There are so many destinations around the world we have yet to explore. Cities aside, the natural beauty of these lakes are far than the usual colour of water! You may have seen the clear water from Maldives and think that that’s already stunning, wait till you see these!

We’ll just let the pictures do the talking for now. Are you ready?

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1. Laguna Verde, Bolivia


This salt lake is located at the foot of the volcano Licancabur in Bolivia. This lake changes colours from turqoise to dark emerald! This is due to the mineral suspensions of minerals and with winds that causes the sediments to move around. How interesting is that!

1-laguna-verdeCredit: Robert Nunn on flickr


2. Lake Hillier, Australia


Also known as the Pink Lake in Australia, it’s unique colour is still a topic between scientists. No one really understood the reason for its colour but it may be due to the presence of microalgaes. Well, even if there are algaes, what we all can agree is that this bubblegum-coloured lake is really pretty!

2-lake-hillier-ausCredit: bidtotrip

Address: Western Australia 6450

3. Kelimutu, Indonesia


Now this is something you don’t have to travel far to experience, if you’re from South East Asia. Kelimutu, located in Flores, Indonesia is a tri-coloured lake within the summit of Volcano Kelimutu. Challenge yourself for to capture the amazing sunset overlooking the lakes!

Location: Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

4. Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Pukaki lake and Southern Alps, New Zealand

One of New Zealand’s popular tourist spot! It is no wonder why Lake Pukaki got the attention from Sir Peter Jackson for the filming location for his ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit Trilogies’. Just look at the amazing turqoise hues!

Address: Tekapo 7999, New Zealand

5. Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

5-laguna-coloradoCredit: songoftheroad

This shallow salt lake is home to many rare Andean flamingos. Its bizarre landscape draws visitors and with rock shores and mountains as background, this location is definitely one to share your travel experience with others!


6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

6-blue-lagoonCredit: homesthetics

This is one destination that does not need further introduction. You’ve not been to Iceland if you’ve not visited Blue Lagoon. Soak yourself in this geothermal spa located in the lava field in Grindavik. If you’re going Iceland, be sure NOT to miss it!


7. Moraine Lake, Canada


Drive over Banff National Park to witness this picturesque view of Moraine Lake! It boasts a unique blue-green colour of the lake caused by rock flour. Go on a walking trail or hike around the area to enjoy the whole experience!

Address: Improvement District No. 9, AB, Canada

8. Lake Retba, Senegal

8-lake-retbaCredit: cameron3223

Aah, another pink lake! This time, Lake Retba in Africa is naturally pink! It has a high concentration of salt which is harvested by the local people. Come and spot some salt collectors working in the lake!


9. Melissani Cave Lake, Greece

9-melissani-cave-lakeCredit: placestoseeinyourlifetime

Melissani cave is a unique geological phenomenon where the dissolution of rocks creates the hollowness of the cave. Explore its beauty by a boat and a guide and be awed in amazement!


10. Devil’s Bath Pool, New Zealand


Credit: escapereality

Devil’s Bath Pool, or also known as Devil’s Bathtub is located in Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Reserve in Rotorua, New Zealand. This may just be the icing to the cake at the end of your Fork Loop Trail. So take a dip in this lake if you dare!


The world will always be full of surprises. If you find anything bizarre that you wish to share, drop us a message in the comment! We look forward to hear from you!

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