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9 Best Travel Luggage Bags That Are Light And Durable


Farzana •  Sep 27, 2017


[UPDATED 29th May 2022] Daydreaming about lounging by the pool in the Caribbean in your new floral-printed kimono? Or hiking the New Zealand mountains with your new, stylish boots? Stop right there! There's one hurdle you've got to overcome first (aside from security checks 😰) It's the dilemma of every backpacker, family-planner, adrenaline junkie and of course, shopaholics  - What luggage do I bring?
Credit: Giphy As a Muslim traveller, you still have to slip in those brightly-coloured hijabs and prayer essentials amidst other necessities! Carry ons, backpacks and checked-in luggages - there's so many to pick! Let us wheel in the best options for you so don't despair, we won't want you to carry the burden yourself 😊 P.S. Thinking of whether checked-in luggage or a duffel backpack works better for you? Check this article out here!
1. Delsey Brochant Cabin Bag
Taking a domestic flight to a nearby island or simply away for the weekend? If a carry-on bag that's light is what you need for a quick trip, Delsey has got you covered. Pack your luggage with ease, and bring along your travel essentials! Don't forget your toothbrush and pajamas 😍 Totally durable and lightweight, the Brochant cabin trolley case is only 1.7kg and is made out of Teflon-coated fabric. Equipped with a zippered pocket on the outside as well as one on the inside, the bag will be perfect for quick getaway, with an internal volume of 35.2 litres. You'll have all the storage space you need to pack your must-haves 😍 The bag also has top, side, AND bottom handles to make it easy to carry and 4 wheels that'll help you manoeuvre the floors and roads easily.  The built-in TSA locks offer your bag the boost of security, especially if you're afraid of stolen luggage!
Read more about the Brochant cabin bag here. Dimensions: H 55 x L 35 x D 25cm (based on the cabin bag. Delsey's Brochant collection also includes check-in sized bags in 67cm and 78cm.) Weight: From 1.7kg Exterior material: Teflon-coated Polyester Other features: 3 handles, four wheels, TSA combination padlock Warranty: 5-year worldwide warranty Price: RM580 (on Amazon, including shipping and import fees) Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon. Delsey also has an official store at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA that you can check out in person.
2. Rimowa Essential Lite
Rimowa is no stranger to those who travel in luxury.  And if you're looking for a lightweight bag, their Essential Lite range is the lightest luggage they offer - their Check-in M bag weighs 3.1kg (vs. the same sized bag in their Original line which weighs 5.4kg!). The only question is, are you willing to pay the price for it? 😉
Credit: rimowa on Instagram With an elegant exterior made out of polycarbonate and functional interior, it's designed to be a quality travel companion that also looks sleek and elegant. It's decked out with Rimowa's Mutiwheel system to ensure it glides easily, and it also comes in various colours, from understated black to fire engine red.
Credit: @nadegata_life on Instagram Given the high retail price of Rimowa, it's probably best to purchase your bag in-store at what one of their outlets - they have 3 in KL (at Pavilion, Suria KLCC and The Gardens Midvalley) and 4 in Singapore. Read more about the Rimowa Essential Lite collection here. Dimensions: H 67.5 x L 44 x D 25cm (based on the Check-in M size). The Lite collection also has carry-on sized as well as larger sized bags. Weight: 3.1kg Exterior material: Polycarbonate (hard case) Other features: 2 handles, four wheels, TSA combination padlock Warranty: 5-year worldwide warranty Price: Not specified Where to buy: Buy it in-store at a Rimowa outlet in KL (at Pavilion, Suria KLCC and The Gardens Midvalley) or Singapore
3. Delsey Chatelet Carry On Spinner Suitcase
We know there's a number of fashionistas by heart 😍 If form over function is your life motto, well, this bag gives you both! The Delsey Chatelet collection completes your airport runway look while ensuring your clothes too, are safely (and stylishly) kept.
Credit: poorlittleitgirl on Instagram  Ever have those moments where your knuckles go white from holding down your bags on the escalators? We sure do! Featuring a unique brake system that actually locks your Chatelet's front wheels with a push of a button means you'll never have this problem again. Roll your luggage on the back wheels effortlessly and while at it, make sure to take a few snapshots of you and your winning suitcase 🥰 Choose from the colours available: brown, chocolate, champagne or black! While the Chatelet collection offers bags in every size, given its pretty design, we'd recommend getting it for your carry-on, so there's less chance of scuffing it (we all know how checked baggage can get pretty battered!) and you can keep it looking good for longer. Made from 100% Virgin Polycarbonate, your gorgeous companion withstands drastic temperatures and resists impact. For every strong and attractive traveller like yourself, you'll need a bag that shares the same traits 😊 #HHWT Tip: Pack mainly versatile tops and bottoms as possible and complete the look with vibrant hijabs or shawls. This way, you'll be dressing to impress without your luggage bursting at the seams! Dimensions: 9.5 x 20.2 x 14.2 inches (based on the Carr-on size. The Chatelet collection also has carry-on sized bags and larger bags too) Weight: 1.95kg Exterior material: 100% Virgin Polycarbonate (hard case) Other features: 2 leather handles, four double wheels, TSA combination padlock. Includes laundry and shoe bags Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty Price: RM1,344 (based on Amazon price for the Carry On size, incl shipping and import fees) Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon. Delsey also has an official store at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA that you can check out in person.
4.  Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner 69cm
Samsonite is the go-to luggage brand for many, and given its reputation and quality, it's easy to see why! Plus, it's pretty widely available on our shores, making it much less of a hassle to find and buy. If you're looking for something lightweight, Samsonite won't disappoint - their Cosmolite collection is both featherlight while looking pretty chic.
