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UPDATED: 7 Epic Halal Food Stalls You Can't Miss At The Ramadan Bazaar


Sharifah Nawwarah •  May 27, 2017


The beautiful month of Ramadan has greeted us once again, and every year the streets of Geylang will be packed with people from all corners of Singapore (and even other parts of the world!) for the most happening bazaar ever?
Credit: giphy At the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar, you can expect a diverse range of food; from rainbow bagels to donut balls and even household items for your Eid celebration! So, to give you a gist of what'll be at this year's bazaar (that you definitely should not miss out on), here are 10 food stalls you have to try at the 2017 Ramadan Bazaar!? UPDATE (29 May 2017):  When compiling this article, the HHWT team personally checked with each stall to ensure that all ingredients used are halal-certified. However, 3 of the stalls we’ve featured (The Wicked Cream Co., Locoloco, Coyoro) are not Muslim-owned. Therefore, we’ve decided to remove them from the list. We've added further clarifications for each point, so do have a look!
1. Katoshka (Muslim-Owned)
If you're a huge fries lover, get ready to sink your teeth into crispy double fried russets at Katoshka! What's special about these russet fries is that it's double fried with a layer of russet potato skin and topped with absolutely divine creamy sauces?Choose from a range of sauces to devour your russets with; from Special Cheese, Sour Ranch, and Chilli Beef! If it were up to us, we'd try everything on the menu if we could? [caption id="attachment_23023" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Chilli Beef, Mediterranean Curry, Sambal Cheese russets[/caption] Want to opt for something more adventurous? Feast on Katoshka's newest addition to the menu which is the Mediterranean Curry sauce! Paired with the double fried russets, a seamless blend of spices PLUS a mixture of hot, salty, sweet and sour flavours, this is definitely the recipe that'll win the hearts of any spicy food lover? [caption id="attachment_23024" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Mediterranean Curry russets[/caption] Another addition to their menu is the Chilli Beef Russets, which is a sumptuous mix of beef, tomatoes, beans and a special blend of seasonings and peppers! It's absolutely overflowing with scrumptious goodness that we had to go for seconds? [caption id="attachment_23086" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Chilli Beef russets[/caption] Need a drink to go with your russet fries? Cool down with their Asam Boi Special which is simply oh-so-refreshing! Mixed with iced lime juice and sour plum, these two ingredients in a drink are the best to perk you up during a hot night?
Facebook | Instagram Location: In front of Muslim Converts' Assocation, stall no. 74 Price: Russet fries ($5.90), Asam Boi Special ($3.90)
2. Iceburnz (Muslim-Owned)
Feeling drained from the heat and crowd at the bazaar? Head down to Iceburnz where you can definitely treat yourself to a little pick-me-up!
We tried the Nutella soft serve ice-cream because nothing could ever go wrong with Nutella, right?? You can instantly feel the smoothness and chocolatey goodness of this dessert pleasing your tastebuds once you've put it in your mouth! It definitely feels like a sweet reward for all the walking we've done? P.S. To keep the soft serve ice-cream chilled, dry ice is placed at the bottom of the cup? [caption id="attachment_23026" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Giant Octopus Takoyaki & Grilled Cheese Seafood platter[/caption] Feast on the Grilled Cheese Seafood platter Shellburnz (who are also from the same friendly folks at Iceburnz) has got on their menu! Pretty cool huh?? The seafood platter comes with crab, scallops and mussels topped with cheese, and you can dip it with their very own green chilli sambal. We finished the platter in such a jiffy because we absolutely loved how the sambal goes really well with the seafood?
Calling all takoyaki lovers! Great news as you can now find Giant Octopus Takoyaki at Shellburnz too? Takoyaki, which is a fried round ball made of flour with a piece of octopus inside is best eaten fresh and hot with sauce and mayonnaise (which Shellburnz has generously poured for us?) [caption id="attachment_23030" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Giant Octopus Takoyaki[/caption] InstagramLocation: Engku Aman Rd, opposite TKC open space carpark, stall no. 14 Price: Grilled cheese seafood platter ($10), Giant Takoyaki Octopus ($8-$10)
3. Word. Cafe (Muslim-Owned)
For your dose of fast food, head over to WORD. Cafe and choose a variation of food items on the menu! Ever wondered what a rainbow tastes like? Check out their Handsome Burg which is a beef burger in a rainbow bagel that's also served with piping hot fries?
From Satay-in-a-cup, Spicy wings, Coney Dog, and so much more interesting sets on their menu, you can be sure you'd never go hungry here!
Ever heard of a bucket drink? The Bucket Gangster is basically a drink in a bucket and Word. Cafe has them in different interesting flavours which will no doubt quench your thirst?
#HHWT Tip: We'd recommend sharing the bucket drink with 2-3 friends as it's really huge? Location: Engku Aman Rd, stall no. 30 Price: Handsome Burg ($8), Bucket Gangster drinks ($8) Facebook | Instagram 4. Sofnade (Muslim-Owned) UPDATE (8 June 2017):  Sofnade has informed us that one of their co-owners is Muslim and that all their suppliers are halal-certified. Satisfy your sweet cravings with Sofnade's Galaxy Milkshake Nutella! With an interesting combination of colours and the right amount of Nutella in this milkshake, it's like a funfetti cake in a drink. Who can say no to that??
Try out their Thai Mango or Chendol soft serve ice-cream and choose from interesting local toppings to go with it – Durian, Red bean and Attap seed just to name a few!
The Chendol soft serve ice-cream has a nostalgic taste to it and since we love Chendol AND ice-cream, this is definitely THE best of both worlds for us? The ingredients at Sofnade are homemade so if you’re looking for a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to check them out! Location: Opposite Al-Wadi, stall no. 9 Price: Galaxy Milkshake Nutella ($6.50), Soft serve ice-cream ($5) Facebook | Instagram
5. The Raclette Factory (Muslim-owned)
Disclaimer: We've received an anonymous tip that none of the owners of The Raclette Factory are Muslims ? We've previously checked with the owners multiple times and even went down to the stall to verify if the ingredients are halal-certified. Therefore, we advise that you consume at your own discretion. Also, a huge thank you to our readers for alerting us! At HHWT, our mission has always been to help the Muslim community and try our very best to deliver accurate information. Should you find any inaccuracies in our content, please do send us a message and we'll try to rectify it as soon as possible ? Think gooey, melting cheese scraped fresh right before your very eyes over pan-fried baby Dutch yellow potatoes, gourmet chicken sausages, garlic and rosemary leaves?  If you're a cheese lover, this one's definitely for you!
Brought all the way from France, the cheese here at Raclette Factory is heated under a TTM raclette oven, after which the bubbling top is flame-torched by hand!
If that's not enough to satisfy the cheesy side of you, ? we'd recommend the Family Platter that serves four times the portions of warm, gooey, cheesy goodness?
Unwind with a cooling drink called First Love, which is a Bandung-flavoured drink but in baby blue colour! As the folks here at The Raclette Factory feel that Bandung is a traditional drink for iftar, they've decided to experiment with the colours and that's how First Love came about?Location: Blk 12 Haig Road, Stall no. 78
6. O'Braim (Muslim-Owned)
Are you a goreng pisang cheese (fried banana fritters with cheese) lover? Well great news if you are! Bananas at O’Braim are fried to perfection with huge servings of chocolate AND cheese. Different flavours such as Banana Rocher, Banana Nutella Choc, as well as Milky Ice Blended drinks are available too, if you’re not a fan of goreng pisang!?

