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10 Awesome Things To Do In London That Won’t Cost You A Penny


Nasreen Nasir •  Apr 18, 2018


They say that even a bad day in London is better than a good day anywhere else and we totally agree! This magnificent city has captured so many hearts around the world, including ours ? Credit: giphy While London seems to be home to elegant lifestyle and grandeur, that's really not all that it offers! You can still explore the best of London without spending too much. Here are some ways you can save your buck during your dream London trip!
1. Visit the iconic British Museum
Credit: Rob Stanley on Flickr Home to almost 8 million objects, the British Museum is a paradise for hardcore history buffs and even the mildly curious. It's the place to be if you'd like to retrace the history of mankind!
Credit: Andrew Stawarz on Flickr Look out for the museum's significant treasures such as the Rosetta Stone and the Cat Mummies. If you're familiar with Harry Potter, you may be able to spot the Lewis Chessmen - the famous wizard chess? #HHWT Tip: If you want to make the most out of your visit, join the free tours and talks around the museum. It's completely free! Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 5.30PM Address: Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG, UK
2. Watch the Tower Bridge open
Let’s be honest, we all recognise the Tower Bridge from somewhere. Some have seen it in movies, some in postcards and even paintings! The Tower Bridge is an iconic symbol of London and everybody knows that. But did you know that the bridge doors can open? ?
Credit: Nick Amoscato on Flickr According to its website, the bridge has opened almost 777 times last year alone.We recommend checking the website's schedule to plan your trip because a trip to London is definitely not complete without witnessing this! Address: Tower Bridge, A100, United Kingdom
3. Visit the Portobello Road Market
Credit: Ivan Lian on Flickr Do not miss the chance to go to the Portobello Road Market! You'll be blown away by a myriad of street food, antiques, knick-knacks, collectables, trinkets and vintage fashion - all lined along a row of colourful Instagram-worthy buildings ?
Credit: Paul Hudson on Flickr Although the stalls and shops along the Portobello Road open daily, the busiest day for the market is Saturday. Even if you're not a fan of shopping, it's an interesting experience to just walk through the busy market while witnessing performances by local buskers! Operating Hours: Monday - Wednesday, 8AM - 6.30PM; Thursday, 8AM - 1PM; Friday, 8AM - 6.30PM; Saturday (Main Day), 8AM - 6.30PM; Sunday, 11AM - 4PM Address: 192A Portobello Rd, London W11 1LA, UK
4. Join a free walking tour around London
Credit: SANDEMANs NEW London Official Website When in London, the best way to get around is by walking! So why not take this golden opportunity to join a free walking tour while you're at it ?
Credit: @josestraveltales on Instagram There are many free walking tours around the city. The trick is to find the best one, and know which attractions you'd like to visit. Consider checking out Sandeman's New Europe where they offer a 3-hour free walking tour that covers all the main sights in the city! We personally feel that this is also the best way to socialise with the locals. Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 3.30PM Address: No. 1-7 The Piazza, London WC2E 8HB, United Kingdom
5. Wander around Camden Lock Market
Credit: Mark Fischer on Flickr Located closer to Central London, Camden Lock Market boasts a variety of shops offering goods such as vintage clothing, arts and crafts, music and even international street food ?
Credit: MartinHots on Flickr Camden Lock will give you the thrill of your life as you will be drawn in by the endless labyrinthine network of cobblestone alleys, never knowing where it leads you as you wander around. What better way to navigate through this gem like a Londoner than by discovering some of Camden Lock's hidden features? The best part is that it's free! Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 7PM Address: Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF, UK
6. Watch the Changing of Guards ceremony
Credit: _T604 on Flickr Thousands of tourists flock to the Buckingham Palace to witness the Changing of Guards. And it's no wonder! Seeing the grand way in which guards pass on their shifts to newer guards who just reported for their duty is truly a sight to see, especially if it's your first visit to London.
Credit: Alexander Kafka on Flickr I mean, anyone who has seen Mr. Bean series would be familiar with the guards ? So this is truly an iconic experience! Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 9.30AM – 7.30PM Address: Westminster, London SW1A 1AA, UK
7. Chill at Hyde Park
Credit: Paul Hudson on Flickr What was once the hunting grounds of King Henry VIII is now known as the Hyde Park - one of London's most popular parks! Covering over 350 acres, Hyde Park is a haven of tranquility in this busy city ?
Credit: S Pakhrin on Flickr Hyde Park provides a unique wildlife experience where visitors can expect to see different species of flora and fauna! As you walk along the park, don't be surprised if you were greeted by friendly swans, doves, squirrels and ducks ?
Credit: Chris Susie King on Flickr If you have a tad more time, go for a picnic here with your loved ones! We reckon you'd love just basking in the London atmosphere. Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 5AM – 12AM Address: Hyde Park, London, UK
8. Watch live performances at South Bank
Credit: duncan c on Flickr A walk along the south bank of the River Thames is one of the best ways to see London in all its glory! If you come by on a weekend, you’ll meet people from all walks of life flocking to witness the street performances by local entertainers.
Credit: Chris Friese on Flickr Here, you'll find a range of quality street performances from buskers to dancers ready to show off their talents. With many people passing through the area, the exuberant atmosphere is almost palpable! This, to us, is what makes Southbank quintessentially London ☺️ Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 11PM Address: Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX, UK
9. Explore the Science Museum
Credit: Heather Cowper on Flickr Contrary to what many believe, you don’t need to be a science geek to enjoy a trip to the Science Museum! With over 15,000 objects on display, this interactive museum brings you all the way from space travel to technology - leaving you hungry for even more knowledge.
Credit: xiquinhosilva on Flickr This is a must in your list if you ever decide to see, touch and experience science first-hand! Plus, it’s free so why not? ? Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 6PM Address: Exhibition Rd, Kensington, London SW7 2DD, UK
10. See Greenwich Mean Time at the Royal Observatory
Credit: Daniel Kakiuthi on Flickr It is quite a journey to Greenwich (about 40 minutes from Central London) but once you're there, you'll be grateful for all the time you spent travelling to this historical site. This is the home of the Greenwich Mean Time! Discover the history of astronomy and even stand at the center of time as you uncover interesting facts about the Royal Observatory.
Credit: M Cheung on Flickr It's also an Instagram-worthy place so if you're not interested in the 'science' behind the place, take home some amazing pictures with you! Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 5PM Address: Blackheath Ave, London SE10 8XJ, UK We hope we've convinced you that although London has a reputation for being a very expensive city to travel to, it still provides many opportunities for budget travellers to discover and enjoy London without limits! So, go forth and try all of the free things you can find - only in London ?