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10 Free Must-Have Apps You Need To Travel Like A Pro


Amira Rahmat •  Feb 13, 2017


When travelling, we used to be armed with compasses, maps and bulky guidebooks. Perhaps you won’t be needing those as much. In this age, there’s so many apps out there to make your long-awaited trip a breeze. Whether it’s a trip planner to awesome hotels and flight deals to translating unfamiliar languages, we’ve got you covered.
Credit: giphy These apps will change the way you travel from reserving a hotel to boarding, and back home with just a tap of your finger. Nifty!

Research and Reservations

1. Tripadvisor
Credit: Appsolz With more than 225 million honest reviews, you will be able to find out just about anything related to your travels in the app– hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, outdoor adventure companies, you name it. Once you’ve been to those places, you can add to the knowledge base and post pictures and your own candid opinion! Especially with the ‘Near Me’ function, it’s definitely an essential guide for every traveller. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.
2. Skyscanner
Credit: Windows Central Skyscanner is our go-to app to search, compare and book flights, hotels and even rental cars. It allows you to search for the perfect deal and then book them, eliminating the need to keep switching the different apps. It also has a colour-coded calendar to show you the low-cost days and months to save those extra bucks. If you are not sure where exactly you want to go, you can #gojerdontscared by clicking “anytime this year” or “go anywhere”. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.
3. Airbnb
Credit: giphy Want to stay in a one-of-a-kind crib for a night? Since you’re in a foreign city, why not have a more authentic experience by staying with a local. Pick and choose from over 450,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities – you will be spoilt for choice. Filter by price and especially location from city centre if you want the best deal. Now, how about spending one night (or a few nights) in a castle? #HHWT Tip: Communicate with the host way in advance to avoid miscommunication and read the reviews before deciding on the host and accommodation. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.
4. Hostelworld
Credit: Google Play Not everyone wants to spend a few hundreds of dollars staying in a castle hence this is the perfect app for backpackers. One of the most well-known hostel booking companies, you can book accommodation effortlessly, and easily meet other like-minded backpackers! This app offers more than 3 million reviews, so you can be sure to avoid staying in that dodgy dormitory with bedbugs. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.
5. Groupon
Credit: Google Play Not an unfamiliar brand already, Groupon offers hotel and travel getaway deals at the best possible value. Whether you’re planning for a free and easy weekend getaway or looking for a last-minute, spontaneous travel deal with your best buddies, this app can help you save those extra dollars so you can spend it on other things. #HHWT Tip: Do take note of the fine prints carefully, as well as terms and conditions before you buy any deals. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.

Just Landed

6. Tripit
Credit: Tripit Tired of looking through your email inbox or the endless screenshots for that flight and hotel information? Tripit pulls together all your itineraries and confirmations such as flight times, hotel confirmation numbers, rental cars and even event reservations –all in one place as a convenient, master itinerary. Just link your email to Tripit. Talk about a pocket travel agent! Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.
7. XE Currency
Credit: Swedish Currency New in town? This app is everything you’ll ever need where it can perform multiple currency conversions with just a tap. It provides you with the most recent rate available as currency rates updates itself every minute, and supports just about every currency in the world. #HHWT Tip: Remember to download the currency exchange rates before you reach that destination, so you get a sense of just what you’re paying for. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.
8. Google Translate
Credit: giphy Thanks to Google Translate, you don’t have to fear getting lost in translation! For example, you can snap a photo of a sign, or a menu, highlight the text and the app can translate it for you. Other than translating an unknown phrase, you can listen to the translations out loud, so that you can pronounce it correctly. Voila! Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.

Getting Around

9. CityMaps2Go
Credit: Ulmon Getting lost isn’t much fun. CityMaps2Go provides a bank of downloadable maps and guides to 7,000 destinations. It features city guides, points of interest and suggestions from locals. Users are able to pin important locations when pre-planning routes. It’s also a fun way to help you learn more about the city you’ve visiting. Just remember to download the maps while you still have WiFi connection. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now.
10. HHWT Travel Planner
At HHWT, our mission is to inspire more Muslims to see the beautiful world our Lord has created. To make trip planning even easier for the Muslim travel community, we created the HHWT Travel Planner app!
Instead  of  relying  on  multiple  sources  to  find  information, travellers  can  easily  find  the best halal  eateries,  attractions  and nearby prayer spaces, all in one place! How convenient is that?? All you have to do is create your own trip on the app, save places of interest and bring your itinerary along with you. It’s that simple!
Under our tour function, travellers can select Muslim-friendly day tours in Japan and fun activities to do in Korea, thanks to our collaborations with Omakase Tours and Funtastic Korea ? With 8 cities on the app (Seoul, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Singapore, Bangkong, London, Hong Kong) currently, travellers can look forward to more destinations and exciting new features, such as adding their own reviews on the app. Download the app now on iTunes App Store and Google Play! [P.S. You should also check out 9 Mobile Apps Every Muslim Needs To Download Now so you will not miss you daily prayers wherever you are!]
BONUS: WiFi Finder Free
Credit: Google Play In this century, the need for internet connection is at times difficult to avoid. This app shows nearby free Wi-Fi hotspot locations on a map, no matter where you go. Covering 140 countries worldwide, it locates free public spots and those with a password, where it can feature a collection of passwords provided by users. While some of them are not up-to-date, it’s still helpful. If you have yet to try this app, give it a go the next time you’re travelling. Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store now. With these apps at bay, you’ve got your entire trip covered without having to move an inch! There’s no more excuse to delay your next vacation now?