Credit: redroselips on Instagram

Location: In front of Darul Arqam entrance, stall 68 & 69

Facebook | Instagram

7. The Wicked Cream Co.  
Disclaimer: We've previously checked that the ingredients used are halal-certified, but we've decided to remove this stall as it's not Muslim-owned or halal-certified. Choose your Roasted WickedMallows (which are basically roasted marshamallows) indifferent flavours - Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Speculoos Cookies, and Salted Egg just to name a few! [caption id="attachment_23050" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Roasted Gourment Mallows[/caption] Credit: @lindelious on InstagramTry their Melon Bowls With Soft Serve for a refreshing dessert!? [caption id="attachment_23051" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Peach Blossom soft serve[/caption] Credit: @gninethree on InstagramLocation: Stall no. 26, corner junction of main road Geylang Rd and Engku Aman RdNote: The Wicked Cream Co’s product supplies are certified halal.Website | Facebook 
8. Locoloco 
Disclaimer: We've previously checked that the ingredients used are halal-certified, but we've decided to remove this stall as it's not Muslim-owned or Halal-certified. From different flavoured churros to scotch eggs, get your hands on these delicious bites as you walk through the bazaar! [caption id="attachment_23062" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Scotch Eggs[/caption] Credit: @ordinarypatrons on Instagram  [caption id="attachment_23063" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Flavoured Churros[/caption] Credit: @locolocosg on InstagramLocation: Stall 7 - Along Engku Aman Road, Stall 11 - Infront of Alwadi Coffee Shop (Onan Road)Note: Locoloco’s product supplies are certified halal.Website
9. Coyoro  

Disclaimer: We've previously checked that the ingredients used are halal-certified, but we've decided to remove this stall as it's not Muslim-owned or Halal-certified.

Drop by  Coyoro's stall if you're a fan of ice-cream served in a coconut, fried ice-cream, as well as frozen yogurt! They also sell Dragon’s Breath which is cereal puff balls that emit smoke when you pop them in your mouth? [caption id="attachment_23052" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Dragon Breath[/caption] Credit: @_bingjue on Instagram
Credit: @foodie_p on Instagram Location: Opposite TKC, stall no. 15Note: Coyoro’s product supplies are certified halal.Facebook | Instagram
10. Dendeng Duo (Muslim-Owned)
From Taco dendeng to Burger Dendeng, if you love little slices of jerky meat, you'd be a fan of the food that's sold at Dendeng Duo's stall?
Credit: @ayamtlh on InstagramLocation: Infront of Darul Arqam/Muslim Convert, stall no. 22Facebook

So, there you have it! We hoped we've helped you narrow down some of the delicious food that you should try at the Ramadan Bazaar this year! The queues for the food stalls might be long so do hydrate yourselves and don't forget to immerse in the atmosphere✨