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If you’re wondering what’s halal to eat on your travels and have been looking for the ultimate halal food blog to fulfil all your needs, look no further! We know how hard it is to find good halal meals worth travelling for, so that’s why we started the halal food guides section for Have Halal, Will Travel so that you can check out authentic (and halal of course) local delights wherever you are!

Given that in some destinations, halal food might be harder to find than in others, we took it upon ourselves to gather as much information as possible on halal food and Muslim-friendly places to eat at popular destinations around the world! Our halal food guides are meant to be a fun way and easy way for you to find out the best things to eat at the places where you want to be :D

Halal Food Reviews in Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand

When in Japan, don’t forget to try the best bowls of halal ramen and fresh sushi and when in Korea, you can’t miss the traditional Korean bbq, teokbokki and samgyetang! If you’re heading to Europe, there are plenty of halal eateries in London, Amsterdam, Paris and even Zurich. Heading down south instead? You’ve got plenty of great food to eat in Australia and New Zealand ;) Of course, we wouldn’t miss out on Asian destinations so if you’re hearing to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Manila or other Southeast Asian countries, don’t miss out on trying their local comfort food like dim sum and beef noodles! Is your tummy rumbling yet?

Well-Researched Halal Food Blog

Every eatery, restaurant, street food and the likes that are listed in our blog is the result of lots of research, personal experiences or stories shared by our loyal readers like you! We try our best to ensure that all listings are Muslim-friendly, and categorise each place to be halal certified (holding certification from governing halal certification bodies), have halal meat available (the restaurant or eatery has halal meat options available, either by request or separately on the menu), is Muslim owned or have vegetarian and seafood options available. We also state if alcohol is served in the restaurant or if there are any prayer facilities at the restaurant itself or nearby. Check out the icons in each article or make sure to read through for our additional notes and tips!

Our mission is for you to be able to have a great trip while holding on to your beliefs and not compromising on being able to eat yummy food while on your travels! Although we try our best to ensure that all information presented at the point of time is accurate, we strongly advise you to re-confirm with the eatery once you are at the premises or by calling beforehand.

Enjoy Reading Our Halal Food Guides Below!

So what are you waiting for? Slurp down a bowl of noodles and get to know the locals!
We hope you enjoy reading our halal food guides and that they’re useful for you on your travels :D If you’d like to contribute, have any information that we missed out on or would like us to add in a new destination for yummy halal food, drop us an email at and we promise we’ll say Hi!