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10 Items Muslims Should Never Travel Without


Sabrina •  Feb 16, 2016


Pre-planning what to pack for your travels saves you lots of time and trouble (so you won't be pulling out your hair at the last minute ?). Being a Muslim, here are some of the must-have essentials for an awesome adventure!
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1. Prayer garment & prayer mat
Travel telekung
Credit: @thezaaharatelekung We love travel versions of practically everything, and in this case, we can’t go anywhere without travel prayer mats and a travel telekung that you can fit right into your carry bag, like this one from Zaahara. So much better than carrying around bulky versions in our carry ons!
2. Compass
Credit: play.google Be it a physical compass or one in an app form, it helps to determine the direction of the qibla wherever you are, and that’s definitely an essential when travelling! Be at ease that you’ll know the direction to perform your prayers whether on the land, sea or air ?
3. Travel pocket Wi-Fi
Credit: kinkybluefairy We know how challenging it can be to explore a new country when you’re not connected, especially when you can’t speak the local language. Not only do you need mobile data to update your loved ones that you’re safe (can’t live without WhatsApp and our emails), you also need Google maps for the fastest route to your next stop. Seriously, that’s how we found our way to Gyumon (best halal yakiniku) when in Tokyo because that area is so confusing! And of course, with Wi-Fi on the go, you can check out HHWT’s travel and food guides for the best halal local food in the area ? Thank goodness for travel pocket Wi-Fi because we never travel without one anymore! You get to enjoy unlimited data and you can share your data with your travelling party (that means sharing the cost of the device too ?). #HHWT Tip: If you’re flying out of Malaysia, the good news is that you can now rent a travel pocket Wi-Fi from Travel Recommends for your trip to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, USA, or Europe (phew that’s a lot of destinations)…! Plus, you can pick it up at the airport just before you check-in or get it delivered right to your doorstep (for free!) the day before you leave for your destination! How convenient is that? The best part is, the rates are really reasonable too ? Don’t forget to make a reservation for your device at least 5 working days before your trip: http://www.travelrecommends.com/
4. Food and snacks
Credit: yumboxlunch We love trying local halal food wherever we travel to, but sometimes when your hunger pangs strike, your favourite pack of biscuits will come in handy! Sometimes you just can’t avoid long layovers or tight connections between flights, having a snack on hand helps (plus it also helps to save some money so that you can slurp on some halal ramen later!) ?
5. Pack some scarves
Credit: f-4-c …even better, the ones that are wrinkle-free! Even if you don’t wear the hijab, having a scarf or two can not only jazz up your outfit but also keep you warm when you need it. Gin & Jacqie also has an awesome travel bag for you to keep your scarves neat and organized. Rolling them up also helps to keep the wrinkles at bay!
6. Portable chargers
Credit: southerncurlsandpearls For all the photos you’ll be taking, especially when you love updating your social media accounts on the go like we do! Plus, if you ever forget to charge your , your portable charger will come in handy.
7. Pocket Quran and dua book
Credit: salamshop A small dua book like the Fortress of the Muslim is always useful to look up a specific dua, especially ones related to traveling! And when better to read a page or two of the Quran than while experiencing the beauty of what God has given us through travelling ?
8. Bottle of water
Credit: crashingred Not only to keep you hydrated but also for use in the event when you’re stuck with no clean water for wudhu or for other toilet related business ? Save the environment and use a reusable bottle!
9. Small microfiber towel
Credit: homelogies A small towel is definitely useful to have on hand, whether you’re wiping the sweat of your face after a long shopping sprint or to wipe the water off your face, hands and feet after taking wudhu. You’ll never know when you need it on hand!
10. Travel journal
Travel journal
Credit: artistic-dreams We highly recommend jotting down all the fun memories you make on your trip, the great experiences you had, and review all the yummy halal food you ate. Share them with us and help your fellow travellers out! This article was sponsored by Travel Recommends.