Credit: @valigeria_caniveri on Instagram The bag is made out of Samsonite's patented Curv material, which is formed by heating and compressing different layers of woven polypropylene, with the result being a super strong yet super light material which makes it special. The ridged design helps make it strong through self-reinforcement, but looks pretty cool too! Dimensions: H 69 x W 46 x D 29 cm (The Cosmolite selection also includes carry-on sized bags and larger ones too) Weight: 2.3kg Exterior material: Curv (hard case) Other features: 2 carry handles, four wheels, TSA combination padlock Warranty: 10-year warranty Price: RM1194 (based on Samsonite website price for the 69cm (25-inch) size) Where to buy: Buy it on Samsonite online. Samsonite also has several outlets in Malaysia and Singapore.
5. Tumi Latitude Short Trip Packing Case
Tumi is another brand that has become a favourite, particularly amongst business travellers. The understated and sleek designs of Tumi have become a staple for those that prefer minimalist, simple looks. One of Tumi's popular ranges within its luggage line is the Latitude which offers lightweight, durable products with Tumi's signature style.
Credit:@tumitravel on Instagram The Latitude collection comes in various sizes, but for a short trip, the aptly named Short Trip Packing Case will do just the trick. The 27-inch bag only weighs 3.7kg and is made out of Tumi's trademark SRPP Ballistic material, a flexible material that's designed to withstand high impact as well as harsh climates. In addition, the bag comes equipped with Tumi Tracer, a complimentary program for Tumi customers where your bag will be affixed with a metal plate barcode that's tied to your details, so if your bag ever gets stolen or lost, Tumi can use their database to help track the bag. Dimensions: H 27 x W 18 x D 11 inches (based on the Short Trip Packing Case. The Latitude collection also has carry-on sized bags and larger bags too) Weight: 3.7kg Exterior material: SRPP BALLISTIC™ material (hard case) Other features: Warranty: 5-year limited warranty Price: RM3,721 (based on the Tumi website) Where to buy: Buy it on Tumi's website. Tumi also has several outlets in Malaysia and Singapore.
6. Barry Smith Softcase 4-Wheel Expandable Luggage
Are you looking for a reliable piece of luggage, but not the luxury prices of brands like Tumi or Rimowa? Well, Barry Smith might be the one for you! This UK brand should be a familiar one for Malaysians - you'll find it in Cuir Boutique (it's official distributor) and standalone stores all around KL malls, plus it's sold in Isetan too.
Credit: Cuir Boutique Barry Smith's Softcase 4-wheel line offers a lightweight option at a relatively affordable price. Made out of water-resistant Nylon with built-in TSA locks, four wheels, and an expandable zipper, it's a practical and reliable bag that will be great for travel. Dimensions: H 75 x W 28.5 x D 49 cm (based on the 29-inch size. The collection also has 20-inch and 25-inch bags too) Weight: 3.5kg Exterior material: Nylon (soft case) Other features: Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty Price: RM280 (for the 29-inch, based on the Cuir Boutique website) Where to buy: Buy it on Cuir Boutique's website. Cuir Boutique also has several outlets in Malaysia.
7. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage
Credit: Amazon Easy to hoist into overhead bins and very easy on your wallet, the AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage is a great pick all around. Its soft exterior means you can maneuver it into tight spaces, but it’s also expandable, offering up to 25 percent additional packing capacity! 😱 Lightweight and durable, it comes with three zippered pockets, so there’s ample storage, along with solid, secure-closing zippers and four 360-degree spinner wheels for easy mobility and comfy maneuvering virtually anywhere. You won't be struggling to lug around all your souvenirs! The fabric lining also effectively helps protect your items from scratches! Weighing less than eight pounds, the bag is light and surprisingly affordable considering how functional it is. Dimensions: H 78.4 x W 44.4 x D 32.8 cmWeight: 3.6kg Exterior material: Polyester (soft case) Other features: Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty Price: ~SGD100 (~RM320)  Where to buy: Buy it on Amazon Singapore or Malaysia.
8. Calpak Ambeur Carry-On
This sleek-looking 22-inch suitcase on spinner wheels will get you through the airport with no trouble, and the hard-sided fabric is both fade- and scratch-resistant 🥳 The adjustable height trolley comes in handy, and the interior pockets allow for easy access to all your belongings (there’s even a removable mesh accessory pocket on the inside, alongside the main compartment). Ultra-stylish, with clean lines and made from high-quality materials, the Ambeur is great for short weekend trips! Dimensions: H 55.9 x W 35.6 x D 21.6 cmWeight: 2.7kg Exterior material:Polycarbonate (hard case) Other features: Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty Price: USD156 Where to buy: Buy it on Calpak's website.
9. Away The Carry-On
Credit: Away

The Away Carry-On does cost a little more expensive, but you'll be amazed at its features! For instance, the luggage offers an ejectable battery that charges your phone to a TSA-approved combination lock for extra security, which is superbly convenient when you're on the go! The shell is made of durable polycarbonate and the 360-degree spinner wheels are smooth, which means that navigating this luggage through the airport is a total breeze 🥳

Storage-wise, the featherlight carry-on is equipped with an interior compression system and hidden laundry bag. And you'll be spoiled for choice with the range of colours: the bag is available in more than ten colors including white, violet, black, blush pink, and navy 😍

Dimensions: H 55.1 x W 34.8 x H 22.6 cmWeight: 3.7kg Exterior material: Polycarbonate (hard case) Other features: Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty Price: USD275 Where to buy: Buy it on Away's website. This list doesn't come close to covering every loyal luggage companion for a wanderer. You may find your own deserves to be part of the list! Share with us your favourite 😍 What makes a Muslim traveller so unique are the items found only in their luggage, so of course it's important to bag them well!