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10 European Snacks You Probably Didn’t Know Are Muslim-Friendly


Ayuni Ayatillah •  Feb 21, 2017


Traveling is the best way to fulfill my endless desire for discovering new things, but another reason why I love it so much is because I get to EAT.
Credit: giphy You may find me doing (or more like struggling with) portion controls and calorie counting when I am home, but when I travel, I allow myself to discover the best of the food the country has to offer! So, are you traveling to Europe soon and love food like me? How about checking out this delicious list of European snacks that you probably didn’t know are Muslim friendly! P.S. Do note that these listed products/food items are not certified halal. We have checked the list of ingredients to affirm that the products do not contain pork, alcohol or gelatine. We advise readers to check with the sellers and to consume at their own discretion. Information of ingredients are accurate as of the date of posting.
 1. Stroopwaffles in The Netherlands
Credit: Wikimedia Commons Stroopwaffles are sweet and chewy cookies made from butter and flour with a center of syrupy goodness made from brown sugar and cinnamon. This sweet treat comes in many sizes and best eaten when it is still hot from the oven. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth!
Credit : @hoogcatharijne on InstagramPrice range: 1.50 to 3 Euros P.S. Check out other Muslim-friendly street food in Amsterdam which will definitely make you drool!
2. Waffles in Belgium
If you hit the streets of Belgium, the best snack to have is definitely Belgian waffles! To be on the safe side, choose a sweet topping for yours such as fruits, nuts, honey, whipped cream or Nutella. I can already imagine enjoying steaming hot waffles in the middle of a Belgian winter. Bliss!
Credit : @jennkorman on InstagramPrice range: 1 to 10 Euros
3. Karjalanpiirakka in Finland
Credit: Wikimedia Commons The ingredients of this iconic Finnish snack is not as complicated as the name sounds. Otherwise known as Karelian pies, this yummy savoury treat is basically a pie with a crust made from rye flour and a filling of potatoes, rice or carrots topped with delicious spread of egg butter. Perfect for breakfast or brunch right?
Credit : @sunghyesun on InstagramPrice range: 1 to 2.50 Euros
4. Gelatos in Italy
Gelato are specially made Italian-style ice creams with a very rich flavour and yes, lower in fat compared to the conventional ice-cream! It is made with a base of milk, cream and sugar, then flavoured with all natural flavorings like fruits and nuts puree. Did you know that there is also a law in Italy that requires gelato to have at least 3.5% butterfat in it. Well, now you know!
Credit: @cherryyyyyd on InstagramNote: Some flavours do have liquor or alcohol in it, so it is a good idea to check with the vendor before ordering. Price range: 1  to 5 Euros If you're craving for more gelato, check out our HHWT list of Muslim-friendly gelatos you can find in Italy!
5. Fried herring sandwich in Sweden
Credit : @sendmoreparamedics on Instagram Fried herring sandwich, also known locally as knäckis , is a sandwich of fried herring fish topped with cucumbers, red onions and served on a crispy Scandinavian rye bread. The herrings are caught from the Baltic Sea, which is known for its low-salt content, making them taste slightly like freshwater fish.
This snack is so Scandinavian, it has to be on top of your list when you are there! Price range: 30 SEK (Swedish Krones)
 6. Smazeny Syr in Czech Republic
Credit : @katerina.jasek on Instagram Cheese lovers behold! Smazeny Syr, or fried cheese sandwich is a cheesy fulfilling snack made from slices of Edam or Emmental cheese sandwiched between bread and deep fried with flour, egg and bread crumbs coating .
Credit: Randal Cooper on Flickr Usually it is served with some side salad, potatoes and also some mayonnaise or tartar sauce to make a fuller meal. I already love how it sounds and definitely will try it if I ever reach Czech Republic! Price range: 2 Euros
7. Crepes in France
Credit: @jodhe on Instagram Besides waffles, crepe is also another versatile and delicious snack to enjoy. The safest choice is to have it sweet, so think chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream. Yum?
Credit: @natella888 on Instagram Price range: 3-7 Euros
8. Simit in Turkey
Credit: Wikimedia Commons Also known as the Turkish sesame bread, Simit is a circular bread with a texture like a bagel, typically encrusted with sesame seeds, and sometimes poppy seeds or flaxseeds. Originated since the Ottoman Empire, this delicious bread is popular for breakfast or brunch and enjoyed with fruit preserves or cheese. Turkish tea may be an excellent accompeniment too. Need I say more?
Credit: @gurmeakademi on InstagramPrice range: Less than 1 Lira
9. Gromperekichelcher in Luxembourg
Credit: @vohocz on Instagram How about some deep fried potato pancakes? Yes, please! Gromperekichelcher is basically grated potatoes with chopped parsley and onions, dipped in eggs and flour and then fried to perfection. You cannot miss this one if you ever reach Luxembourg!
Credit: @sukiesnow on InstagramPrice range: 1 to 3.50 Euros
10. Berenjenas con miel in Spain
Credit: @thecloudaguadolce on Instagram Before you cringe at the word “eggplant”, read this: Berenjenas con miel is a unique and delicious snack (or tapas, as the Spanish call it) made from thinly sliced, batter coated deep-fried eggplants and drizzled with honey or cane-sugar. Sounds good now? Vegetables for snacks, why not!
Credit: @sos_cocina on InstagramPrice range: 1 Euro Apart from this, there are many unique dishes you have to try when in Spain!   So there you go, lots of choices that you can consider when you get hungry while discovering amazing Europe. Happy tummy, happy travelling!