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10 Gifts Your Favourite Globetrotter Will Love You For


Atiqah •  Nov 19, 2016


We all have friends who are constantly on the move, travelling to so many amazing places around the world and bringing back interesting stories to share. How you wish you could tag along their adventures..
Credit: giphy Ah well, perhaps your time will come soon ?  But don't worry! Even if you're not with them physically, you can still lend a helping hand to your favourite globetrotter? Here's 10 thoughtful gifts that are perfect for your fellow travelling friends!
1. Scratch Map Deluxe
Has your travelling friend ever lamented about how they can't recall all the destinations they've been to? Well, what better way to cross out a country you've visited than to scratch it off the world map?
Credit: @solocosebelleabroad on Instagram Scratch off any surface to reveal the colour of your favourite country and read up on interesting factoids too! This map will be a perfect representation of your friend's colorful journey✨
Credit: @melissalockk on InstagramPrice: USD 32 Buy it here
2. Photojojo Lens Set
Capture unforgettable memories using these 5 filtered lens! Simply clip it on to your phone and see the world in a whole new light?
Credit: photojojo
Credit: photojojo P.S. These lens are suitable for both iPhone and Android! Price: USD 99 (all 5 lenses), USD 20 (per lens) Buy it here
3. Anywhere Travel Guide
Travelling's all about stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting the world with open arms. If your friend's the kind to need an extra push in the right direction, this next gift is just the thing!
Credit: uncommongoods The Anywhere Travel Guide is full of idea cards that'll challenge even the most outgoing, spontaneous traveller.
Credit: @mariohmari on Instagram
Credit: @mariohmari on Instagram With prompts like buying a cup of coffee for a stranger, exchanging a flower/balloon for a piece of advice from a local to simply following an arrow and seeing where it takes you, you'll never know what to expect or who you'll meet! Price: USD 12.95 Buy it here
4. Crumpled City Map
Does your friend have a tendency of losing their map to the wind or accidentally tearing it when trying to stuff it intp their carry on bag? We know, we've been there?
Credit: palomarweb The Crumpled City Map is every traveller's new best friend!  Printed on durable, fibrous material, the map is rip-resistant, waterproof, and thin enough to crumple into a ball that fits in your palm.
Credit: @nikotien10 on Instagram There's maps available for New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Tokyo. It even comes with a small tube! Price: €12Buy it here
5. How To Read The Menu In France, Italy And Spain
Ah, the language barrier... Truly a challenge many travellers struggle to overcome but end up failing to string together a coherent sentence. Dining out becomes a daily challenge as you try to decipher the foreign words while frantically flipping through your travel dictionary for the meaning. But then, there's this handy guide:
Credit: @compassandtwine on Instagram These pocket size guides are such lifesavers. Don't know what this fancy sounding dish contains? Not sure if it's Muslim-friendly? Look it up and you'll find out?
Credit: anthropologie

Price: USD 11.95 Buy it here

6. Happy Jackson Travel Wallet
Travelling 101: NEVER bring your expensive wallets and/or important cards along on your travels. Plus, it's so time consuming when you accidentally mix up your currencies and end up giving a shop vendor your local currency instead. Trust us, your globetrotting friend needs this✌️
Credit: @kamiska10 on Instagram The Happy Jackson Travel Wallet not only comes in a cute design, it also has different compartments for you to store your money, tickets and passport!
Credit: @living_brit on Instagram Pretty handy, don't you think??

Price: USD 27 Buy it here

7. Ultimate Travel Coloring Book By Lonely Planet
You're never too old for a little coloring! The Ultimate Travel Coloring Book is a testament to that?
Credit: urbanoutfitters Filled with 100 of the most thrilling, memorable and interesting places on the planet, this book is great for long train rides or sudden bursts of creativity?

Credit: @kriscityoflux on Instagram

Have your friend re imagine and color their interpretation of incredible travel destinations like the Grand Canyon, Alhambra, the Great Barrier Reef and Acropolis?

Price: USD 14.99 Buy it here

8. Travel Stub Diary
When one's journey comes to an end, they're bound to get a little sentimental. Your friend needs a consolidated place to store their many momentos, so why not get them a travel stub dairy?
Credit: uncommongoods You can store ticket stubs from a famous museum or a sold out Broadway performance or transportation passes in remembrance of the first time you rode a bullet train in Japan?
Credit: @geefajardo on Instagram You can even jot down little notes like the date or interesting facts next to each momento!

Price: USD 12 Buy it here

9. Animal Zip and Flip Travel Pillows
Since you can't go on worldwide travels with your friend just yet, these adorable animal travel pillows will make great substitutes!

Credit: worldmarket

Cuddle up with your favourite penguin/bear or transform them into U-shaped neck pillows. Just the thing you need for those long flights and train rides?

Price: USD 24.99 Buy it here

10. I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded
This colorfully illustrated, guided travel journal is full of prompts that'll encourage you to note down every whimsical discovery while venturing into the great unknown.
Credit: National Gallery Of Art Each page is a surprise; the prompts often surround around details we normally overlook and don't give a second thought for in everyday life.  Definitely suitable for the curious mind?
Credit: mundanejourneys
Credit: mundanejourneys You'll have plenty of space to record addresses, itineraries, reviews, and valuable tips from locals.  There's even a reference section with time zones, measurements, and other relevant information that's useful for all travellers!

Price: USD 13 Buy it here

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes? But even if you're not physically there with your favourite globetrotter, these thoughtful gifts will mean the absolute world to them❤️

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