10 Amazing Halal Eateries In Klang Valley That'll Deliver Right To Your Doorstep


Maryam Zainol •  May 20, 2018

Ramadan is here and we are loving every minute of it ? As we refrain from eating during the day and increase our prayers through the night, let’s take this opportunity to reflect on our deeds and foster charity in our daily routine.

But, that’s not all to look forward to in this blessed month. What makes Ramadan a joyful celebration is the time we get to enjoy breaking fast in the company of our loved ones! So if you’re pressed for time, we’ve got you ? Save yourself the trouble of prepping food and order in from these eateries that’s sure to make your iftar a special one.

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1. Tigerlily Thai Restaurant

After a long day of fasting, the rich taste of Thai food will hit you in all the right spots. From tom yum to pad thai and green curry to steamed siakap, they have it all! With plenty to choose from, get a variety from Tigerlily Thai Restaurant where there's something for everyone ?

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Order the Steamed Lemongrass Siakap Rice Set (RM26.80) or one of Malaysia’s all-time favourite Tom Yum Seafood Rice Set (RM28.80). Enjoy more tangy taste of authentic Thai food by adding on some side dishes! Lemongrass Satay Chicken comes highly recommended (5 sticks for RM12.90).

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Share a Thai dessert by ordering the popular Mango Sticky Rice (RM10.90) or Tigerlily’s best-selling Pandan Kasturi (RM8.90) for those who love pandan kaya ? A main dish, a drink and dessert? Check, check, check!

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2. Don’s Warong

Nothing beats good ol’ nasi lemak kukus. Even better? When it’s done Johorean style. Don’s Warong serves authentic Johorean favourites along with other Western delights. Laksa Johor, Mee Rebus, Sup Tulang? You want it, they've got it.

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Try their signature Sup Tulang DW with rice (RM21.80) that’s made from beef bones and meat, combined with spices, potatoes and vegetables. A favourite among the regulars, it’s a dish to be shared with loved ones (just make sure to ask for the chillies on the side).

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If Mee Rebus Johor is more your thing then worry not! Theirs is available to be delivered to your doorstep for RM16.80. The dishes from Don’s Warong comes with cut chillies and sambal upon request. BONUS: the Beef Bacon Cheese Fries (RM18.50) is an amazing snack to share with your loved ones! You won’t regret splurging on this extra order.

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3. Choo Choo Chicken

Have you ever noticed how many random cravings you develop during Ramadan? We can relate! Choo Choo Chicken’s perfectly crispy, golden Korean fried chicken is a sure win for iftar, especially with your K-crazed friends.

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Their fried chicken comes in 6 different flavours (spicy, crispy, garlic, sweet, soy, and honey soy) to cater to all taste buds! You get to choose a whole chicken (RM41.90) or wings and drumlets (from RM20.90). The Rose Chicken meal (RM41.90) is perfect for sharing with 12 pieces of chicken served with cheesy mushroom sauce to dip in! Best eaten by hand, savour this juicy and well-flavoured dish down to the bone.

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Be sure to order their Korean Rice Burger too! With flavours such as cham chi (from RM8.90) and bulgogi beef (from RM9.90), it’s not surprising that this is one of their hot selling items.

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4. Namaste Indian Cuisine

On your way home, you catch a whiff of something so delicious your tummy starts rumbling. Is it the smell of Indian spices? Or slow-cooked lamb? And now you’re craving for it! Sounds familiar? This next eatery on the list will cure your cravings for Indian food right away ?

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Namaste has been around since 2007 and is famous for their briyani and the array of side dishes that comes with it. But if you’re looking for something with a kick, try their Special Hyderabad Briyani (RM22). A pillow of fluffy basmati rice topped with spiced chicken or lamb, this dish would set your heart (and tummy) on fire. Do add a soup dish to your meal as this could be spicy for some!

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Another in-house favourite is the Butter Chicken (RM21.90). This dish marinated with butter and fresh cream and then pan-fried with cashew nuts is a heaven to share with a group of friends. This dish comes on its own and you’ll have your pick of the different types of rice they offer ? Lemon or tomato rice pairs perfectly with the butter chicken.

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5. The Chicken Rice Guys

Ah, the chicken rice. Malaysia’s favourite Chinese dish! Chicken rice is almost always on everyone’s list during Ramadan. What makes this eatery special is that the dishes are guaranteed authentic (made the traditional Chinese way) and certified Halal!

Credit: CRG The Chicken Rice Guys on Facebook

A treat to have anytime of the year, break your fast with a CRG Personal Happiness Set (RM18.90). The set comes with a double portion of roasted chicken and a choice of vege-of-the-day or wantan chicken. Fresh, filling and flavourful, it’s sure to satiate your hunger.

