, there is a natural phenomenon known as the Crystal Caves. There are two very popular glaciers that you can explore – Vatnajokull and Langjokull. ? [You won't believe how magical Iceland can be til you see these photos!]
12 - Houses Iceland
Iceland’s colourful houses in the midst of a white landscape is a sight that could only be seen during winter. The rooftops are dusted with powdery white snow and the cheerful colours just greet you to remind that the cold season can also be fun.
Credit: Bill Devlin on Flickr It is also the best time for you to catch the Northern Lights so make sure you plan ahead! ?
13 - Iceland winter sun
Winter in Iceland is said to be clear with sunlight and crisp air as opposed to dark and gloomy. And the early sunsets are a magical sight to behold ❤️✨

6. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

Credit: James Marvin Phelps on Flickr The major attraction at this national park is the Bryce Canyon. Despite the name, the rock formation is not a canyon, it is a collection of giant natural amphitheaters! Bryce Canyon is famous for hiking, horseback riding and ATV tours. During winter, cross country skiing and sleigh rides are available. The dramatic contrast between red/orange and white just make this canyon extra special during winter. I think the snow makes it look a lot less angry! ?
15 - Bryce Canyon 2

7. Switzerland

Doesn't Zurich look magical in the winter?
Doesn't Zurich look magical in the winter?Credit: Juan Rubiano on Flickr[Heading to Zurich for the first time? Check out our Muslim-friendly travel guide!] This list would not be complete without Switzerland. ? One of the best places for a magical winter, Switzerland is most synonymous with its alpine snow and world class skiing resorts.
18 - Glacier Express, Switzerland
Credit: Imagine Communications on Flickr One of the key experiences you can have during winter in Switzerland is the 8-hour Glacier Express that takes you from Zermatt to St. Moritz. ? It’s the slowest express train in the world but all for a good reason and that is to let you see the Alps through narrow valleys, tight curves, 91 tunnels and across 291 bridges. [These 25 photos are guaranteed to make you fall in love with Switzerland!]
Credit: Kosala Bandara on Flickr The scenery here in Switzerland during winter, is EVERYTHING. ❤️

8. France

The City of Love turns into the City of Fairy Lights during winter. ?

Credit: T W I N K A on Flickr The ski resorts in France are world famous and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Be mesmerised with the sight of the iconic Eiffel Tower covered in snow.
20 - Eiffel Tower
Credit: Yann Caradec on Flickr At night, Paris just lights up with Christmas decorations and lights. The Christmas markets are also interesting as you can find trinkets, soaps, food, glass items, pullovers and every other thing imaginable to decorate Christmas with. ✨
Christmas Market
Credit: Cécile Leducq on FlickrP.S. Find more guides on Paris here!

9. New York City, USA

23 - New York townhouses
I’m a little bit biased when it comes to New York despite not having been there (yet). I imagine the city would give you a cosmopolitan feel to your winter vacations, being a huge and bustling city after all. For those who prefer to be in a winter wonder-city, New York is your best bet. ?
24 - Central Park New York
There are still places to go and things you can do during winter in New York. The city has many outdoor skating rinks like the Wollman Rink in Central Park - a classic winter activity to do in New York!
Experience classic New York winter
Experience classic New York winterCredit: alh1 on Flickr You can also bundle up and head to the New York Botanical Garden or the museums, or walk down the famous streets in New York and enjoy the meticulously prepared window displays of legendary department stores like Saks.

10. Germany

25 - Germany
Our final winter destination is Germany. The European old style buildings look as much alive in winter as much as it is in summer. From beautiful cathedrals, frozen lakes, Christmas markets and amazing architecture, Germany offers you its unique winter wonderland experience. ?
Black Forest
Black ForestCredit: Guillén Pérez on Flickr The Black Forest in Germany looks exceptionally surreal with snow. Aside from the usual skiing and other winter sports activities, you can hike under the pine trees for a different kind of experience in winter. ?
27 - Black Forest 2
Credit: Till Westermayer on Flickr A winter vacation is not necessarily a cold and miserable experience - I reckon it would be a nice change from our tropical climate! One of the perks about travelling during winter is you get to enjoy the scenery with less crowd. Just remember to be prepared to face the challenging weather with our tips on how to get ready for your winter vacation, bring some Vitamin D supplements and enjoy the snow! ?❄️