If you’re in need of a little adrenaline rush or perhaps a good dose of fun, then you have to get yourself to Universal Studios Singapore! As the first Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia, the place is packed with rides and characters bursting with life that will surely get you knackered by the end of the day 😅

We’ve rallied up some tips for you to get the most out of your day at Universal Studios Singapore!

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1. Plan your trip around off-peak periods

The best time to drop by the Hollywood movie-themed park is definitely during the off-peak season. Yes, that means weekdays and non-public holidays. You will still see handfuls of people, but it won’t be as bad. At least you can spend your day without worrying about getting lost in the crowds!

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#HHWT tip: Do avoid school holidays too because boy, will it be packed! You have been warned… ☝️

2. Get your tickets way beforehand

Be sure to book your USS entry tickets on Klook ahead of your visit 😉 That way, you can skip the queues at the ticketing booth and enter the park straight away when you show your mobile e-voucher! Remember to use the code “TRAVELHHWT” to enjoy $5 off your purchase if it’s your first time signing up on Klook.

Alternatively, you can get the tickets on the day itself, but do note that tickets are subjected to availability. You can check the visitor information page for more information 🙂

#HHWT tip: Being one of the main tourist attractions here in Singapore, there’s bound to be lots of visitors, so you’ll spend most of the time queuing for the attractions. It’s best if you bring along a friend or two, especially one who appreciates movies! You could play some games while waiting in line too.

3. Start your day early

Be outside the Universal Studios Singapore’s gates before the opening time so you can get a headstart!

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The gates open as early as 10am, and closes around 7pm or 8pm depending on the days, so that leaves you with good nine to ten hours to cover the ground and have a fulfilling time!

4. Pack light, and pack well!

You will be spending the whole day here, so only pack the necessities, and that includes:

    • Lots and lots of plain water
    • Sunscreen to battle those UV Rays
    • Portable fan to keep yourself cool
    • Extra cash
    • A poncho (just in case you get wet on a certain ride…)
    • A change of clothes

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With Singapore’s scorching hot weather, you’ll either be soaking in sweat or soaked from the water-based rides! Certain rides are meant to get you wet, so bringing a spare outfit to change into is a good idea. Besides, it’ll be nice to freshen up a little at the end of a good day!

5. Get yourself the Express Pass if you’re willing to pay

If you’re not the kind of person who can stand long queues, then do yourself a favour and get yourself the Universal Express Pass. On average, without the Express pass means you’ll have to wait about 30 minutes to an hour depending on your day of visit.

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With the pass, you can skip the long regular queues and get to your ride at a shorter time! There are two types of passes: the Universal Express and the Universal Express Unlimited, with prices starting from $30 and above. The Universal Express pass can be used only once at each attraction, while the Universal Express Unlimited pass entitles you to never-ending access, i.e. never-ending fun! Head over to the ticketing information page to see the participating attractions 🙂

6. Know which ride you want to go on first

To make sure your time is maximized, you should map out the rides you want to go on beforehand. If you only have time for a few rides, we recommend that you do not miss these as they’re the most enjoyable rides we’ve been on:

      • Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON™ for an ultimate 14-storey thrill ride
      • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™ for its prehistoric ambience and exhilarating water drop
      • TRANSFORMERS The Ride: Join the Ultimate 3D Battle against the evil forces
      • Revenge of the Mummy™: An indoor rollercoaster that will leave you coming back for more
7. Watch your favourite characters come to life

A full theme park experience definitely calls for the Hollywood Dreams Parade. Filled with characters from Madagascar, Shrek, Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park and the Revenge of the Mummy, the vibrant parade will get you moving to the beats alongside the moving floats and lively dancers!

Credit: @keepingitshortnsweet on Instagram

HHWT Tip: Snap photos with your favourite characters! Whether you’re moving it with the penguins, on a quest with the ogres or stepping foot in the dinosaurs era, it’ll be a colourful parade not to be missed. 

Make sure you get to the parade route early to get a good view. The parade begins at the Waterworld from the Lost World zone and ends at the New York zone. Routes are marked off by white tapes on the floor, so be sure to stand behind the line for safety!

Credit: @angel_miss_u on Instagram

It starts with characters from the New York zone, with characters like Beetlejuice and Woody woodpecker, followed by the Madagascar zone and the Far Far Away zone. The Lost World zone comes next, with the Ancient Egypt zone coming after. The parade will end with characters from Hollywood!

#HHWT tip: This parade only runs on selected Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at a specific time so be sure to check the park’s operating schedule before you head down!

8. Have yummy burgers in a classic 1950’s American diner

Experience that 50’s drive-thru vibes at Mel’s Drive In at the Hollywood zone and the best part? It’s halal-certified!

Credit: @ximena.galveza on Instagram

You can get some classic cheeseburger, chocolate milkshakes and some cheesy fries. Be prepared for theme park prices (about SGD 12 and above), but at least it’s yummy!

Mel's-drive-inCredit: @tengkushamel on Instagram

You may even catch the sweet ladies of Mel’s Dinettes and dashing gentlemen of The Cruisers busting some moves! 😉

Credit: @daddyocruisers_uss on Instagram

Other halal-certified food outlets include:

  • Friar’s at Far Far Away: Western selection of sandwiches, wraps and ice-cream
  • Goldilocks at Far Far Away: Special Recipe fried chicken with Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream
  • Oasis Spice Café at Ancient Egypt: Middle Eastern favourites, biryani and butter chicken.
  • Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court at Madagascar: Southeast Asian Tom Yam, Nasi Lemak and Satay.
9. Shop for Unique souvenirs 

What’s a trip without bringing home a memento or two? From T-rex figurines, dinosaur-shaped novelty pens, Mummy snow globes to unicorn plush toys, you’ll need a keepsake to remember the best day ever 😎 Explore hidden fossils in Jurassic World or escape to a fairytale land in Far, Far Away and bring home the loots to prove it!

You’ll go bananas for this adorable unicorn! Make sure to bring home these furry friends to complete your magical experience 😊

10. Prayer room at USS

After your day frolicking in the sun, you can’t forget your prayers 😉 Take a moment to recharge and reconnect at the prayer area, before getting back to your daily dose of roller coasters, live floats and photo shoots.

#HHWT Tip: Check out the prayer spot beside Madagascar. Bring own praying gear – sejadah is provided at the prayer space!

Whether you’re there for the classic characters, or the heart-pumping rides, be all there! Every theme park experience will be a unique one. Let us know if our guide was useful for your visit to Universal Studios Singapore 😄

Now, are you ready for a thrilling adventure? Purchase your USS tickets here!

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