Credit: CRG The Chicken Rice Guys on Facebook

If you’re looking for a bigger portion to share, the CRG Coupledom Set (RM26.90) is the way to go. It comes with a quarter roasted chicken, 2 bowls of rice and a choice of the same side dishes as the CRG Personal Happiness Set. Your iftar will be a hit with this classic meal!

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6. Sköhns Canteen

Tired of eating rice? We’ve got you. Indulge in Sköhns Canteen’s spread of Western delights. But their menu comes with a twist of Asian fusion that gives its dishes a personality. From their steaks and chicken chops to their pastas and burgers, it’s all oh-so-delicious. But be warned, the portions are huge!

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Look at this monstrosity of a burger! Aptly named Skohns Ultimatum Burger with Fresh Cut Chips (RM29), it’s just layers and layers of beef patty, fried egg, beef chilli and beef bacon. It comes with a side of fat, fresh cut chips and a choice of drink too. Don’t be fooled by its messy look. You will definitely want to order this again.

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If you aren’t big meat eaters, give the Spicy Spaghetti Tuna Aglio Olio with Garlic Bread Combo (RM24) a try. It’s aglio olio, Asian style. The tangy flavour ensures an interestingly yummy meal for your iftar.

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7. Mohammad Chow Express

This eatery has become a popular go-to destination for authentic Chinese Muslim cuisine. From salted egg squid to kung pow chicken, their huge portion made for 3 will make your iftar a mouthwatering affair! Just a nibble and you will taste the quality, skill and love that goes into making every dish ?

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This brilliant yellow dish of deep fried prawns bathed in buttermilk sauce is the Golden Sea Prawn (RM35.70). It is at once crispy and creamy with a hint of chili which makes it one of their most popular dishes to order. It also comes in a set for one served with steamed white rice for RM19.70.

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For a more refreshing kick, the Ginger Beef (RM25.70) made of tender beef slices cooked in soy sauce, ginger and spring onions is a classic Chinese dish that will leave you thrilled. BONUS: add on the Four Kingdom (RM23.70) vegetable dish that’s also made to share. It’s the perfect mix of okra, brinjal, long beans and petai in a spicy belacan mix for a truly unforgettable iftar.

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8. Nasi Kerabu Ayam Madu North Kiara

For those of you with a simpler taste, craving for a traditional dish, then look no further! Nasi Kerabu Ayam Madu North Kiara serves only two delicacies - nasi kerabu and nasi dagang! This will surely give you your fill of Malaysia’s east coast ?

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True to its name, the best dish to order is the Nasi Kerabu With Ayam Kampung Madu (RM14). Sweet, savoury and all-around tasty, this signature dish is made with blue rice nasi kerabu with chili salad and pantai timur famous sauce budu.

Another classic pantai timur dish is the Nasi Dagang With Ikang Tongkol Curry (RM9) that will leave you satisfied. The flavourful curry matched with the fragrant, nutty rice steamed in coconut milk is simply sensational. Want more authenticity? Request for extra budu, chilli and half a salted egg ?

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9. Tajine Restaurant

Sometimes, a hearty, Moroccan flavour is what you and your friends need for breaking fast. The spices, the tender meat, who doesn’t love a good Arabic spread to share? At Tajine Restaurant, they’re known for...well you guessed it, tajine dishes! Tajine, a shallow cooking pot with an upside down cone cover, preserves the flavour and aroma when slow-cooking meat, potatoes and vegetables in spices and onions. Doesn't that sound heavenly? ?

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For an intimate iftar, their portion is made perfect for two people to share. Try their Tajine Chicken With Rice (RM26) where the tender meat is cooked Moroccan style with onions, saffron and olives. This meal comes with a side of fries which is traditionally how it is eaten! Add on an order of Baklava (RM12) and you’ll have the ideal meal!

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10. PastaBox.KL

Just as the name suggests, this final eatery on our list serves pasta made to go. A humble outlet serving good ol’ spaghetti in all its simplicity is quite hard to beat! A comfort food for many, their range of pastas makes for an effortless, homely iftar for you and your loved ones ?

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Cheap, quick and loved by many is the Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese (RM9.90). This all-time favourite is a mouthful of savoury tomato sauce, minced chicken and spices. Other popular items on the menu are the Spaghetti Creamy Mushroom and Spaghetti Aglio Olio, all reasonably priced at RM9.90 each.

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If you managed to get through this list of scrumptious looking food, we applaud you! Have your eyes fixed on a dish? Start ordering now for an enjoyable, stress-free iftar session (where no one gets hangry) ?